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  1. To all the players of War Thunder:
    I believe everyone has noticed the recent changes in the in-game economy, whether it’s for naval, ground, air battles, AB, RB, or SB. Gaijin is continuously pushing the boundaries and testing the limits of its players. If you are familiar with the game “Escape from Tarkov,” you probably know the consequences when game developers constantly provoke their player base. As players of this game, we contribute to its activity, and in theory, Gaijin should appreciate each and every one of us who continues to support and encourage this game. However, Gaijin keeps pushing the boundaries and exploiting each and every one of us. This recent economic change is not just a simple adjustment; Gaijin is gradually making it clear that if you don’t pay for this game, you don’t deserve to play it.

    I implore every player here to bravely stand up and resist this behavior. Gaijin has now infringed upon our rights as players, and we cannot, and should not, let Gaijin continue to exploit us in the future. It is time for us players to unite and stand together. We should be a collective, a class, opposing Gaijin’s exploitation and oppression towards us. We are here to enjoy this game, to find joy in it, and we should not be working for Gaijin.

    I hope that each player will save and spread this message. This post will undoubtedly be deleted, but we should copy it, share it, on any platform, anywhere that allows us to make our voices heard. Fellow warriors, let’s fight for our future. Stay strong!

    If you are willing, you can sign below. We stand as one!


  2. Dau 10 requesting phlydaily to play war thunder mobile

  3. GetmeoutofSanFrancisco

    Gotta love Mister Moon and Mayor Shen-pop

  4. There is an anti air variant with proxy missiles. And the brazillians put it on an m8 lac

  5. When my WT buddies here me callout a “devil” or “demon”, they know I’m referring to this little thing. It haunts me in my nightmares

  6. Just make an R2D2 skin, that would be perfect

  7. Join the Gaijin revolt. Review Bomb, no more purchases and complain, complain, complain until Gaijin fixes the game. We don’t want new features and vehicles. We want an enjoyable game that is fair for all.

  8. We should all quit playing this game. Cause with the income tax of the russians owning gaijin we all give it to Putin for ists horrible war. Think aubout it guys

  9. It’s repair costs don’t let me to play it but it seems really fun

  10. May 26th

  11. Why every nation should be able to have that thing so it’s fair

  12. Day 45 requesting the Ju-188!

  13. Pls play the Japanese duck ki 109

  14. To when the mirage2000 video?

  15. What map is this in the beginning with the snow?

  16. Well I’ma do what everyone else does when they want phly to take a tank out.
    ATTEMPT 1: Phly, take the SU100Y out for a spin, it’s been 3 years since your last video on it and it has gotten a new round that OVERPRESSURES when you pen, AND, it got brought down to 4.7 from 5.3

  17. Further proof they’re running out of ideas. If the updates are going to consist of experimental tanks then you need to add experimental tanks for ALL nations. Not just two…

  18. It’s too sad to see a IS2 heavy tank get F**ed by a shity looking version of katusha. Bruh it’s a armour car like something in mad max with a rocket system on it😂

  19. Yoooo they have the war thunder new update trailer out!!!!

  20. Attempt 45 of asking Phly to play the Super Pershing

  21. Its rediculous, but everything that can f*** up some russian bias player is nice!

  22. Fun fact: In Swedish Ush translates roughly into “eew!”… so… you sure pronounced it right 😀

  23. Oh and just for fun… the MRS-80 turret (that’s on the U-SH and now the Raketenautomat HS.30 platform) was also mounted on the Mowag Puma, Mowag Grenadier, M8 grayhound and plain truck chassis, to mention a few… it sure got around. (insert “your mom” joke here).

    We could have around a dozen of these variants in the game if Gaijin sets their mind to it 😛

  24. Fun fact – “Ush” as a word in Swedish, actually is equal to saying “Ew”. Aka a way to express disgust (Normally used to describe bad tasting food or smells) xD

  25. Day-184 of asking for a T18b (57) Video.

  26. Dominic Shearer

    Phly, when are you going to play the amx ss11? (you have never made a video on it) Day 51

  27. Day 31 of asking phly to make an onlyphans

  28. I don’t mind them adding another to be honest to counter this (and also to add more researchable rocket ground vehicles) but it sure will be annoying to fight more.

    • Savage McCabbage

      Except when you’re paired up against Germany and Sweden at the same time. I’m sure that will be plenty of fun…

  29. Hello Phil,
    Just wanted to say thank u!
    Going through a very rough period in my life, and your videos really help me to find sleep at night. Your videos and stream are a real safe zone to me.
    I Truly want to Thank u for that.

  30. Day 32: Hey Steve may you please make a nice long and long introduced video on the T-10M and even try to get a nuke with it, this would be super highly appreciated Phly.

  31. Interpreting PhlyDaily:
    “I’m surprised he…” means “I’m about to revenge kill that lucky bastard.”
    “I’m going to go take a shower” means “I feel so dirty for what I just did to those guys.”
    “I’m still contemplating…” means “I’ve already made my mind up but know it’s a bad idea…”

  32. 2:53 Phly making thousands of people across the globe instinctively look at their phones

  33. 2:55, i think u got a msg, better check it. could be important

  34. Jaca Wandersmok

    I wuld like 1 for my jaoasnise tanks ;]

  35. Oh god not again, we already have one R3 Rocket Pizza Mobiile, we don’t need a russian one now that delivers Vodka instead of Pizza

    Edit: Oh god it’s Sweden oh f*ck

  36. Sweden is always perfectly fair and balanced

  37. Day 2 of asking phly to play the call of duty world at war campaign

  38. the gameplay at 2:50 makes me Ragequit the game.

  39. I bet fighting two tanks with rockets in a t-54 was super rewarding, this game is getting ridiculous

  40. took a big break from online stuff but now here to spent an hour on the last 3 videos and continue my request streak, day 21 of asking fora video on the strv m42DT bc i think it is criminally underrated or a combo video showing us YOUR favorite lineup in the game.

  41. Just wait, it’ll be more than just 2 vehicles with this rocket turret getting added. Switzerland mounted it on at least 5 different vehicles, and Austria on 1. Meaning that most likely, Germany will be getting a bunch more of these things.

  42. My first ever nuke was thanks to my USH

  43. Oh I’d stalk it and drop on it 😂

  44. I wold play it but the repair cost is to high for my ftp sl walet

  45. R3 T106 FA is better just for its speed and the fact its reload doesn’t take 2 mins from empty

  46. I’ll just leave this here. T114 7.3.

  47. Boycott War Thunder May 26th. Do not play the game that day

  48. The U-SH 405 is the angry short friend

  49. Killing BMP = 6 rockets
    Killing heavy tank = 1 rocket
    Objekt 906 = 2 rockets point blank

    Very realistic game there

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