NO WAY THEY WIN THIS! World of Tanks

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Sometimes winning looks impossible. Today KALOOO says NOT TODAY of Tanks in the Object 703 II!



  1. Hated it didn’t see a double shot >:(

  2. He hit EVERY single clutch shot in that tank at barely exposed targets? That seems way too unlikely to be believed. That is either the most unlikely streak of RNG magic ever, or he was cheating somehow.

  3. Holy shit how many stars ARE THERE to be aligned for this guy! Amazing play, but you gotta admit the Emil at the beginning could have cut his HP in half however that Emil came to him and said, take my energy (HP), please frag me sir.

  4. dang. You were not joking about said static either 😥

  5. Good gosh oh mighty, 🥰 I love it I can’t believe they useing tactics I play around with GG

  6. Amazing

  7. Whats the addon that shows you what rounds are firing at you and the one with numbers on the bottom that shows your damage? Please.

  8. BRAVO…

  9. That IS played so poorly. All he had to do was flank after he got reset. The VK actually played ok, given he was bottom tier. It stinks that all his hard work was undone by a stupid tier 7.

  10. QB if you wouldn’t have said anything i wouldn’t have noticed anything. lol

  11. Im dont use a double shot beacause u can a miss one on on then , or magic no dmg . Huge mistake is not use double to kill emil for 13 frag on finish match. Vk kill on single shot for 100% clear without magic bounce or sth weird. IS kill is just a easy bussines for track him every shot and hide behind dead ebr. enjoy 🙂

  12. More proof last year’s Christmas tanks were waaaay better than this yeard

  13. doubles are not worth it. Much better as an autoreloader. Even IS-3-II with stock gun

  14. YES ” *IS* ” is a tier 6

  15. Good for him on the decap. I have been in so many games where we are winning by miles but we get capped, either because team mates are too stupid to know what’s going on (yes, that’s possible) or because they value their life more than the win. Something I cannot get my head around.

    I rarely, if ever, shoot a double with my 703.

  16. Perfect shot cheat always hit center aim that’s just BS

  17. Wow, I wish my RNG was that awesome.

  18. I didn’t even notice the static! I totally forgot about it…

  19. This was digusting.

  20. Hes a good player but definitely not awesome, he realized so many things way too late

  21. Kitnetsu Kaibatchi Gaming

    If I were in that situation… I’d be dead at that time

  22. Joshua Meyer-Fortner

    I never double shoot in this thing. It’s a scam. Both shots have rng accuracy, pen and dmg. Not worth it. Take your single shots only. Game is such a joke you can’t even play it

  23. deserved subs on all my accounts

  24. A true meme of


  26. Nice ReRoll Account,… 🤣🤣

  27. Amazing game that rngesus was so kind on that interrupt. Bravo

  28. im getting severe daja vu watching this

  29. Ahh yes. The strategy where low tier tanks goes after the lone tier 8 tank one-by-one.

  30. the is should have rushed the 703, he could have taken a double hit from the 703 and survived.

  31. Imagine now knowing double barrel lets u fire both at once

  32. I bet a lot of WOT players were SHAKING when they thought that he will lose because of the IS capturing the frikin base and because he got out numbered (0o0)

  33. What a beast, sure it was a very overpowered tank but he played so well and intelligently and wasn’t a dick to his team like many really good players are, good on him, well played!

  34. Clear he had all the rng in the world this game…

  35. When I enter a match and someone on my team says YES FINALLY TOP TIER! I know it’s probably gonna be a loss because most of those players are bad and don’t understand being top tier means you need to carry.

  36. Just a ‘pay to win’ battle

  37. Didn’t notice the static – too engrossed in the game.

  38. Epic game against more likely bots, well played – just being lucky they missed most of their shots on 703’s lower plate and hitting many shots on nearly full move.

  39. I dont use vert stabs on any of my tanks…its a dead peace of equipment…

  40. World of HEAVY TANKS. Boring stupid and horrible.

  41. How do I send him a vedio of my match

  42. Skoda t56 is not the best tier8 premium heavy, its totally scam. Renegade is better.

  43. ImpIA is indeed a very interesting equip option

  44. I once stay alone with wolverine vs 9 players and win battle with 3700dmg 9 kills tht is one of my best games and some guy from team send me type 62 as gift

  45. Do people still need to pay you to anwser questions in stream?

  46. Is there a way to see how often which medal was awarded on the EU servers in 2021? The question arose when I watched my “2021 Video”.

  47. lots of 1 hit players and bots,tier 6, he has an op tank , and rng too, easy game for him yayyy

  48. Alexander the Great

    I also did 12 kills on Himmelsdorf in my beloved t28
    Just look for alextokyo t28 here on YouTube

  49. *Damn, thats like the games Im doing.*

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