NO WAY WE COMEBACK!?! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

We’ve all been there in World Tanks, you’re down 3 to 1, they’ve triple your HP seems lost – but what do you have to lose? This is one of those games!



  1. Love the cheeky atmosphere QB

  2. Damn really liked qb having fun here man

  3. Somua was indeed afk, like IS6B said in chat

  4. I thought I’d already seen this, but I must have watched it live 😀

  5. Anyone else want to see the OG Type 59 when it was first released?

  6. Just have fun QB

  7. SEEE

  8. Your narration is really on point today quicky

  9. gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang

  10. Greatest comeback was on Paris with a Panther top tier : Pool’s + Kolobanov given by a SU-152 playing Heat with the 152mm, cannot pen me while I was low life. My biggest game in 10 years !

  11. Did u spam enough gold today ?

  12. The commentary in this one gave me a cheeky giggle, good to see you enjoying yourself!
    Hope the trip went well for you and Peppidy ❤️

  13. Ah, there’s nothing like watching a team snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in World of Tanks. I don’t know what it is about Wargaming titles, but seriously, they have the absolute WORST playerbases I have EVER encountered, and it’s not even close.

  14. I remember my best comeback was in the defender when it got released for the first time back in like 2015 (idr) but I was pushing on desert to City areas ti protect the lower plate and be p2w. So basically I was the only one and a light following me to push the flank of the map and later in the match soon all my team died and it ended up being a 2 v 14 so me and the light did the same as in this vid I let the light camp the cap as I defended the flank and I managed to kill about 6 of the enemies without even moving as the light on my team circled a td and killed him then I was soon pushed to the cap because of German heavy where coming the flank I was at. It ended up soon being me vs 6 others and they were very aggressive and pushes in to me and since how op the defender was on release day it was their mistake and I killed them all. Having the best clutch game of my career with around 11k damage I couldn’t remember exactly how much damage but I had blocked nearly move hp than my team.

    I felt as I was going to faint that game I remember the sweat and shake on my hand after it 🤣

  15. great video

  16. the cellulon triptometer

    Early in my playing days I was in a little tier 5 Arty Grille against 2 regular tier 5 mediums at the end and managed to win. Course that was pre-HE nerf, but it was still pretty amazing to me.

  17. Conclusion. Dont listen to QB 🤣

  18. 3:32 This moment sums up the WoT experience so well 🤌

  19. Hey QB I’ve been wondering, when you auto-aim there’s a highlight on the enemy vehicle. Is this a WoT game setting or a mod? If it’s a mod, which one? Thanks.

  20. Weather-man QB, at it again

  21. I got my Type 59Gold for less than I paid for my original Type 59.

  22. Can we just talk about QB’s choice of sunglasses… lol


  24. Tomorrow’s stream is gonna be great! Your energy from taking some time off is awesome! Thanks for more terrible content QB.

  25. LOL hilarious content video QB I can definitely tell you were cheeky and chirper in this one lol always love to see friends happy haha

  26. That was pretty funny. 🙂

  27. The sunglasses lol

  28. When QB is annoying in chat: “I’m very passionate!!”
    When others are annoying in chat: “Armchair generals”

  29. Laviniu Campean

    the hp difference is not correct. the way wg computes is it doesnt tell you the hp of tanks that arent in your draw distance. that jump there from 6 to 4? that’s you seeing the e50 and he-s a one shot. same for the next 2 tanks that get spotted.

    yes, it was a nice comeback but not as great as you think. imagine all those tanks coming up the ridge being full hp – they werent, they were almost all oneshots. that’s what the initial difference was reported by wg.

    also. you need to tell people NOT to get intuition on autoreloaders. try it, see the problem let the community know!

  30. Brenden Pischke

    I don’t know, I consider a match that ends by base capture a failed match.

    Now this was a last resort, the only time you should go after a base cap, so that does make it acceptable. That doesn’t make it any less disappointing.

    All in all, I’m not impressed.

    • Bruh base capture is litteraly one of the main objectives. Plus if you manage to cap at some point it means you did better than your enemies who failed defending successfully

  31. QB team moment Standing here , i realize ……

  32. Morning Will. Would it be possible to have a video that shows the best credit grinder in WOT with statistics to back it. I know you love a spreadsheet!!! Keep up the excellent work.

  33. Olli Martikainen

    Oh my god weatherman QuickyBaby needs to return some day, that was great

  34. The glasses got me 😂 with a sprinkling of gold rounds should get rid of them was great wot in a nutshell

  35. John Philippides

    the weatherman bit was too funny. “with a sprinkling of gold rounds” LMFAO

  36. rustedniddleslinger

    You leave the game for a while, get back play a little then realize why you left in the first place.

  37. Hi QB, I wonder if u can share you in game settings with us one day 🙂

  38. 5 full sunny days in a year for Britain, sounds a bit much

  39. Don’t call it a comeback….

  40. Do not forget, that the enemy team was Not on tripple hp.
    The hp bars only calculate the hp of spotted Tanks inside the render distance for you only.
    As qb spots all the tanks the hp of the enemy Team bar gows down, without any damage done to them yet.

    Still what a cracking round 🙂

  41. Im here just for dislike.

  42. I like this Dr.Disrespect style, should use it more on stream

  43. Edoardo Tregattini

    qb with reflective sunglasses watching a reflective gold tank, what a time to be alive

  44. I wish the console version was still like this.. they’ve completely butchered that game to the point it doesn’t even feel like WoT anymore :/

  45. Harry Ampatzides

    pls dont use this skin with this tank…its hurting my eyes.

  46. Rattus Norvegicus

    Lay off the booger sugar QuickyBaby.

  47. social3ngin33rin

    Pay2win confirmed 😉

  48. Nothing more pitiful than QB’s attempts at humour. Give it up dude.

  49. Preferencial MM is ok, but what about preferencial RNG? I see people having 25% plus RNG more often, while some have 25% minus more often, and not even mentioning the RNG at the aiming circle.

  50. NO crew shown or equipment poor show again on this top tank!!

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