NO WORDS FOR THIS!!! World of Tanks

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There are no words for this in World of Tanks.



  1. 0/10 the video had words in it

  2. QB, even though many of us in the colonies are happy with our freedom, there still was great respect and admiration for QE2. Sorry for your loss back on the island.

  3. i am french and I feel the loss of the queen. I always had a huge respect and affection for her.

  4. i cant believe…

  5. Su-130 went full on moron mode. There is no words, reason, or situation to make that move anything other than an idiotic play.

  6. The su-130 probably thought the game had already won by capping. When the player realized it wasn’t the case, he/she had to move out of the cap to find cover.

  7. 2 things come to mind he sees a really stupid hes a really stupid or he let the other team win

  8. Even tho the British did colonized my country but I still love British cartoon like Mr Bean

  9. QB … Charles became King Charles III the minute that his mother died. let us all hope that he can do a good of a job that his mother did. not only in the UK. but the rest of the Commonwealth as well.

  10. Calling him a moron would be justified

  11. RIP Queen Elizabeth. Long live the King. Much love from across the pond! <3

  12. Yeesh. Yeeeeeeesh. This would have titled me completely and I would’ve ended my gaming session. That is just…I don’t know. I’m flabbergasted.

  13. The hunger for kills over sensible tactics in this game drives me nuts sometimes. I hardly EVER leave the cap circle. Even if people say “no cap”.

    For one….you still get to make kills but you are on a timer. And why so I need to give up cap points for you? Why do I ALWAYS have to sacrifice for others while they rarely ever do anything for me accept block my shots on purpose so they can take the kill instead.

    The total obsession with just kills sometimes man….

  14. The player with the SU-130 should be banned permanently from WOT!

  15. Edvardas Jakutavicius

    one time one idiot did the same thing, I had w very very good score and he trow game away last second, I was so MAAAAD!

  16. That 130 didnt even troll nor did he threw the game, his head just imploded from from all the vacuum in there

  17. This is what Inbreeding does to humanity

  18. Sometimes you need to be aggressive. If British chose the aggressive zero-covid policy maybe the queen is still alive.

  19. Hey mate, I am from Australia, and we are profoundly sorrowful here.. RIP Queen Elizabeth

  20. Thank you QB for mentioning our Queen.

  21. That su went full idiot mode at the end.. shame thertr are quite a lot of players who trows like that

    • This is a clear proof that pushing a game up is much harder than pulling a game down. Especially at the very end game in 1vs 1 situation.

  22. it’s one of those dont cap kill idiots….

  23. I lost my braincells because of the premium tank destroyers

  24. Doing my daily browse of twitter this morning and found out about the Queens passing – not only that, but all the absolutely disgusting and disrespectful comments by people ‘celebrating’ her death… i mean, i know twitter is pure toxicity, but man, really shocking to read some of the comments and accusations being made about her Majesty.

    Nice video though, shame about the loss, lol

  25. As someone who doesn’t know all the stats of every tank, I’m imagine that he wasn’t thinking about the reload time but rather that they are being shot at. He may simply have been listening to the coach in chat telling them to rush him. Just a thought. That said, with 7 seconds left on the counter, most people would have stayed on the cap.

  26. I think SU 130 pm got greedy

  27. Of course the people using the premium tanks are idiots because of course they are.

  28. Am I the only one that coulnd’t care less about the death of the queen? It’s just “famous person X” died. Nothing tragic about it, nothing weird about it, she lived a good, long life, whatever

  29. this is painful

  30. He reset the cap because he is not very good at the game

  31. we all live inside the queens reign we love her even just hear her name. long live for the new king

  32. he has to uninstall the game after this

  33. The number of british tanks this evening will be legendary! Will get out my fv4005 for myself. So much fun in this

  34. if you feel bad about her, think about all the kids in africa that are dying because of hunger

  35. “No cap! Die all!”


  37. Слава Україні

    Still trying to process that she passed, an international treasure

  38. Auto racing has a term ‘Red Mist’.

  39. You told them to rush the elc if he pops up, prolly why the su went after him.

  40. All I can say is the traditional “What an idiot”.

  41. RIP Queen Elizabeth. An icon for your country for so many years. My heartfelt condolences to the British people.

  42. The easy answer is NO CAP KILL ALL lol

  43. Who care about your colonial queen.

  44. This is why i am chat banned for days lol

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