No World of Tanks 2 is Armored Warfare Safe?

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Don’t think we won’t see it at any point…

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  1. The game name is world of tank not world of ww2 tank, so when they run our of ww2 and blueprint tank eventually they will add modern tank

  2. why would they do the game that deviding their own player base from the main game….. common sense.. people.

  3. I started playing world of tanks almost 4 years now, and I’ve seen great improvements on graphics and physics,… but balance is another thing… mm did improve and a few tier to tier tanks and balance between them did change to a better, but when that so called “new era of premium tanks” came the game just went downhill for me… I understand that devs need to earn some money out of their free to play game but how that Pay to win is presented in this game really anoys me and destroyed my will for it… premium ammo is reasonable but those “balanced tanks” such as type 5 heavy or even better premium tanks like defender and scorpion g are bullsh*t… economy is nonexistant now for free2play players. So for me Armored warfare is in better shape for beta game then WoT that is almost 8 years old.

  4. There is a good chance that they will not add modern tanks because, for one they made an April fool joke about it, and also they wouldn’t want to separate their player base because new players won’t know what they’re doing even more than now since it is a game very much based on its older players and also it would take too much away from the actual ww2 they have going. If they put in modern tanks everyone might want to play and it would be such a different concept than ww2 that it would take away from both designs. I see your thinking of how it could be an evolutionary design but I rly do doubt it, they rly will just keep coming out with more improvements and lesser known tank designs, i mean they haven’t done the italians, polish, Canadians, and other nations yet. But I do think you have a good theory and I may just be wrong idk. Btw love your vids ?

  5. pixel panzers is the future of tank games.

  6. Add tiers…11..12..through say 15 to 17 then add modern tanks and just spread them into mm…done.charge 9.99 for wot expansion. Multi…billionaire lol

  7. So World Of Tanks needs to catch up to War Thunder,who’s already long gone beaten them,by adding modern tanks,which Armoured Warfare has already beaten them(even after being dumbed down)so they can prove…

    At least they finally gave World Of Warplanes some love,by resembling War Thunder.
    Whilst World Of Warships still hands on,untill War Thunder is done with their naval testing.


  8. wtf are these crazy looking tanks lol

  9. ahh Nostradamus & a psychic predictor is here – gonna tag this 1 to see if it ever comes true 😉

  10. I think Armored Warfare needs to be more concern about War Thunder than World of Tanks. The April Fools event wasn’t that long ago and that had both modern tanks and helicopters.

  11. Having the old UI for the garage and armored Warfare would be nice… hell if they accept that they’re not going to compete with World of Tanks for a while they might need more servers.

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