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  1. почему не дают награды “подобен богу” или еще какие?

  2. Emma-Retha Nieuwoudt

    BT=best tank

  3. There’s a Mig21 on top of a business building near where I live. It’s a legit mig21 just sitting on top of a building.

  4. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 173 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 centuaro) that would be awesome.

  5. Praise the algorithm

  6. Attempt no 2 can you do the bf110g4 with 6 20mm n 2 30mm would love to see ya shred some aircraft n ground pound with the rockets

  7. Michael Villanueva

    Phly’s BT getting hard dommed by a Panther was something I wasn’t expecting today


  9. Cheki Breeki? Tarkov player?

  10. I take the b-t7 to this br too

    What a coincidence

  11. Rads the furry gamer live

    What was that song in the intro I swear I heard it before

  12. Rads the furry gamer live

    Found the song it’s the only by static x

  13. Pestilence Paradise

    7:20 looks like someone has been playing containment breach

  14. Hey Phly can you make a video of su-122 54 tank destroyers that we have all forgotten for years. I really hope you can make the video

  15. I tough u gonna play ZIS-30

  16. Russian tractor sneeky boi with an Abrams: drink vodka Amerikan

  17. Φηδησδησης Δηδησησσησς

    Day 21: play the Leclerc s1

  18. If only i could have tigor on xbox

  19. Wooow Bt 7 op 4.0

  20. Evangelos Myrtsidis

    Hey phly play the Av8a land at a Chopper base you get an airspawn

  21. phly got tired playing TOP TIER, he decides to go LOW TIER and bully players😂😂😂

  22. Yeah i give up on the wassups, cool vid btw

  23. wait i swear i played with captain hard gay yesterday.

  24. Russian bias bt-5 confirmed

  25. Can’t wait to see your MiG-21!

  26. You are the most beautiful best singer of all time

  27. Lovely video~!
    l had a time where l managed to kill a Tiger with the BT-5, took me like 20-25 rounds, but l cam out victorious lol

  28. everyone remember this video so he wont forgot his promise

  29. 19:20 That poor T-34-E died from that bomb helping Phly! What have we learnt people? Don’t help team mates in WarThunder! It gets you killed haha

  30. Go for the smallest tank in the game again

  31. At 4 mins papa phlys like ‘inahbini Tokyo’

  32. Okay, let’s try, because I want to see this.

    Could you play the Ki-109? You haven’t played it in last few years, if ever, so I want to see you take out the 75mm Dragon out in Ground RB and deliver some APHE sushi rolls.

    Dai 2.

  33. *Phly, SU-100Y forgotten?*

  34. Can you imagine players looking at the battle log seeing a BT-5 come in 2nd place hahahaha 10:05

  35. 6:40 he clearly hasn’t watched girls und panzer

  36. Do the HHEEEEYYYYY thing again!!

  37. Damn u are somehow good at the game with ur playstyle xD WTF

  38. Sucks that you can’t see the crewmembers anymore

  39. Hang the mig21 from the ceiling

  40. Wich should I buy xm-1 or t72 turst-t??

    Please tell me

  41. I love those angry germans sounds edit 😂

  42. Hey, I just started a channel featuring war thunder and battlefield, you guys should come check it out

  43. I really felt the pain of the Ferdinand

  44. What inspired you to do this?

  45. Can you please do a video on the LVT(A)(4)? Please?

  46. in war thunder thay should add smoke artillery

  47. 19:00 Pretty much the Eastern front in a nutshell..

  48. And that’s why BT-5 should be moved to at least 6.7, that thing is so OP.

  49. Play PV-2D 3.7BR

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