Nobody Knew How To Penetrate His Tank! | World of Tanks T110E3 Epic Battle Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

T110E3, Tier 10 American Destroyer Epic Battle Gameplay. World of Tanks Best Battle in 2020. World of Tanks Epic and Epic Replays.

Suddenly nobody knows how to penetrate T110E3, or where they simply unlucky? 🙂
Anyway, today I have a battle for you, featuring this tier 10 American tank destroyer with one of the best armors in this !

What do you think?


  1. Is this Centurion 7/1 or E3 gameplay?

  2. My favorite tank, T-Centurion E3/7/1

  3. Surprise surprise, a good game because no artillery and wheeled clown cars

  4. “Most acCuRaTe” LMAO if you played german lines the fackin RNG facking ruins the most accurate guns in game

    anyways you cant do this on the ASIA server cause ALOT knows how to spam heat and more likely knows how the weak spot

  5. The E3 probably didn’t want to bump or push the UDES away

  6. For e3, jag with heat just eat him alive frontally straight into cupola or gun mantlet

  7. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    Dez going cheap, recycling yesterday’s video title!

  8. Beautiful game!

  9. Jesus, in almost every replay I seem to watch the enemies just throw themselves at the you one by one Like dang, no team work (as expected). Either way, this e3 replay was the bomb. Thanks for sharing dez 🙂

    • if everyone will play good and safe, you will never see a 12k damage game. maybe 3-4k max. for one to have more, someone has to have less. it’s a kinda formula rule in life.

    • 3 Star Perfect Deer

      @kiki balustrada What are ya? Full metal alchemist?

    • @3 Star Perfect Deer in my spear time, yeah. i also teach Cabala and Hermetic. that doesn’t mean i don’t like playing games 🙂

    • The highest-scoring games in WoT tend to involve 29 players being complete idiots.

    • @RedXlV that’s a nasty talk. let’s say you find your new hobby, skateboard. and after 2 years you still can’t go up on stairs on your skateboard, but i can do it easily. i call you an idiot for this. just because you can do it, doesnt mean you dont enjoy spending your time on a skateboard. many ppl go in competitions, but only one takes the gold medal. should the rest suicide? decide what you want with your life. remain mentally at 12 or evolve in a wise guy? i bet you want to be wise. but to achieve that you need to let go on the “blaming game”. even if i point to a direction and i give a good advice, it’s zero, without your choice to walk on this path. you want your life to be better? happy, healthy, strong? loose the “blaming game” by working everyday to achieve this. is not a easy process, it takes time and effort. but the result is amazing. cheers. i give consultations in the evening monday to friday 🙂

  10. Facehuging an E3 is as smart as trying to fingerfuck a grizzly bear.

  11. When i play my e3 every tier 8 Pens me…. They hit impossible shots. I gave up with e3…

    • same . i think i have a 17% winrate too. the first minute of every game half my team are dead and everyone snap shots me and pens. hate this thing

  12. the E3 is probably the most frustrating tank you can face as a heavy, next to the 183 carriers.

  13. Yeah replays like this just piss me off – why the hell do I never get the payed actors on the enemy team? How and where do you buy these payed actors? Anyone know the web address?

  14. Is there any chance for me to get a large box !?

  15. That’s a total noob enemy team…

  16. honestly the part with the udes is dick move by the E3, he did get spotted and got the udes shot by the enemy. notice that a second after the udes got shot the 6th sense went off.
    remember 6th sense have a slight delay between you being spotted and it going off…

    • imo for the first shot the udes was actually spotted, for the second shot it was a blindfire at both of them, if you are looking at a highlight of the battle by e3 then it obviously can’t hit the e3, then you wouldn’t see this replay and it also needs to kill off your teammates so you can clutch it, again if that doesn’t happen, then you won’t ever see that replay featured on youtube…

    • If u look closely he tried not to ram/push the udes when he first got into the position he even looked with the camera to see if he can park next to him but udes moved and it wasnt possible. He tried not to block/kill udes who got spotted first before e3 got spotted moments later. If u look at the time of the battle it looks like udes came back too soon and got shot as prediction rather than being shot because of e3.

  17. Binos on e3? Damn..

  18. This is why we can’t get our marks on E3, thanks _MaxDark_ 😛

  19. @war sider Yes, ask your mom.

  20. this goes beyond paid actors, these are some charity workers, donating damage to this E3. meanwhile i get some super unicorns nailing 1 milimeter of penetratable armor, with rngsus just sucking them off, while i cant hit broad side of a barn with my strv 103-0

  21. I would have face-hugged the E3 with the Jagd as well, but dpm-wise I don’t think it would have been enough at that point in the battle; E3 has a fatal weakspot to the right and left of the gun on the bottom side, it’s only 100mm thick, can only be hit while face-hugging. Few ppl know about that weakspot.

  22. 3 Star Perfect Deer

    Begone, THOUGHT

  23. 6:21 *9/11!*

    _that voice was too happy_

  24. amx 30 been playing too much siege

  25. E3 base camping against tier 8s in a no arty game, that is not good play. No surprise this player has a 47% win rate currently in that tank despite a high DPG, just because it works one time in a 100 because the enemy is terrible does not means its good play, he should have been on the front foot using his gun and armour for the team not sniping in base most of the game, he plays it like he is playing a Grille 15, shocking play.

  26. That’s because you can’t pen this td @_@

  27. This must be his wet dream. Make terrible reroll and then sit like nohanded potato in base with E3 with bino and 2 repairs. Win t8 mm without lights and arta and be praised by other potatos watching his gameplay on youtube. Congratz

  28. Everyone is gangsta until T95 or T110e3 using SECOND repair kit

    • I used to play slow turretless tds like that, but now with equipment 2.0, repair crew and food i can get the tracks fixed in 4 sec so no need for double repair consumables.

  29. EYYYY 69 COMMENTS!!!(comment+replies=69 comments tho)

  30. Man, im here on your Chanel since you where at the beginning and i never won someting 🙁

  31. Im sure it was P2W(premium account)

  32. hanikrummi hundursvin

    WoT won. Next game please.

  33. Hey, mr Dez, did you begin your all tier X grinding? 😛

  34. I also dont know how to pen this tank and also toirtoise . i feel powerless unless behind them

  35. The number of below 4000 personal players has increased rapidly this year…

  36. Username: AlexanderKarelin
    Server: EU

  37. Level 98 Bear Hunting Armor

    AFKarry Meta confirmed

  38. Dont know about that part, nobody knew how to pen this tank. All i know its been raining gold rounds (even spg) when i use this tank. T95 is better in wiggling incoming rounds than this.

  39. Thou I do get “donors of HP” like that sometimes, dont usually find to many players who dont know where to shot …… lol

  40. Just unlocked this tank. Seems like everyone can pen it

  41. Username: Forr3ta
    Server: EU

  42. Nobody Knew How To Penetrate His Tank – well yesterday I played with 268 4 and I just load HEAT and pen him next to mantlet (from my POV to left side when E3 has weaker armor) and JgPzE100 with HEAT will bang him without asking his name 🙂

  43. The e3 is one tank I never seem to have an answer for no matter what tank im in.

  44. I NEED SOME HELP. How do you call players who have 4-5000 battles and they know everything (they dont have a clue) about this game. They die in first 2-3mins of the battle and its never, ever theirs fault. Its always the teamates to blame because tey did everything corect. They start the battle with idiotic commands and when no one listen (no one will folow the moron) they start to report people. They are very toxic and when they do something idiotic and you thry to give them legit advice they get very angry, and toxic. Of course there are a lot of players like this who have much more than 4-5000 battles but I need a name for those with 4-5000. They deserve a special name. Any toughts?

  45. 1:45 deathstar style

  46. I already saw this replay at NewMulti2k. Epic ammorack hits.

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