Nobody Knew How To Penetrate T95… | World of Tanks T95 Epic Battle

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Source: DezGamez

T95, Doom Turtle Epic Action. T95 Gameplay, Tier 9 American Tank Destroyer. The Best Armor in World of Tanks.
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Today I am going to show you one quite a crazy battle with Doom Turtle T95, tier 9 American tank destroyer. It turns out it is quite a tough nut to crack, specially in the battle you are going to see now. 🙂

Hold on to your hats, because it is going to be a WILD RIDE!
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– American T95, Tier 9 Tank
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  1. social3ngin33rin

    T95 really isn’t that slow anymore.

  2. Always laugh! You sir have a dry humour I appreciate! A lot!

  3. love this tank ♥

  4. Why try to track a tank when you know it most likely repairs before you reload. Dec 2011

  5. dez pls make m4rev video

  6. Profesor Baltazar

    What is the name of idiot driving Standard B?

  7. This T95 is very lucky because enermy team don’t know how to play😂.

  8. Arty is an equal danger to all tanks, nomater if your winrate is high or low. Therefore, the better you are, the more impact the arty wil have on the gameplay, relatively speaking. Arty is the equalizer we need but dont want


    T-95 it’s indeed not easy to pen I think you need lukky to shoot cupolas and untherplate is derpy tho play for 9 jears and I’m a avarage player 51 winrate and if I med a t95 I’m not happy if not in a med or ligt

    • An E3 in hull down or an obj. 268 v4 in front of you its the real nightmare 😬


      @Javier A.T. yep and it’s no problem not everything should be easy in this game today the day you tabbing the 2 key and everything is fine 🤔

  10. Yeh right. Dez, it more a problem of weak points and how well armoured they are. the weak points are the cupola’s. I tried hitting them in jg pz e100, all guy did was wiggle and best pen tank (AP and heat) in game can do 0 damage to it. T95 OP from front.

  11. it may be funny for some to see such stupid players in the red team, but it would not be funny for anyone if anthony curtis bot set you up in 70% of the game, 5-6 players like this in your team … you need to organize a league for the retarded, it’s over sad to brag about such success at all

  12. BTW when are we going to get bonds for the tokens that were not used?

  13. That Standard B seriously. Why don’t I get such enemies?

  14. The impaler Vlad

    The guy is from Roumania 🙂

  15. Ashutosh Parida

    Hey that’s my team right there in every map.

  16. should start an only fans with thous t95 picks

  17. Christian Schmidt

    On both sides you have doubel chains and behind them is a 40 mm plate from hull. When you can shot in the middel of both chains you can pen him

  18. Always the same when it comes to tanks that are harder to penetrate:
    279(e), T95/FV, T95 and so on: People just shit their pants and run or, even worse, start shooting HE, instead of doing like 10mins research on google how to counter these tanks.

  19. Stop saying T95 is Op. it’s actually well balanced with its speed. It does not need a nerf, please save some good tanks in tech tree.:) Still remember how good is standard B back in the day everyone can get it, now it’s gone.

  20. Those enemies man. I wish I had enemies like that

  21. Pratima Rambojun

    This battle is full of paid actors and standard B is the highest paid one

  22. So 3 days ago I got HE pen to my T95 by another T95 from 300 m. We were losing other side, so I managed to reposition and I knew he has HE loaded. I showed him a little bit of right side and got penned. It hurt.

  23. The Tiger I player is a noob. He is on that corner by himself, in a tier IX battle. He should not be there. From a distance he could snipe the T 95 hatches.
    In fact, the whole enemy team is a bunch of noobs.

  24. slow motion? i thought it whas going full speed ahead

  25. “No cap kill all”

  26. aniBlueRoseVamp

    While I know this was not me, it reminds me of some of the games I have had in my T95, where no one could pen me. I know it’s not one of my games, because I have always had better teammates that farmed damage on tanks that was trying to pen me but couldn’t without leaving me to fight so many enemy tanks.

  27. DAMN! poor enemy tier 7 tanks

  28. I use this equipment on my T95, this, turbo and rammer, got about 70% win rate in it, works for me 😀

  29. The way to kill T95 is face it head on and shoot the tracks on the inside track but keep the shot straight (parallel) with the body you will find the main body of the T95 and do loads of damage.

  30. T95 = auto slow-mo.

  31. Standart b could kill with he clip

  32. Marius Ciorascu

    to many noobs on enemy team 😛

  33. Alexander Schmidt

    He got the worst player in the enemy Team … soo I am not disappointed … I am sad that I never had such a battle after 36k and always being in the wrong Team in which I have to carry and at the and going to lose …

  34. I thought Standard B had no ammos left until he shot twice at the end lol

  35. Wait, what‘s this brand-new unknown tank? Let‘s all rush it frontally one-by-one and take it out! After all, it‘s 7 vs 1! I SAW IT FIRST!!

  36. I had the T95 from 2012 to 2014 … I bought it again now in 2021 and I love it so much, playing aggressive. Already did 320 games in the past, and now in 45 games went from 0 % to 79% for the mark ! Amazing tank ! (Improved rotation, rammer, turbo)

  37. The starting slowmo was very good. I think you should keep doing it

  38. I dont know what do u expect from standard b who has TR in his name

  39. Not bad. You should have seen my Tier 10 12 kill battle in my T95.
    Sadly replay dont wirk anymore. Account is Sepherim

  40. T95 is dead in end of 2020.

  41. Illbegoodinthefuture

    I made a checklist on how to pen this tank frontally:
    1. Have 300+ pen
    2. Shoot lower plate
    3. Pray

  42. Josef Mužátko

    t95 si good against noobs. like this game.

  43. “bots in low tiers only”,…riiiight

  44. Cameron Renwick

    How does he get that sexy end of battle record?

  45. I haven’t played this game in yrs, nice to see my favorite tank is still wrecking

  46. Diatonic Delirium

    I don’t understand: Standard B can pen the T95 lower plate with APCR, just take one hit and be done?
    Worst case just drive past it and pen from side or rear…

  47. T95 is ALL slow motion action!

  48. The only American T.D. that I’ve never sold.

  49. “No cap kill all” morons coupled with the world’s most useless Standard B driver. Fairly normal for WoT these days unfortunately.

  50. Sanjay Modhvadiya

    Paid actores

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