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Non-stop aggression is one of the most fun ways to World of Tanks but it requires someone special, like ShutUpAndLetMeCarry to make it work!



  1. This tank’s so great, I have 70% WR with it but now I suffer with the SU-101, pure trash at 45% WR, no more armor, no precision, no depression, 5 games yesterday with it for 0 win. My advice : play the tier 7 and free exp the tier 8

  2. yea fine if your in a tier 6 battle. but that happens what 1 out of 10 games ?

  3. I bought this tank before it was top of the tree, got in my first game, had 3.5k damage, blocked 4k and like 500 spotting, i think that the 100m1 is the highlight of the tree untill the t10

  4. TacticaL Mech Tank

    I reached this tank before it was changed. Played about 3 battles and decided to stop advancing in the branch.
    After the change, I read the armor layout and like: “What?” Then I took it out and oh bois, it’s stupidly OP.

  5. honestly I tried to get the obj 268 first, but I spent most of my games with the tier VII dying and doing nothing good at all, then I decided to give a shot to the obj 268 version 4, and I don’t think I ever felt the same feeling of being unstoppable after playing those monstruous TDs. They are slamming absolutely everything and I totally recommend to rush the tech tree up to the 268 v4, it’s a whole lot of fun 👍

  6. Defender is just 80 (iirc) base defense points. DeLanglade’s Medal is 4 kills inside your cap circle. He didn’t get this because one came out of the circle and died.

  7. This line is super worth it for anyone thinking about going down 268 4 line. It’s a f2p tank that has really good frontal armor. Another good tank to play when you’re too stressed out from getting penned

  8. everything wrong with War Gaming – like the channel – hate the game – disliked the video. Give us proper games to watch not seal clubbing, Russian bias

    long time subscriber

  9. Best name ever.

  10. Man, before the changes to the 2nd soviet TD line the Su100M1 and the Su101 were easily my favorite tanks in the game. It was like playing a turretless T-54 down a tier. Really only issue was with the Su101 specifically and its expensive ammo on the 100mm gun. Otherwise you had great dpm, armor, and mobility. And you traded penetration, gun traverse, and HP. Made for a rewarding play style, like a min/maxed medium tank.

    I remember people saying that these were basically pay walls on the way to the Object 263 (then a Tier 10), but personally I loved them.

    The change to them probably made them better, but I didn’t find them as fun afterwards.


  12. I recognise the Angry Bird eyes in the thumbnail

  13. Be safe while you are in Belarus. Everything pens my 100M1.

  14. At last, a tank of a realistic tier! Far more entertaining.

  15. Hey QB, when will the next best moments come out?

  16. dislike. Whole Point of the video is so you can rail on HE Nerf. Unsubscribed for now. Stop trying to play Hollywood DEV and make the world after your vison.

  17. This tank is mini Maus in tier 7.

  18. Nerf incoming

  19. My team mate on an ASSAULT TD will snipe while they want a sniping TD to assault LMAO


    Soviets are just well rounded tanks in any tier
    while the rest are kinda meeh

  20. yeah tier 7 is OP but t8 kinda sux

  21. Can anyone give me tips because I started 1month ago plz

  22. Nice game, but dont forget that noone shoot premium ammo… (except the AT8 once maybe) 😉 I dont say in every case but if they would use prem ammo it would be harder.

  23. Man… i really like your videos QB! And i appreciate them. Really!

    But in the same time i always have to say a word because i really hate that you “Super Unicums”(YTer) always say this is op or that is op when that is clearly completely situational..
    Like in this game the tank JUST WORKS because he is fighting as TOP TIER vs only lower tiers…
    AND he is a good player so he does exactly what he needs to do.. He had only two times a situation where he got frontally engaged.. and BOTH times he got penetrated.. (AT15 with GOLD, Tiger with AP)..
    (We do not mention the cap circle situation here, because these guys… just braindead wtf)

    So to say this tank is kind of overpowerd is just some bullshit…
    I had 43 battles in this tank recently because of the Top of Bullshit and i had 37% WR with this tank… so guess how often is was TOP TIER and how often i could carry…
    Yes 1 BATTLE. One good battle where i actually even had tier 5s so i could really screw them off.
    The Rest was only mostly tier 8 and tier 9. (Disclamer.. tier 8+9 do NOT CARE about your “armor”)

    So i really hate it to say in a video this tank is op, in fact you did not say this per se, or hint that with a nice cozy talk around it.
    Because it is JUST SO SITUATIONAL and therefor not reliable to say that.
    Because the NORMAL wot player will hardly get such battles as the protagonist in the video did..
    (And i think about me as “normal wot player” with my 10k battles and 1,3k wn8… and i got 1 good battle out of 43 [i did not even do half the dmg as in the video btw…] )

  24. hmm, maybe try tier 7 again

  25. I have 10 years in this game and i finaly gave in and bought the e 25 for the 1st time.

    • you will realize it is underwhelming in the current state of the game. More often than not you will play against tier 8s, and there even the gold rounds are not sufficient. The games where you are actually top tier and can dominate, are rather few.

  26. Tortoise meeting tier7 is funny after a losing streak 🙂

  27. ShutUpAnLetMeCarry did not use turbo, because the extra reverse speed was not needed. He drives only forwards.

  28. The kv only did 23 cos he raised his gun to block the shot

  29. And after that you get su-101, the worst crap there is

  30. Worst toxic game ever=wot. No PvE just being farmed by hardcore players using exploits & cheats
    Premium time is a :@ zero value no daily gifts just the x5 that is a :@@

  31. A player like this is obviously not a genuine one, rather somebody who used to have a different account, or still has one and created a new one with a stupid name to piss off people or with another specific purpose.

    • Not really, this account exists since 2011. I’ve changed the name to ShutUpAndLetMeCarry like 3 years ago after switching to blitz, because I’m actually good there.

    • @Dziki Dziad ah, thats another option, i didnt know that was possible. how can you change the name? and regarding blitz…it has much less competition, i played it for a while but the graphics are just soooo poor…

  32. Half of this video commentary is that player name. Jesus.

  33. Mr QB 50% extra income for battle is until 4th of January as I remember…

  34. This must be fake/staged. I have NEVER encountered so many stupid opponents and perfect shot RNG in any WoT game.

  35. fuck this soviet op tanks

  36. Yo quick tip, the t10 Russian td in this line has a weak spot on the right of its mantlet (or left if your the driver). Its a pixel shot that needs like 250 ish pen to go through.

  37. I feel like choking myself with the dog’s collar, then set myself on fire after listening to you waffle and dribble over someone’s game.

  38. That is 928.5 DPM for the game. I think you could make a ranking of all replays viewed.

  39. That’s a re roll name.

  40. Nice Background @QuickyBaby

  41. Fantasy tanks. Useless in real world – and useless for the balance of the game…

  42. Was I the only one who thinks that with QB camera and mic is something wrong?

  43. RE WG’s 50% bonus, NB we pay for that, it’s no gift.

  44. Nice laundry room….

  45. Maybe the reason the KV-2 only did 23 damage is because he was using the 122mm U-11 gun and not because of the HE changes. Pepothink?

  46. Now they can but try 4 updates ago

  47. Could anyone of you tell me if st2 is worth to buy or not? And why?

  48. Soviet op tank working as intended…

  49. Ah…….that soviet accuracy. Don’t those British TD’s have like .3 somthing??? Those weak points were bad back in the day but now they are laughable for supposed assault TD’s

  50. Got to love W. O. R. T. no bias at all wink wink..

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