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  1. *Happy MONDAY!!! ENJOY!*

  2. One of the reasons I haven’t played in a week plus lol

  3. 19:39 Hot butter through knife lmao

  4. Im happy for you 😉

  5. Lee Enfield Channel

    Hey phly I’ve been here since you were at 230,000 subs

  6. Yet another good video

  7. Next War Thunder content creator that deserves 1mil: Oxy

  8. His thumbnails get worse and worse

  9. Take out the f 84 b stock attempt 11

  10. ive gotten 8 adds trying to watch this video

  11. I am now gonna start geinding for the E100

  12. Attempt #13: 10 Kills in a Single Match Challenge with the British Swingfire…….NO B@//Z!!!!!!!!!! I’m not quitting until you do it!!!!

  13. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. When BMP-1 1st came out, the West was quite surprised as they don’t have anything equivalent. It can carry soldiers, have ATGM, a gun, and is amphibious.

  15. *me trying to grind for maus from tier 3*
    Looking at War thunder message

  16. Congratulations on 1 million!!

  17. haha missile go brrrrr

  18. When will the new update drom tho?

  19. бунтуем граждане

    Hello in Rassia

  20. 16:50, The moment you’ve all been waiting for

  21. Wow you Věry good player

  22. Phly: Everyone would want to play War Thunder!
    Me/Others: Lies! We HATE playing War Thunder, but we really like watching your videos.

  23. The missile knows where it is…

  24. Everybody gangster playing War Thunder at low and medium graphics until PhlyDaily shoots you across the map that y’all ain’t see his tank far away.

  25. Congrats Phly, you’ve done amazing work! Wish you the best!

  26. I literally dont even play War Thunder but I dont have to because your videos are great fun to watch still

  27. Well done phly

  28. Dooood why TF did Gaijin move the 6.7 British stuff up to 7??? Think they fucked up pretty hard.

  29. Phly, form a lineup consisting only of milk trucks. *Attempt 1*

  30. Damn what is that music man, first operatordrewski uses it for his apache video now phly uses it. Anyone know the name of it?

  31. Phly I couldnt help but notice youve only done one video on the leclerc, and the audios messed up 🙄🙄🙄

  32. I love that intro

  33. The United States of America

    “…you guys have made me, dont think ill ever forget tha- NOW TO CELEBRATE…”

  34. Congrats on the 1 Mil Phly. You are genuinely a funny and entertaining content creator. We love your videos man!

  35. Why does phly sound like borat when he says great success?

  36. You should have a go at the bmp on Squad

  37. war and ships Explained


  38. May i please receive the name of the song used at 11:32

  39. 16:05 BMP-1s radar guidance system called Phly 2.0 works perfectly with a success chance of 200%, invented by PhlyDaily in 2020 xDDD btw: Love your vids :-O (phlyLove emote)

  40. I just stopped playing Germany all together this year… I haven’t seen a nation where you need to try so hard and gain so little… I just main the US and brits now and I must say I’ve never had so much fun in this game

  41. 5:14 Oh god.. That bullseye ! Poor soul.

  42. I’m quite disappointed to see Phly using bridge, instead of use this Soviet boat in the proper way

  43. Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie

    I think they should just make war thunder cost 60$ and reduced the in game micro transactions

  44. My buddy and I got into your game the other day when you were playing with Benny in the T95s. He’s been watching you for the longest time and you should’ve heard him fangirling. He was so happy to play with you

  45. Do a raig compilation where it’s 10 minutes of Phly raging

  46. Thank you Phly! What’s the name of that song that starts at 11:10??

  47. Ya congrats on 1 m subs

  48. Soo.. who is winning?? Drewski or you?

  49. expect your play button 4 months

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