NOOB SCOUT SPOT NOW – World of Tanks

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We've all seen it in World of , someone at the back of the map telling your light to go SPOT NOW – but should you?



  1. it’s funny, I literally just had a game in my amx 13 105 built with a dmg setup, I knew I was gonna get outspotted by manticore so I just conitnued playing like a mini batchat. TD called me “dog lt” in chat like the usual.

    top scored, 2k spot, 4.3k dmg. Suck on that wz113g ft, imagine getting outdamaged by a light tank

    • It seems a large majority of the times TD players have these cognitive issues then I guess. They are the first ones to blame lights for their lack of damage, even if the light is doing stuff on the other side of the map. Also, TD players seem to be obsessed with the “class” of vehicles. They often camp with the italian TDs because it’s classified as a TD, if you camp with a sniper medium even if only for a minute to support your lights, they automatically call you a noob for camping in a medium tank etc…

  2. I clicked on it because I love the lib crying meme

  3. You should speedrun fastest grind to tier 10

  4. So the bassotto said “qb exposed” but you were using the anonymizer, how did they know you were qb?

  5. Lights were ruined when the spot dmg started getting shared.

  6. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    normal day in hk server

  7. Yea, I kinda have to agree, this light tank player clearly isn’t that great but then again, it’s a T6 light tank and T6 light tanks are ass. He really should have been more active in the game but was unable to because of piss poor positioning. I’m not going to say good things about bad gameplay just because you are playing against terrible players.

    Edit: LMFAO! I didn’t even realize this was you, yea, this gameplay was awful why did you even go there and what were you planning to accomplish? Sure the game turned out all right but right at the start when you encroached that hill and got spotted a player like me who actually pays attention would have started to delete you swiftly. It happens all the time and before someone says something stupid, go look at the WoT videos on my channel if you think I’m a “bad” player. I literally put teams on my back and carry them all the time. The only thing I’ve ever cared about in WoT was my WR and playing mostly solo, I get around a 59-60% WR in T10s and a 65-70% WR in T5-6 for reference to my own skill level. I would never do what you did in this vid nor would I tell you to scout since I would know, you stupidly got yourself stuck in that position that will accomplish next to nothing for most of the game.

    • El Halluf as a whole is a pretty bad map for scouts overall. Instead of going for the little hill he could have gone for the other one at south, or try to spot through the line of bushes in the middle of the valley.

  8. To be fair. if you don’t have eyes. or know where your target is. you might as well be a sitting duck. then again you shouldnt be putting yourself in a position where you can’t spot your target.

  9. 59-16 is the cutest tank in the game

  10. That satisfying moment when QB’s spotting was 1234!

  11. I don’t play lights purely because of the abuse in chat. Yes I’m a noob light player but you’ve got to start somewhere right?

  12. @SilentCaldari sometimes you have to be patient and wait for the incoming enemy teams push. A lot more f times the first light to get spotted gets wrecked. Light tanks can be better active or passive so playing your tanks abilities to the Max can win games. Would you rush a E75in a Tiger 1

  13. I was a light tank lover till 9.18 hit the servers, since then the lights haven’t seen any buffs, heck the SPIC has the lowest shell velocity of any light beside the HWK12, then you have the Cruiser 4 at T4 which hasn’t gotten light camo bonus, the Covernanter which has no proper gun since the PomPom is useless at above 400M and the topspeed and veiwrange of that is the same, the A-20 and BT-7 also never saw any love so you have 4 or 5 low tier lights which are just hopelessly behind todays stats.

  14. i think qb doesnt realise but the guy knew it was him, hes just messing about calling him a noob. I dont think it was meant in a bad way.

  15. Gareth Fairclough

    Quick! Turn on the noob light! 😀

  16. Анди Василев

    How does he have this camo. It is a gift from the loot boxes when you purchase them if I’m not mistaken

  17. Just disable the toxic chat and you are fine….

  18. Speaking of playing stock, I think no one should ever be forced to play a stock tank with 75% crew because they play for free and don’t have credits since they’re new.

  19. bruh… that bassottos name literally translates to quickwillie in swedish XD

  20. I love cats but the skin on your tank makes me sad 😛 hehe

  21. Lovely video

  22. Man I miss that autoloader

  23. 59-16 used to be SO INSANE when it had the autoloader… don’t play it anymore now, but back in the days it was SO underestimated

  24. “And I decide to cross barrels and salute each other” Works better ingame than at the urinals

  25. If someone in chat calls a LT a noob, and the LT has more damage at the end of the game, they should automatically get a 24h game ban. Change my mind.

  26. I love my 59-16. 1st 3-mark. I have over 1km signal range on this.

  27. Try playing light with a dogshit crew without even sixth sense… Impossible to survive

  28. thanks for the video, well done colleague!

  29. I hate 59-16 but recently I got a Kolobanov with it so I don’t know what to think about it

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