NORMANDY INVASION – Can Axis Protect Their Beaches? – WAR THUNDER

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Source: with Muffin

Hey guys! Welcome back to the Thunder with Muffin channel. Stay tuned!



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  1. Great stuff, love these videos

  2. On the planter usually you can pen by aiming for the left and right side of their mantels which is a weaker area

  3. Fireflies also participated

  4. Im curious on weather or not your commentary while playing your own tank is pre recorded or live?

  5. leaving a like and comment so you can get some traction, this vid was a banger

  6. Hey, I’m sure you’ll probably just read this and move on with your day but I’ve always wanted to start a Warthunder community like you but there’s way more than just that. Could we possibly talk in private?

  7. could I advise a game called inlisted it’s like warthunder but with infantry

  8. How do I get into these simulation games?

  9. Bertram Lund Madsen

    The axis did not have that many panthers

  10. I was listening to the discord chat and I wanted the video to come out so badly that was amazing

  11. I’m happy now

  12. Are sick MR muffin or why do you sound sick

  13. man i should have been in this video cuase i do america but most importintly i have the calliope

  14. ВрагАтом65

    Shoulda picked Enlisted

  15. Why almost no one used snoke shells, they are the best tool of the m4.
    Didnt the m10 participated on normandy?

  16. It was nice participating in your video if no one trusts me see kill feed Hungryplace5870

  17. Do a melee challenge you can only shoot the one that u r touching

  18. When comunity driven events are miles better than whatever gaijin has every done, just do a caloboration with players and make good game modes already instead of copy paste 3 cap borefest

  19. I’m honestly surprised that the short 75 on the Sherman’s are able to pent the Panthers. Great video btw keep it up👍🏾

    • They can easily pen the sides of panthers, they have less than 40mm of side armor. In real life, Sherman’s actually had a positive kill ratio against panthers, at least on the western front.

  20. This event was great to be part of, I was the Churchill Muffin killed at 3:40!

  21. Can we have some aerial view of event ? It’s good to see it in FPS or TPS, but i really loved the video with drone view, or global view. So much more intense to see all the battlefield advanced and firing.
    Thanks for this video and the event, it was really amazing to defend this town from USA.

  22. So far my favorite video you’ve ever made.

  23. Bravo au français qui a réussi à rejoindre à 5:20 😂
    Really good concept, i loved this vid

  24. Make the battle of iwo jima

  25. I can tell you, in the second round, America surely hade air superiority, at one point, we turned on smoke so we could see who was who, and only 1 or 2 planes where enemy

  26. It looks good.

  27. Yes more defense battles

  28. Paul Thomas Blaxton

    awesome gameplay as usual

  29. What is the map called

  30. From my understanding, they’re wasn’t much armor on either side…

  31. Super good❤

  32. The most unique war thunder channel on youtube! Keep it up Muffin

  33. Vidéo de T95 VS L3

  34. Im reading a book about the spearhead division in ww2 after the normandy landings and the panther was one of the shermans worst nightmare unless they were in a pershing which was better suited.

    Btw I loved this video, i wish I could’ve participated if I had the vehicles for it

  35. Like always a nice videa tou never disepoint us

  36. Noah’s awesome vids

    im amazed by the amount of content you do everyweek its very truly amzing and we will always be here

  37. my dumbass casually asking “germans what chat?” 💀

  38. F-16C gaming when

  39. More simulator please, makes it a bit more interesting when you can only battle from the view of the commander.

  40. Bro voice sounds like he’s tired of making videos in like every day you should get some rest


  42. These custom map videos are great! Really helps show off what the WT community is capable of building! Keep it up!

    Also props to whoever made this custom map, very epic rendition with the bombardments and map events.

    This poses a question though:
    Would it be possible to try having big lobbies like this play custom made vehicles (some of them are really high quality) and their respective missions?
    (Not experienced in that area of WT). Could have some interesting battles/missions that way.

  43. Would like to see something like modern day ukraine were leopards and abrams are fighting t-80s/t72s and t-64 with a good air battle

  44. Attack the D point.

  45. do an air battle with cabin view only

  46. Hey muffin its me aleksus i hope your doing well, thanks for creating really good content,


  48. This is what i like realistic battels they are the most fun to look at keep upp the work muffin

  49. Yoooo this is cool! I wish I was there.

  50. Please credit the map maker!

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