Not Camping in Tank Destroyers in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm not in World of Tanks playing the T9 French destroyer, the AMX Foch! Here's what it can do!



  1. I do like how your opponents did ok to this aggression. There was a middle element that was doing the right thing. Isolating half of your initial train and tried to counter attack. I would have been interesting to see how the IS-7’s group, that middle perspective and their vision + decisions and if they could have won that match

  2. Are you playing war thunder?

  3. Saveyourselfplease

    He is saying to QB CAPS ARE BETTER HAHAHA

  4. I think he is just saying capping is a better plan

  5. He was agreeing with you. he’s playing dead

  6. Better cap. We need the cap to win

  7. lol this is ridiculous

  8. Its better to cap?

  9. FV is just sarcastic that’s why its all capital.

  10. I think the “CAP BETTER” was to say to his teamates that is better to go cap the enemy base rathar than to be running around the whole map to catch the enemy tank

  11. Capping is a better option.
    Or in tank speak.

    Cap better

  12. Your teammates were surprised to see a French tank running TO the enemy

  13. I think the FV meant that capping is better than chasing the AMX around the map

  14. one day it will come day when we wont be able to hear that “welcome back to world of tanks” and i want to apriciate it today, love you <3 no homo

  15. <3 <3 <3 Foch <3 <3 <3 I take my Foch with the heavies.

  16. He was insinuating to your teammates to “cap their base faster”, he was being sarcastic.
    cudos Quicky!

  17. Calling Foch a tank destroyer makes no sense.

  18. cap better as of lay better

  19. As a stroke victim and an older player I have always found tank destroyers more fulfilling for my play style however, I often look at the minimap during the game and see a top tier tank destroyer sitting on the red line by the spawn haven’t done nothing while I’m pushed up front taking the battle to the enemy. I’ll never be a great player but I’d rather engage The enemy and exchange some fire rather than dying alone when they swarm the cap at the end of the round

  20. I think that the FV wants to guard the base, and tells his team it is better to cap

  21. Day 1. Make an video of world of tanks blitz

  22. This reminded me of the days back when the S35 CA had that wonderful 105mm cannon. Had a flippin awesome time in it. I sometimes used it as an assault tank, going into cities and poking corners to punish the enemies with the 300 alpha.

  23. This match displays how pushing in a tank destroyer a can be better while the Fv215b 183 shows that sitting in your cap circle is indeed much better… lol.

  24. Nice guy in the leopard

  25. Love your aggressive advice and videos QB! That’s what I love and that’s my play style

  26. Well i gues he is sich of the ” don’t cap kill all” mentality and just refused to chase a 2 hp light tank instead of just wining by cap

  27. Cap better in all caps was meant to mock you QB

  28. Better Cap….it was the other way around

  29. I’m surprised that no one realised that the FV was just doing some Big Brain stuff and playing bait

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  31. Cap better

  32. wargaming nees to redo this fucking stupidity with alpha damage. a game like this shouldn’t be based on luck.

  33. Hi have you concidered making a video on the best money makers in WoT?

  34. He probably means “capturing the enemy base is a better option”

  35. My opinion on the FV, is you were wrong he was never AFK, just the way he did it made him look AFK, he took the decision to guard Base because simply he’s never going to catch the AMX, the only thing he’s got that’s faster than the AMX is his 183 mm Hesh Round

  36. I think he was talking/typing out loud to himself

  37. It’s big brain time

  38. It seems like the FV might be German, and tried to directly translate “capt besser” which means “better go cap”, but how he translated it, it ended up in “cap better”.

  39. Tryouts on maps td are great but QB failed crew show again so not teaching killing noobs and blowing horn

  40. How many games in a TD did it take to get a video like that, QB? lol Me, being aggressive in a TD in WoT…

    1) Single shot by a KV2. %$#@!
    2) Tracked by a Super Chaffee who then paper cuts me to death from behind. &^%$#@!!!
    3) Wedged in by a Czech HT and M6 who kill me with side shots. *&^%$#@!!!!!

    I won’t camp in my TD’s, but I will support from a safe distance, tyvm.

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