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  1. How can they still play the Maus even tho it got removed ?

  2. Rebecca Zenthoefer

    I talismaned this tank when it was half off and I dont regret it I used it to grind out like 3 8.3 br tanks and 1 9.3 t64a it’s actually pretty good if you know where to hit which of course phly does you just have to focus on the reload rate alot its cancer at that br definitely spend the crew points for this tank on reload and commander skill

  3. owsome
    man !!!!!!!!

  4. WT players : experience random frame rate drops after the patch.

  5. Should I grind France or Germany? I’m at 7.0 with both and can’t decide! France gets early thermal and 20mm coax, but Germany gets stabilizers and mobility! Please help!

  6. Rebecca Zenthoefer

    I have yet to run into a helicopter at 7.7

  7. Hell March gave me chills 🙂

  8. picka craft gaming

    kv2’s big brother

  9. Little that we know that this is the last video from phly on that version of war thunder.

  10. War thunder must either decompress the BR, or allow older tanks to use modern ammunition and armor Addons…

  11. “Armour-meta” IS “tank-meta” and I think we’d all agree (air players excluded… obviously) that’s what we’re here for (aren’t we?). I despise high tier pixel-sniping sh!t and would much rather roll my 2pdr Matilda out any day.

  12. command and conquer

  13. That maus squad could be me and my friends but they playin

  14. Well, you’re complaining that this tank has bad BR, what can say T95 it was same type of shell, a lot of armor (which is ineffective at this BR) and even worse speed (max 12 km/h) forward. This is unplayable

  15. hellmarch? from C&C Red Alert? dope

  16. Maus gang

  17. Go Stb-1- the forgotten samurai next time

  18. The thumbnail looks like a stug but better, because soviet casemate is ours and everything which is ours is always better 🙂

  19. A herd of Mice!

  20. Finally you played war thunder

  21. Armor meta exist in 1.0 – 6.0 and if the match is only german vs soviet

  22. Chicken flavor water

  23. King? This thing used to be *GOD* to the peasant tanks that Germany and America could field

  24. you just said you miss the ” oh I know you cant do that to me and I cant do that to you ” THEN you go on to say… take out your barrel like that was ever a real thing anyways. That should be another thing about this game that is removed. If your going to talk about having armor again Phly….. right?????

  25. Day 17: Play the Bf109-K4, its been years

  26. Things have got worse for this kind of tank with the new patch bringing in at least 4 more wheeled terrors.

  27. Phly: I want armor meta!
    Mom: We have armor meta at home.

    Armor meta at home:

    no armor is best armor

  28. At least Gaijin have acknowledged that barrel shooters are cheesy this patch and increased armor ratings on the bigger guns.

  29. I reallllllyyyyy want the polish tech tree. Also, I wonder if they were to add WWI tanks, ships, and planes if that would be fun?

  30. People who want armor meta are the true Chads of WarThunder

  31. 6:13

    Stop trying to make it clear of what I am!

  32. Day 35 play the as42

  33. I feel the same way about the T32E1. Any traditional heavy tank being at 7.7 or higher makes no sense anymore.

  34. T-10A is just a better IS-4M which is a shame

  35. 17:00 me and the maus bout to destroy enemy tank

  36. The days when jagdtigers and IS-4’s would Duke out on the old version of Kursk is long dead unfortunately 😔😔😔😔

  37. When is the ixwa update video coming out?

  38. i miss the days of 10 minute long 1v1s between heavy tanks
    it’s not like they were invincible but ya couldn’t just lolpen

  39. because of the things you mentioned in the intro is why i stopped playing war thunder. just billcrap now

  40. I still remember how hard I grinded for the T-10, I wanted that tank so much, then when I got it I realised I had to land every single shot, because the reload time meant death almost every time.

  41. Hey Phly! Can you do a tutorial on how to control the plane while holding C?

  42. buggy00 on thefloor o/ X)ihihihihih o/

  43. Corey from Corey’s world

    @phlydaily I know keenen warman he’s awesome irl

  44. No one:

    That one guy ID: Step_Bro_Stop_It

  45. tanks fights with armor are awesome its like it turns into a battle of force or trying to out smart your opponent

  46. Triple Maus.. so hilarious xD

  47. Hey phly can you make a video of the t62m1 please

  48. NoNquality Keckop

    You should try to play with bad crew level because 20sec gun breech repair time that is laughing into my face with my twice as long.

  49. How did y’all got maus

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