NOT Free T-832 (T-32M) New Marathon – Battle Pass: Judgment Day | World of Tanks

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World of New Battle Pass – Judgement Day for T-832 aka T-32M, New 8 Premium Tank. World of Tanks Battle Pass Special: Judgment Day. World of Tanks Secret Event, Terminator 2 Battle Pass!

They released full event guide and information about our next “marathon” for a brand new heavy tank T-832 aka T-32M. It is part of the newest special edition battle pass Judgement Day, featuring characters from Terminator 2. This time, however, the tank itself is not going to be completely free.

What do you think?


  1. How big of a Terminator fan are you? Hyped for this or not? 3,500 Gold for a tier 8 premium tank is always a good deal, but this is our first “marathon” type of event without a free premium tank, right?
    T32, but not T-32… But still T-32…
    Happy New Year! 🙂

  2. Sigurdur Bjarnason

    I was hyped at first. Then I was not. Simple as that.

  3. So, now WG wants us to pay 3500 gold for a painful and time-consuming grind? It must be a joke 🙂

  4. 💰 Make $750 Per Day

    “What’s the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable.” __Anonymous

  5. Wot Addict Global

    Ooooooh boooyyyy another Marathon??? Omg Wargayming let us relax a bit…

  6. SanguineMalcontent

    Gold is free….

  7. At this rate for the next update we will have fortnite tanks, building ramps and walls while shooting

  8. Console gets all the gold they spend on battle pass plus 100 more gold . Pc is beyond greedy .

  9. its just t32 with a skin ;D

  10. Dez you would be much better T 800, you have the same voice and accent as Arnie 🙂

  11. Dez you forget to say, about T100 and Sara Conor ,you need to spend 5000 for sarah and 3000 for t-1000 if you want them as commander, each of them can be obtain 3 times

  12. I’ll pass…

  13. Wargaming were too lazy to put effort into this event so I’m too lazy to give them money.

  14. Man that AE phase 1 Skin looks badass I want that

  15. So they reskinned a patriot.

  16. Also to add to what others have mentioned…no tokens.

  17. ya… no thanks. ill pass

  18. Ok, time to grind, lost 3k5 gold is painful 🙁

  19. I love T32 it is a great tank! What was my problem with it is the gun handling. Iam pretty interested in this tank. I will buy the improved pass and try to do as many stages as possible during the event then I will unlock the remaining stages for gold. I have plenty of them after this Holiday Ops event. I bought 3times 38 boxes(7 from each type bundle) and opened every single premium tank and every single skin. And managed to get 78K gold also.

  20. lol WG want more money greedy bastards

  21. was happy to see this till i hear the voice now i do not care about that and the fact that you have to pay for the battle pass to get the tank sucks and the 3 d style look cool but i well not be play this as i do normal battle pass so i most like can not get the pay part of it done so this time no money out of me

  22. I don’t think I’ve used a combat booster or reserve in years… because *_every single time_* activated them I would ONLY draw losses, time after time, without fail. At some point you just give up and stop bothering.
    I’ve got almost a thousand of the things.

    And those voiceovers **SUCK** huge

  23. I would love to have the Terminator skin for the AE Phase 1. hope the graphic departments talent doesn’t go to waste.

  24. Yet again they are implementing the way wows does their Battlepass. It’s as if they’ve got wows devs working for them since they left Belorussia. Oh wait… that’s exactly what happened.

  25. Having a break from this game. It was mentally tiring, and lo behold, just as 2023 started, it gets more and more tiring with less and less to get. Its time to touch grass.

  26. lol, the T-32 is one of the most power creeped tank there is at tier 8

  27. So glad I spent all my gold on buying the SHPTK-TVP during the holiday Best Sales … guess I’m skipping this mini-marathon battlepass cause there’s no way I can afford the IMPROVED PASS …

    also you can just buy the T32 in the Tech Tree … so I don’t really see the interest for a … literal COPY/PASTE T32

  28. Not gunna lie, the hype train might get me on this

  29. I think the burning question is: What tf is going to happen with all these special commanders we keep collecting when they ram through their poorly thought out Crew 2.0 v2.

  30. Big fan of T2, but this is just getting silly with these tie ins for a tank game. Hopefully they buff the Borat tank with a plasma gun in the 40 watt range. They should have added the Ground HK to the game as well. The T-100 should have the “say, that’s a nice tank” line.

  31. Wargaming continues to shoot their own game in a foot with this event. Remember the: “We don’t make tanks that you can exclusively buy and are better than the ones in the tech tree!”
    “Being a free 2 play player shouldn’t be a debuff, it’s a feature… We don’t support gambling.”
    And my very favorite WG line: “We only care about 5% of our player base — the ones that are regularly (constantly) paying for game support.”

    Nothing to see here, just Wargaming being a small Indie company… (O_o)

  32. First they charge double for boxes from which u can’t get anything until u open box #50 and now they charge a f…g marathon! And they doing that because of war in Ukraine. Well, f…k of war profiteers. Nobody should ever pay anything to these greedy bastards

  33. I’ll be back.

    to the garage.

  34. Thien Long Nguyen

    So many fail people who keep complaining everything. Hey POOR PEOPLE, you should get a job!

  35. глеб пономарёв

    Ah yes, the old AND shit T32 is now back to be… shitten again

  36. It is 100% ABSOLUTELY reasonable that they have to charge a minimum fee! They have to pay a fee to license the Terminator content, and there is probably commission fee on each tank, so they have to cover that cost at a minimum. Not everything WG does is evil, people really need to relax.

  37. this is the worst voiceover since Command & Conquer LMAO

  38. nice time for sky cancer =]]

  39. The voices are awful. Was hoping for a more robot looking tank. Seems to me we are being conned into buying a tank that has already been done, very disappointing.

  40. Very short Battle Pass duration

  41. Nothing is free on this world, not even death

  42. I also saw someone driving the obj 259A in the eu server i gotta say though the guy driving it was not the brightest world of tanks player

  43. Wargaming isnt releasing an op premium??? What????

  44. Yup Free to Pay Game wonderful keep playing this game People with RIgged MM and RNG keep thinking its skills and pay more keep thinking you need to get better keep thinking some popular streamers dont get favorable RNG and MM ,People its business publicity WG deliberately paints us this picture that we all get same quote Balanced MM and RNG if those popular streamers not naming get the same RNG and MM like us boy o boy will they see the game for what it is, think it is this way what if some uk streamr said this game is bad not good i keep losing every second battle my shots dont hit and all that what an impact will that have on the game so they give him favorable RNG and MM but in the other hand if you took that snap shot from 500 meters with Grile for example the shot will fall back and hit you in the BUT ahahah just gone say if some poor souls gone try this game look in yo it very very deliberately on both side of the bridge and when you realize you need to dump in over 400 euros every year in this free to play game while for that much money you can buy 50 popular games on Stream or what ever which will make you enjoy your free playing time more or make you question why i am playing this game if i get angry every battles ends in 1min 15-3 then by all mean go ahead thank you Dez keep up the good informative content love you peace

  45. What could be cool would be the 3D style for the Tier X Yoh tank & AE Phase I, as shown in the video!!

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