Not Mingles with Jingles

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Source: Mighty Jingles


  1. Salt mine minons on strike we demand mingels with jingels
    (Just joking have a good Easter)

  2. Well that sucks what the heck do I do now :/

  3. No Mingles with Jingles??? Mutiny in the salt mines!!!

  4. Had that nasty cold a couple of weeks ago. My sympathies.

    And then the snow slid down from the roof and tore the roof over the front porch with it. Had to dig myself out by sticking my arm through the narrow gap, the front doors here in Sweden goes outwards, and dig the snow away behind the door. Around a metre with snow here this winter. Not what I really wanted to do but couln’t really leave it to freeze overnight and end up with about a tonne ice block. I really just wanted to stay bed, drinking lots of fluids andfeeling sorry for myself…

    Anyway, get well soon.

  5. Wait our gnome overlord a girlfriend you stud you!

  6. I guess the massive stress of putting up that stupendous 45 minute effort on saturday was too much for our mighty overlord.

  7. Wait, when was this video recorded? If he said tomorrow business as usual does that mean we get a video on tuesday? Or was it recorded today so we get a video on wednsday?

  8. Get better soon our mighty gnome overlord


    The Work Crew down of salt shaft 1982

  9. take care jingles, get well

  10. To all the people asking about the girlfirend:
    Fucking yellow press…

  11. Christopher Wheat

    Happy Easter Jingles 🙂

  12. Fanta 350Dollars

    Wait will we have a day off​ in the Salt mines…?

  13. I guess its bank holiday monday off the salt mines too, yay

  14. Doing stuff with your girlfriend? Does Rita know about her? And more importantly – does SHE know what you´re doing in your free time? I see dark dark times coming into our way if she subverts him into “stopping that childish stuff” he does and cleans out his mancave for transforming it into a “nice, cozy knitting room for her” 😛

  15. Nikolaj Lund-Volkmann

    Your girlfriend? Please tell us it’s Rita. Please tell us that you two are back together…

  16. Have a nice holiday jingles hope you feel better soon mate

  17. This is the 188th comment. Hi

  18. Hope you at least got a chance to check out War Thunder’s April Fool’s this year and play around with the submarine warfare there

  19. What…girlfriend? IS this that April fool jokes ….your late!!!

  20. HA girlfriend you mean your sister ?

  21. Hope you feel better jingles

  22. You do that Jingles. Having the cold from hell myself I’m in no position to blame you.

  23. Girlfriend? Nice April fools joke Jingles!

  24. Rats… Today’s my birthday and I was looking forward to a Mingles with Jingles episode. 🙁 I understand about the cold, though. Get feeling better, Jingles! 🙂

  25. Went to my sub box, only saw the top of the youtube video thumbnail, thought ha ha, time for a jingles….

    Enjoy your break >.>

  26. TESTY FESTY!!!

  27. Well fuck; I stayed up all night writing a debate case and stayed up to catch Mingles With Jingles. Curse you, you evil gnome overlord for wanting to have a personal life!

    Some of us like to take a break and watch our daily Jingles video that isn’t two minutes long

  28. FC5 is a LOT easier than FC3, still having a lot of fun with it though

  29. Don’t forget cure all for sickness, HOT RUM Tody, or at least that’s what I tell everyone. It at least works for me or ? maybe I just make it strong enough that afterwards I don’t feel any pain and crash anyway. Take care and have a good weekend

  30. Happy holidays uncle Jingles. Get well soon and have loads of fun.

  31. yep jingles just threw a fistfull of salt into my eyes (no mingles) yes im sick too and wanted to see a mingles vid just to ease my cold and what did i get a fist full of salt!!! no NO im not crying just flushing of the salt .what!! i can watch older episodes to confort- oh yes that will do. LOL get better

  32. General Saufenberg

    get well soon, old fart 😉

  33. Long Weekend !!!! here we have tursday, friday and monday off greetings from denmark and happy easter to you Jingels

  34. TheOminousWindWalker

    Have a good’un with Rita mate, get well soon.

  35. GF? Ooooooo. What’s her name all mighty Genome Lord

  36. No mingles? Ok… so Monday is canceled. Go back home boys!!! 🙂

  37. Jekub Fimbulwing

    A bank holiday? Buy where will our glorious gnome Overlord get his cheese?

  38. oh no, return of the man flu. party in the saltmines yeah!!! the overlord is out for the weekend. lets make tons of mess an clean up before he returns
    BTW jingles, girlfriend??

  39. You still tapping that Portuguese ass? Well, color me impressed.

  40. Feel better Jingles!

  41. When are you going to do airsoft again?

  42. HAHAHA GG jingles I have Springbreak Who need’s a bank holiday when you have 9 days off

  43. #Manflu

  44. Hi-five I have a cold too yay no no jingles…but it’s fine get well soon and take a break…(ps this better not be a prank)

  45. 2:40 break from the saltmines?

  46. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    Not Mother Daughter Porn

  47. Great, Now I want to play WoW.

  48. Zuldazar is amazing. Wish it was the new Horde capital.

  49. Girlfirend? Finally he has somebody to knit with. (Or whatever it is old people do) jk lol

  50. Enjoy your holiday. Ill be having mine in a couple of days . Will be out of Internet for 10 days. SO will have to put in extra shifts on the salt mines when im back….. But that means ill have 10 days worth of jingles to catch up on…. What could possibly go wrong in that time.

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