NOT Mingles with Jingles

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Birthday… food coma… must sleep…

Pick the Jingles crew for Armoured Crew at their Discord:

Aaaaaand sleep!


  1. lol pretty much a usually day here in texas driving tanks and shooting an mg everyday lol

  2. “Your country needs Boo!” Summon a pack of vicious attack dogs that goes after nearby infantry. Happy Birthday Jingles! Sorry you can’t make Texas, but I suspect this won’t be your last opportunity.

  3. You must be counting down each year by now Jingles? Not looking bad for 21….Happy Birthday!

  4. My god, jingles pronouncing “Chouriço” XD

  5. The Tank Commander

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE KING OF THE GNOMES!!! HE HAS REACHED LEVEL 49 AND HE AIN’T TURNING BACK!!! Keep it going big guy! Still hope to see you at Tankfest someday! If you wanna see America, I recommend coming to Buffalo and see the last of the Cleveland-Class Light Cruisers, The USS Little Rock! And let me know if you want me to join you! Your friend, The Tank Commander

  6. Happy Birthday Jingles, I also share my Birthday with legends such as your Overlord Gnomeness self and Mr. Chuck Norris.

  7. Gassås Consulting

    Happy birthday Jingles! Do we finally have an adult in the room? Your special ability in the game can’t be the Jingles-landing due to the distinct lack of planes so it’ll have to be Surprise Buttsex!

  8. Happy birthday Mighty Jingles 🙂

  9. Happy birthday, now go and recover!!!!

  10. Yall so bad with the old jokes! Happy Birthday Jingles!

  11. Blitz With Spartan617


  12. Happy Birthday!!!!

  13. Ferran Cabeza De Vaca

    Choritzo- when you add magical letters out of your ass

  14. Happy Birthday Jingles! Yes…maybe special ability that when you are in the tank,randomly shit goes wrong. Breakdown,blow up etc 🙂 Or you just instantly win the game 🙂

  15. So one Happy Birthday, and two, I’ve just realised that I have been watching the Bohemian Eagle for over 8 years, love the content keep it up.

  16. Happy birthday Jingles. Happy to celebrate several years I’ve been watching your content, and I’ll toast to many more! Stay safe, be healthy and enjoy yourself old boy.

  17. Happy birthday ??

  18. TheColombianSpartan

    Well happy birthday to you my now one year older man!

  19. Happy Belated Birthday Sir. Jingles Take care and we’ll catch you next time

  20. Happy Late Birthday old Man.

  21. Happy B day ya old Admiral 😉

  22. Wishing you a belated happy birthday Admiral.

  23. Wheee a birthday quickie, gratz Jingles and thx for video!

  24. Happy Birthday youngster amiral gingles! The commander that manages to put a smile on our faces every “lucky” monday.
    visa aplication of any kind its a pain in the rear also for usa, no wonder in 2022, americans wont be able to travel so easy in Schengen EU countries but with visa. That karma never dissapoints.

  25. If you ever get a chance Jingles, there’s also the museum of the American GI near houston you could visit….. and Battlehsip Texas, and….

    You should come visit us sometime, BBQ and crawfish!

  26. Happy Birthday Gome overlord, Master of Salt Mines.

  27. Increased engine fire chance when hitting the rear armor of tanks

  28. Many happy returns, for yesterday Jingles, you young whippersnapper !

  29. Happy birthday Jingles, you’re still just a pup…after 50 it’s all down hill.

  30. Happy birthday to the oldest gnome in the land from the British army!

  31. corinthians daniels

    Happy birthday!

  32. Happy Birthday Jignles!
    All Hail our Gnome Overlord!
    Double shifts in the salt mines for EVERYONE!

  33. “Jingles Effect” Crew Skill : All modules get a boost to performance, but also has a chance of breaking.

  34. Happy birthday, Jingles! Be happy and merry!

    Best of wishes!

  35. MajesticDemonLord

    You’re Old(er).

    Happy Birthday chap!

  36. Happy birthday belated birthday

  37. I’m laying here at 5am listening to you list your dinner items and now I’m hungry.

  38. Your Still a young pup! But HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

  39. I hope you wake from your food coma without any ill effects, belated happy birthday.

  40. bart van herrewegen

    Happy bday and congratz on being around for a 3th century oh great gnome overlord 🙂

  41. Jingles making a video on how he is not going to make a video, still 4 minutes long..

  42. Damn you old salty sea dog Like, Jack Benny, Happy 39th Birthday again!

  43. Happy Birthday. For lines in the game. If it’s stupid and it works. ya has to be

  44. Happy birthday mighty overlord!!

  45. *Happy belated Birthday, Sir!*

  46. What skill points did you get?

  47. When you destroy an artillery armament “FUCK ARTILLERY”!

  48. Happy Birthday Jingles, Hope you had a great time, No need to make a Mingles with Jingles.

  49. “I’m udder shit” When under fire, 25% chance of ,15% increase in reload speed

  50. thebattlefrontgam3r

    please tell me one of your tag lines for world of warships is going to be, “Thats a paddilin’ ?

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