Not Mingles with Jingles

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Unfortunately I was struck down by Dreaded Lurgy this weekend and didn’t feel up task of making an episode of Mingles for today. My apologies to anyone who was looking forward to it and normal service should resume tomorrow.


  1. Get well soon, but remember NO SICK DAYS ALLOWED IN THE SALT.MINES! Your pay will be docked!

  2. any chance of a return of mingles with ringle’s ? once your feeling better lord jingle’s ?

  3. get well soon gnome overlord

  4. Gute Besserung. Prompt rétablissement. Stay sane and safe.

  5. I was wondering…What happened with your Casual Saturday? I quite liked that…

  6. If ya don’t have yer health, well…
    Get better fast!

  7. No worries Master – Get well soon :)))

  8. Totally bummed but get better. Health before work. We will be here tomorrow. Cheers

  9. Get well soon your gnomishness

  10. Our mighty gnome overload has been struck down with the dreaded man-flu!

  11. Get well Buddy!

  12. Honestly, who dislikes a video like this

  13. MEDIC!!! 🙂 All jokes aside, get well soon Kessler

  14. Awww…it’s said. But your health is morr important. Get well soon Jingles . !

  15. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see you not make a video when you don’t feel like making one.

  16. Oh my god. See, it was new year holiday season in where i live and post holiday depression is kicking my nut sack right now.

  17. Силви Горанов

    get well and we love you allmighty ancient one

  18. We the Jingles fans are sending you to the salt mines a little good back breaking labor should set you right!

  19. *points and yells* “He’s got the RONA!!!!”
    *runs in terror*

    Seriously though, get to feeling better. Take a day to whine in bed and have Ritta make some tea and soup for you.

  20. Thanks for the notice & get well soon!

  21. Feel better.

  22. Feel better sir.

  23. Feel better evil gnome overlord

  24. Bah! Take the rest of the week off! Right, back to bed with you!!

  25. Does this mean we get a day off in the salt mines?

  26. Feel better soon.

  27. Get well soon mate !

  28. I’m sad, but I respect your decision. I hope you feel better!!

  29. Get back in the salt mines

  30. I would normally say “rub some dirt on it” but if your having the same problem we are having here in Texas then the snow and ice is covering the dirt. Either way, get well soon Jingles. My morning coffee isn’t the same without my English salt. 😉

  31. Take care old man ahem, overlord of the salt mines

  32. Get well soon!

  33. Hope you get well soon, Mighty Overlord. May the Tune of Jingles never fade.

  34. atleast it wasn’t covid19 I had it and it was not fun

  35. Get well soon!

  36. Get well soon, salt mines wont govern themselves

  37. Get better, we can wait

  38. Get well soon oh mighty gnome overlord the salt mines need you. We know service will return when you are better sir.

  39. Take care and stay safe Jingles we can all stand a missed day or 2 but more than a week would be rough LOL

  40. Take care of yourself, Jingles. We’re stuck in a snowstorm down here in Texas, so I feel your pain. Stay safe, stay warm, and for the love of God don’t play Frostpunk for at least another week.

  41. there is a sign for a windmill lance…. where’s the lance?

  42. Jingles in the sick bay again. 2 day Biff chit and brufen for you

  43. Nooooo, how can I start into this week without you :*(

  44. My best wishes to you, mighty gnome overlord.

  45. your helth and wellbeing is more importent.

  46. I drug my ass all the way from the salt mines for this?

  47. Get well soon!

  48. Jingles and the dreaded man flu. Hope you survive mate.

  49. Hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks Jingles.

  50. Northern Ninja Runner

    Too much time in the Salt Mines Jingles?

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