Not Mingles with Jingles

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Source: The Jingles

In wake of my second COVID vaccination there’s news and there’s bad news…


  1. Daniel Schueller

    5G. Well then. No more excuses about my internet this or that. Get well soon!

  2. I’m going to miss yinz guyz.

  3. Get well soon!

  4. I don’t take experimental medicines so no jab for me . I’ll take my chances with the coof . but get better soon

  5. Feel better soon!

  6. Get well soon Jingleman!

  7. Day after my second shot I had to go to a Dr appt and I felt like someone hit me with a 2×4 upside the head.

  8. wishing you best results – cat therapy works wonders!

  9. …(sitting her with my shots)…K…Damn it Jingles why aren’t you super human!

  10. Tom Schillemans

    Get well Jingulu! Rest well!

  11. Hope you get well soon. Sometime a grog may be beneficial (rum, brown sugar, squeezed lemons and hot water). You’ll sweat like a horse after a fox hunt and your body aches as if you’ve run the marathon without prior training, but at least the fever will be gone. Like somebody repeatedly says: if it’s stupid but it works…. Cheers!

  12. Bill_nye_the_russianspy _

    Hope you get better Jingles, I’m not even sure want to get that shot in my opinion they rushed it out to fast, I get it we were all on lockdown especially over here in the states. But a magnet really? Why would it be magnetic? I have yet to get covid. Maybe I’m just paranoid or a conspiracy nut but I do know people that are happy to get it and thats all that matters. Cheers from Mansfield Ohio!

  13. Had both shots with no side effects at all??

  14. Get well Jingles.

  15. get well soon <3

  16. Get well.

  17. Marbel Figueroa

    HOPE you feel better soon

  18. Get well soon chap, catch you next time

  19. Best ‘Mingles with Jingles’ in ages!

  20. From the people I know the reaction (if there is a reaction) to the second shot will go away within a day even if it is a really strong reaction. I expect you’ll be back to normal by tomorrow.

  21. You obviously forgotten to turn on Windows Defender again haven’t you. ^^ Get well and catch you in the data flow.

  22. I’ve been in contact with Customer Support, COVID, to find out your Batch and Individual Licensing Number so that we can get your nanos out of Defender status and into Screening. Once that happens you should be feeling better. Cheers, and best regards from your friends at the Central Intelligence Agency!!

  23. I hope you feel better soon.

  24. RITA ! Pull the Challenger II around and level all gun’s at the Gnomes Bed room! Sound the Chow Call for all friendly Fuzzy’s too Evacuate the Domicile.
    Then Unleash Hell on said domicile.

    I have sad news to report that ” Our Beloved Gnome Leader of Jingles’ Salt Mining Co. ” Has been infected with the Cyborg Transmutation Virus. You have 24 hours too carry out your mission.
    ( If you Should choose too refuse this mission. ) ” Know This ” !
    You will put the entire Universe at risk. Of turning into small Hairy Cybernetic Gnomes. Hell bent on enslaving each other. Too work forever endlessly in waring salt mine companies Everywhere for all eternity!

  25. I guess I got fairly lucky that my only side effect was a sore arm for both shots
    Hope the side effects go away soon Old Gnome

  26. Wooden ships and Iron men…… right…..

  27. get well soon m8

  28. Jaap-Jeroen Brouwer

    Get well soon mate.

  29. Whatever happened to the “live” Mingles he used to do with Rita?

  30. I got the Pfizer vaccine about two months ago. Unlike most people, the first shot had me feeling off for a day. The second shot only left my arm hurting where I got the shot for a few days, nothing else. But I know a lot of people who were sick after the second shot. +

  31. I sympathize. I had the same reaction to the vacene for five days. Hopefully It won’t be that long for you. In any case it does get better eventually.

  32. Hmmm. I wonder if my chip can connect to your chip directly (like a peer-to-peer connection) or if I need an IP to connect to yours?

    Pfiz or mod? I assume Mod since most people I know had some short fever moment after moderna while people with pfiz just had some pain in the arm… I had pfiz with both dozes and now my 5G connection is flawless but I did not get x-ray vision but heat vision and I need to type with my eyes closed or I will just cut the PC monitor in half…

  33. You do what you gotta do sir, hope you feel better soon.

  34. Feel better!

  35. Grats on the second dose, and hope u feel better soon.. Chickensoup is great – but bacon is better!

  36. Today we observe Memorial Day in America, does England have a similar day Jingles?

  37. Excellent, that means it works and you’ll be broadcasting Gates/Soros NWO subliminal messages in your videos in no time! Get well soon!

  38. Well, at least now you know your immune system is up to the task. Still, it’s no fun being under the weather. How about a low effort high yield chicken dinner recipe? Prep done in 5 to 10 minutes. Get a small oven dish, somewhere in the range of 5″ by 7″ ish. 2 slices of salted butter, in. 2 pieces of chicken breast, in. Now make a quick sauce from red pesto, something like olive tapenade or whatever you fancy, a dash of soy sauce and something with a bit of bite, like harissa or sambal, or a random hot-sauce. Mix it together and then spoon it all over the chicken. Now add stuff; Raid all the jars with pickled things. Like -onions- (oops), olives, garlic cloves, etc, whatever you have lying around, and add them in around the chicken. Pieces of paprika (or bell pepper) and a cut up mushroom work well too. Add another slice of salted butter on top and finish it off by sprinkling some capers on it. Now in the oven at 180C for 30 minutes and it’s done. Don’t bother plating it, it’s already in an oven dish with it’s own jus, no need for plates. Every bit of chicken you slice off, you can drown in it’s own jus.

  39. An excellent reason to skip. Hope you feel better soon!

  40. Hopefully your feeling better soon .Get mine on the 9th June I’m 51 and they still made me wait 11 weeks for my 2nd jab .

  41. Chi-Town Vic Da Man

    Feel better mate.

  42. get better mr. Jingles

  43. ViceAdmiral Morgan

    Get well soon! Good to hear this, I need to go for my 1st vaccination shot on the 18 of July, so now I know what I can expect.

  44. Your friendly neighborhood Insurance Salesman

    feel better soon! that second dose is a bitch

  45. Aleive. I can honestly report that it really helped with the shivery shakes. Feel better.

  46. 2nd knocked me out, too. Get well soon

  47. Metal Gear: Solid Jingles

  48. Rest up, old man. Sorry about the failed Constitution save. Just ride it out. In a day or two you’ll be right as rain and mostly safe from the Death Plague.

  49. I don’t remember all the other jabs I’ve gotten knocking me out for days at a time health wise… <> Get well Jingles.

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