Not Mingles with Jingles Episode 198

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The fire was finally dying down, and then for reasons known only to themselves, Wargaming NA decided to throw high-octane aviation fuel over the flames. So now I have an announcement to make.


  1. The Mighty Jingles

    Well I uploaded this and then realised, “Shit, I’ve still got tomorrows’ video to make!” so knuckled down to get that done. Come back here while rendering that video to see what damage I’d caused and… wow.

    I’m stunned at the huge outpouring of support for my decision. I’ve even *gained* two thousand subscribers in an hour. I may or may not even be shedding a manly tear as I write this to thank you all. And i do want to thank you all, I can’t possibly go through every comment and thank you all personally, but thank you. From the bottom of my cold, mean-spirited, gnome heart, thank you all.

  2. Battleship Nagato

    I am behind you here Jingles! There’s a reason that Casual Saturday is so popular… what about some more Atlantic Fleet? A Dynamic Campaign maybe?

  3. Jan-Willem Jansen

    Find a game that looks real and gives you time to tell us about the history of the vehicle. Like those WT simulator plane battles, it was great watching them because of the 40 minutes historical lessons from you. Try WT again and find another game like it and I will be happier than ever. Maybe try alien isolation again you owe us?.

  4. Yes!! War thundaaah

  5. I came for the pleasant voice and hearty laughter and I’ll stay for the pleasant voice and hearty laughter. 🙂
    Don’t you worry about that. 🙂

    I’m really going to have to think about wether or not I’m going to play WoWs anymore though. :/
    I still got like 20 days of premium left, so we’ll see how this will develop. If this stays, then I guess I’m out completely. :/

    I’ll definitely hold off getting the Hood.

  6. I like you videos because your honest about the content of your video and they are nice to watch and enjoyable

  7. Hey @The Mighty Jingles,

    I could definitely be keen to some different content from you. More Ghost Recon? Haha.

    P.S. does this mean we can leave the salt mines now????

  8. This is the typcial Social Justice Warrior Snowflake Asshatery that makes this world a fuckin police state. The abuse of DMCA is a fuckin crime and a single tuber cant fight against it, but if all band together and file a class action lawsuit against Wargaming North America for threatning a business owner (aka professional youtuber) and slander him also in the worst ways then these fuckin pricks might finally SHUT THE FUCK UP with their shit. That is strong arming, blackmail and bloody violating the Constitution.

  9. Jingles, the day you do the video “i am done with WT” i uninstalled WT from my pc. I dont think anyone at all watches you for WarGaming content, rather we watch WG content for you. i dont think you will loose subs, maybe a slow down new subs at worst. Just keep being “Old and Crap”


  11. Well said Jingles.. Corp War Gaming has gone to far. I am seriously going to go back to War Thunder. Cheers mate 🙂

  12. You see Jingles people loves you, you are legend and legends dont die.

  13. Love your videos, I barely play Wargaming titles! enjoy your dulcet tones and would like to see more Warthunder. I’ll be here no matter what you up load.

  14. +The Mighty Jingles

    I’m sure that most of your subscribers are here for your gaming content. I for one have started playing games that I saw you playing, and your commentary during these games is brilliant.

    I thank you for your videos and commentary, you do an awesome job, and anyone that unsubscribes should spend eternity in the salt mines.

    I’m staying as a loyal subscriber from Australia.

  15. I don’t quite understand what leaving war gaming EU community when the problem is with North America. I would understand if it was the EU that you had a problem with, but as it is I don’t quiet understand.

    PS I’ve not played world of tanks for half a month so you will have at least 1 subscriber if you never make another war gaming video again:)

  16. I got your back Jingles.

  17. Wargaming North America employs man-hating feminists.

  18. Gta 5 online memes…whit friends 🙂

  19. Sticking with you out of solidarity

  20. Jingles you have made your decision and that’s your choice but I have stayed through the war thunder shitstorm before and the isn’t going to be change a damn thing as I am here for you as your videos are a different class to other people and I enjoy it, We Brits have got to stand together.

    Also a side note what happened in Manchester on the night of the 22nd of May 2017, I hope everyone is safe but just like the other attacks that have faced us in the UK we have only got stronger through it #prayformanchester

  21. I am going to miss your historical overviews on warships but you do you Jingles.

  22. I don’t really follow CC’s since I prefer to play the game. I’m still going to subscribe to help you, support you too, for being brave enough to speak up about the abuse of DMCA strikes. You could have stuck your head in the dirt and been quiet but you chose not to. I hope you don’t lose too many people. It’s a shame that this happened at all. It sounds like EU realized what the threat meant and apologized for it, which I commend them for. Admitting to a mistake is difficult when it comes to public issues like this. Hopefully people understand why you made this decision and chose to support you through it rather than abandon you.

  23. I say give Warthunder another go. It has changed. For better and worse

  24. WG-NA must have some condition and only got the job out of pity. I’ve heard some corporate bullshit but this is literally retarded, as in: ‘the issue was already resolved and somebody didn’t get the memo’. Hell, they are not even responsible for EU matters. Why would you make these retards responsible for anything?

  25. Unsubscribe?!?! ….. no way would I ever unsubscribe from this channel!!!
    Jingles, your channel is one of my favourites you did get me into WOT a few years back along with WT even tried AW because of you and I truly do/did love that content but I couldn’t care less if you ditch it as I watch your videos because of you.
    You could even do movie reviews and I would still watch.
    Just keep doing what you do and we will all be happy.
    Greetings from Melbourne AU

  26. Hrafnkell Haraldsson

    I love your content, Jingles. I’ve continued to enjoy your WoT content even while not playing myself. I’m sticking with you. It’s you who makes your videos enjoyable, not the game you’re playing. Stick to your guns and I’ll stick with you.

  27. Jingles you should try playing hearts of iron 4. It’s a realistic ww2 strategy game that i think this channel would like to see. Great content btw and i wish you all the best!

  28. I am actually looking forward to more diversified content, as I don’t really enjoy WoT or WoWS, in the first place. Just here for our gnome overlord! All hail Jingles! *heads back to the salt mines*

  29. I will never leave you, Jingles….even if you play Mario or Minecraft i am going so stay here.

  30. I think many of us just need our jingles fix. There are plenty of interesting games out there. No worried.

  31. Wargaming Boycott till there is a public apology made to us all and some one gets their knuckles wrapped and sent to the salt mines.
    Who’s with me?

  32. I’m supporting your decision. I’m glad for your explanatory aproach to this case. I’m watching your videos even if I don’t play WG titles for more than year. (I’ve been victim of fraud and WG doesn’t want to do anything with it.) So it doesn’t affect my visits to your channel anyway.

  33. The Real Killer B

    Stay the course. You have taken a stand on principle; and it was the right stand to take.

  34. #imhereforjingles

  35. If you go back to War Thunder, Let me know!! I’ll Join You!!! Also, I can finally land an H6K in a Sim Match without it blowing up (in water of course, trying to land a boat on an Airfield is just stupid).

  36. I have been listening to you for some time and I will not be quitting you now. You do what you feel is right and will support you.

  37. Awww … so cute ! Jingles thinks we joined his channel for World of tanks or that other thingy with the boats. We join for you, Jingles not the content. Looking forward for your next videos, whatever game you decide to share with us!

  38. I will still watch your videos . wg need to sort this shit out fast ?

  39. Oh, WarGaming added a OP Premium Tank in World of Tanks? If and when you get back to WarThunder, say hello to IS-6.

  40. Hate speech, um, that’s code for expressing an “Opinion” !

  41. Copyright clams are always a tricky issue the laws are not the same everywhere. Perfect example is Team Four Star and Dragon Ball Z Abridged, they have been accused of copyright violations three times but there still here. Also iChase did a video talking about the subject of copyright and he said that protection depends on what region you live in.

  42. Hi Jingles, I have to admire your principles and having been with you since before MWJ and for one will not be unsubscribing.WG NA are a bunch of armatures and that is the reason I unsubscribed from them a long time ago.I hope WG (global) get their man pants on and agree their position world wide

  43. not unsubbing EVER. and im heading straight over to Twitch and sub to you with my free amazon prime sub.

  44. I came here for the WoT content, what keeps me coming back is the wit, bumbling charm and chuckles you provide. for example, I hugley enjoyed your vids from the Bovington Tank Museum when you were looking at the tanks and giving us all a rundown on them. Hopefully WG will get there act together and I wouldn’t be shocked if they reached out to you very soon to try and make amends.
    Looking forward to your reviews and opinions on a wider variety of games / history / things in general.

  45. Unsubscribe from Jingles??? And risk the extra lifetimes punishment in the salt mines? I think I’ll do the smart thing and stay subbed.

  46. Theo Timmermans

    I give a round of applause to you and to all of your subscribers sticking on to you . I ám one of them.

  47. Jingles its going suck not seeing as much WoT & WoW content but, its not why I stuck around for a few years. personally I play Tanks on console because yes, I’m a scrub? but because of the awesome humor you share.. personally I’m staying subscribed.. I don’t watch anyone else for WG content much as I enjoy listening to you ramble on. Just a question for you though Jingles if I may.. If it comes out that WG NA apologize or in face, can’t do anything about other region contributors.. Would you consider rejoining the program? or is this it, the end? thank you for laughs, and I’m sure there will be more in the future!

  48. Well Jingles, There is good news and bad news if you are thinking about coming back to War Thunder.
    The good news is that for the most part Anton and the Gaijin staff (Not forum staff) have pretty much got there shit together in regards to copyright strikes and handling content creators now. No problems since that last big blowup and no sign that it should be an issue again which is nice.
    The bad news is War Thunder is still War Thunder, While it is officially released now it’s still got many of the same old problems and a couple of new ones as well.
    Still, You have been away for a while. They say a break is as good as a holiday, Just remember to delete that thread of yours on the forums so you can rename yourself and slip back in game without being noticed. . . at least not right away.
    Also if you ever need a wingman, Look me up.

  49. Jingles to be honest i dont give a f..k what the content will be as long as you will be the host. Every single vid you did was bloody entertaining and im here to stay. Its true that i subed to your channel cause of wot but later you did vids about some other games and i loved it.(sorry for my english i didnt use it for a while and i got little bit rusty, i hope you can understand what i wrote :D)

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