Not Mingles with Jingles

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which I deliver the worlds’ shortest episode of Mingles with Jingles, except this isn’t an episode of Mingles with Jingles so that’s okay. Confused? Allow me to explain…


  1. Thanks for the update, Overlord Jingles. Don’t worry, your salt mines will
    await your glorious return. Good luck to Crystalline!

  2. Jeffrey Blattman

    good luck with your cat.

  3. Jingles, have you ever played Company of Heroes 1 and 2? and Would you ever
    be up for doing a video on it on your channel? Love the work you are doing,
    keep it up. and I hope Rita’s cat gets better soon!

  4. I hope Rita’s cat is alright hope for the best keep strong Rita’s cat love
    from all the way from Japan

  5. I swear if i see more of these “Pussy” puns.

  6. Jingle’s “cat” is “sick”… Rita x Jingles sex tape confirmed?

  7. Hope all is well Mate!

  8. Neoteric Diversion

    Sorry to hear about the kitty. Hope all comes out well for it.

  9. hope crystal is ok, but most of all I hope you and rita are alright too, I
    feel your pain as I’ve been in the same scenario when my cat was murdered

  10. Get well soon Crystaline

  11. How is the cat doing Jingles? Hope she has made good recovery.

  12. Not a problem Jingles, hope the cat will be ok and that Rita isn’t too
    stressed out, would do exactly the same if it was one of my dogs

  13. I think all of us will understand this!!

  14. Take care of Rita

  15. First things first, matey, family first, then the rest of the planet.
    You’ll get back to us when you get back to us. It’s not like any of us are
    going anywhere. Your subs are solid.

  16. Did Jingles sound strained to anyone else?

  17. wtf this video has dislikes?

  18. Not a problem Jingles, take care and I wish you, your cat and Rita all the
    best. :)

  19. wish you two the best

  20. hope everything turn out alright

  21. At first I was like, really, you clicked the advertisement box for a 2
    minute video, but after hearing about kitty, bring on the advertisements!
    Those vet bills don’t pay themselves, after all!

  22. so are riata and jingles a thing? or like freind what da hell

  23. This is still Mingles with Jingles, you just seem to have finally given us
    a short episode. Best of luck, and I hope your pet is healthy again soon.

  24. Phil is there a way to send a card to a rita how much are the vet bills
    going to be so I know how much to donate

  25. Hope your cat recovers Jingles. My cat loves either walking in front of the
    screen, batting moving objects on the screen or sitting on the keyboard
    when I’m tanking. I’ve been knocked out several times thanks to her. I’ve
    got a bed for her on the desk next to the monitor now so pats can be given
    whilst playing.

  26. my prayers for your cat

  27. wilfredo jimenez

    these light tanks have very good guns and troll armor…

  28. What no Mingles with Jingles everybody grab your pitchforks and torches
    wait… oh its cause his cat is in bad shape alright put’em back he has a
    very good reason.

    Jokes aside hope your cat gets better I’ve been in the same situation

  29. Sure hope crystalline’s fine now/ (and no, I haven’t watched the newer
    videos if there’s any updates yet) @_@

  30. God bless you, your folks and especially your kitteh, Jingles <3 It'll be
    alright, don't you worry your adorable European head.

  31. Not to worry. “Life happens when you’re making other plans..” (I’m sure
    someone famous said that, I think.)

  32. Best of luck with the little one. I hope she will be ok. Chin up Rita,
    we’re praying for you.

  33. Jingles finally made an actual shorter than average mingles with jingles :p

  34. I hope your cat is better. Family first. Take care.

  35. I know a Chinese restaurant that an make something tasty out of the cat :-P

  36. This is likely none of my business, but are Paul and Rita living together,
    or am I missing something crucial about this whole thing?

  37. i hope your cat will be alright jingles

  38. Modsquad Reviews

    I hope you cat will feel better #HailJingles

  39. Hope all is well with kitty. Pets really are a part of the family.

  40. GoofyKenny Orlando

    What do you think about the fact that the UK left the EU Jingles ?

  41. Best wishes for a quick recovery for the cat (and you and Rita). May you
    not end up needing to participate in a necropsy as I did with my wife’s cat
    a few years back. (My sister’s a vet, and it was the weekend). Fun while it
    lasted, and it does give one a certain amount of “closure” but I sincerely
    hope for the best in your case.

  42. GeneralJohn David

    Hey Jingles, seems to me you did some vids respecting real war veterans,
    and I am looking for a specific hero, could you direct me to your stories
    please, thanks for you and your time spent honoring them

  43. dont normally comment on any video but thought i would on this hope your
    cat pulled through its horrible when a pet isnt well :(

  44. Poor Christaline. Dream of slow fat mice, and fields of catnip : )

  45. The Feline Overlord is far more important.

    Hope she’s OK and gets well soon.

  46. Jesper “PeeJay” Thorell

    Love to the cat!

  47. Please let Rita know she has my sympathy, and that I hope the cat will be

  48. Mingles with Jingles can wait

  49. prayers to you and Rita. hope the cat is okay.

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