Not today World of Tanks…

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Sometimes World of Tanks going to try and do everything it can to make you lose… World of Tanks.

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  1. This is some good advice QuickyBaby love these videos made by you because I
    learn a lot more about playing this game. I am starting to learn how to
    carry a team and I am doing better at it.

  2. Quikybaby on the stream when you played the T49 there was the guy in the

  3. and he is called FAMILYTank that’s the guy who sent you the reaply from the

  4. How bizzare

  5. wargaming are cunts thats all good night


  7. my xvm does not work, only artylery sight…why? and how can i fix it?

  8. where is #tankbetter

  9. how about they ban xvm so that i dont have to use it to be competetive

  10. That IS6 is the hero…he stands alone against five tanks and dealt 3k
    damage thus giving you time to kill all the heavies…nice coop with T29 at
    the end

  11. Evaldas Vaitkevicius

    Who would like that wargaming would make a gamepad mode, so that you could
    play with any controllers or jousticks??

  12. DKG Gaming Channel

    sta1 isnt premium tank qb :P

  13. I just love Min Min Zhangs comments… especially the Heary Tanks… LOL 🙂
    fully agree on the 2 key, but noted its a must for bottom tiers … keep
    takin guys, its just a game and a lot of fun!

  14. Can you (if you haven’t already) do a top of the tree stream on the Object

  15. Love the video very good communication. I love it. I wish i got players to
    communicate more in WOT Blitz. I just started WOT PC version the other day
    what line would you recommend for me Quickybaby?

  16. “balanced tanks e25” ye QB it doesnt matter your so damn right

  17. Can you update your modpack? I can see that you added timer that tells you
    when is something going to be repaired and damage blocked above modules.

  18. QB, have you seen jingles’ Latest video denouncing G2A, and if so, is it
    going to affect your own perception of them and your partnership with them?
    Their questionable ethics are well known, but you continue to advertise

  19. Awesome vid, QB!!! Really love how you break it all down!

  20. 3:58 I guess this would be one of the key advantages of XVM, you know who
    to target first.

  21. Sarcasm Overwhelming !! 😀 😀
    Balance is weakness 😀 :D

  22. XVM Sniping totally not a CHEAT. With no XVM he loose ergo XVM-cheat.
    Good Job finaly telling that XVM is Cheat that increases your performance,
    like “aim bots” or other mods that only increase your performance in
    ASSISTING you in aiming, viewing behind mountains, zooming out like in

    If you can use all these mods, how is map notification of downed tree
    banned and different? you can normaly view if somebody knocks down a tree,
    so if you use program that assists you, it is same as using XVM to
    formulate strategy that TOTALY change how you play the game?

  23. I love you explanation of what is happening. Thanks

  24. QB is a Russian owned product……

  25. I have a question about XVM, how do you do to have the win8 of all player
    in the game ?

  26. Only premium tanks… ?

  27. Moral of the story: 1 unicorn beats 3 unicorns.

  28. What would be the downside of just limiting the amount of premium rounds
    you can carry to like 5 or so depending on caliber? Serious question

  29. If this was console they would have capped out starting at 3:00 or so…

  30. E 25 isnt broken, premium rounds are

    Make premium rounds only available for premium tanks

  31. Why does QB’s view kick up like the gun is recoiling when he fires? Mine
    doesn’t do that. :(

  32. Quickybaby I wish you know that there are something call recent wn8 and
    that is the reason why good players don’t use xvm. By the way bad players
    can still carry !

  33. I don’t play World of tanks anymore for this reason. a lot of us have
    stopped playing for the are so bad match maker

  34. since 4days bro..

  35. Are you a wizard? :D

  36. The narrative in this video was awesome. Thanks for the explanation of
    strategy to the game. this was very useful.

  37. I did appreciate the in depth review. Nice vid, keep up the good work QB!

  38. Great video Quicky, Watch a lot of your reviews but really liked the
    strategy explained in this vid. More like this please.

  39. Sergio González Torres

    Man, this makes me want to get a pc so much!!!

  40. Whats a unicorn in WoT?

  41. MrNardKing “MrNardKing”

    “Completely balanced tanks”

  42. Vladimir Shogunalfa

    nice replay, nice coordinating. but other players dont get your nick and if
    i try to talk to team.. they ignore me… thats life in wot :)

  43. wot has change so bad that i dont really play it any more, war tunder its
    becoming my new favorite tanks game now so im leaving all about wot, i
    think its time to say good bye.

  44. err not to day but only on 43%

  45. Filip Priečinský

    All good players (e.g. FAME) are telling me that XWM should be banned, what
    is true, its so stupid that your teammates are drawning at the beggining
    cos of red team and purple enemies, and we loose just cos they draw and
    dont have that tank. And focusing purple players…. so annoying that
    someone is rushing u just to do shot into you

  46. Quicky, how many times out of 10 do you get a 25% to 35% chance to win
    (according to Xvm) game? Just asking

  47. Very good advice, thank you :)

  48. FinnishbuttWarrior YT

    Tell me how i had 7% WR. And my team win.

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