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  1. General Mark Milley is Benedict Arnold of our time

    Sell su-8
    Buy moderna
    Lineup of moderna, obj 120, pt-76-57, T-55am1, shilka n such
    This will soon be my lineup

  2. he now has 1300 subs

  3. Day 1: Play R3s up BRed at 10.0

  4. Requesting since Sept 2018 please Phly. The agile, fun and deadly little fighter I-16 TYPE 10.. Thank you

  5. big army, if you mess up in any form or way, and it gets classified as operator error, not only do you get hit with statement of charges in most cases, but you also get your license suspended, and you get an article 15. just so you know, I’ve been watching and enjoying your videos for years, big fan of your content, have the game myself but not very good so its nice to watch someone who is.

    • just so i dont get chewed out by the army nerds, punishments vary case to case, just wanted to add that bit, also, i work with M1A2/A3s, i’m their uber to get to ranges and such, they are way cooler and louder in person 🙂

  6. Why is the obj-120 7.3 now? soooo stupid. bad players playing good tanks i guess.

  7. 9hrs later after vid 1.4k lols

  8. so would HEAT be the best of both worlds then between the APFSDS rounds and HE with the Obj. 120?

  9. Suscribers

  10. Slava Rusiji. Z!

  11. Always teammates because i always get a noice sidekick to push and yeet enemys with another strong duo

  12. Vinicius Moreschi

    play the ka 29

  13. 1.5k and rising

  14. Phly. I love ya. But you really gotta realize that when you drive close enough to their spawn to see the red circle on your minimap, it means you’re perma-marked on the entire enemy team’s minimap until you move far enough away for the circle to vanish. I’ve seen a few vids now where it happens and you’re all like, how did they see me?

  15. i have no idea why its 7.3, this thing can still just meme on pretty much everything at 10.3 anyways

  16. Day 104 of asking Phly to play the British Crusader III and Hampden TB I for 5000lbs of destruction at 3.0 in ground RB

  17. Great vid, mate. Keep up the good work

  18. I wish they had a realistic WW2 only mode.

  19. use HE on all tank..? no wonder they said it russian bias

  20. I love the 152mm pat on the head you gave the Maus xD

  21. I fucking love the obj 120!!

  22. Day-11 of asking for a T18b (57) Video.

  23. Nothing makes me happier than taking out my F80A and top-downing these things and the gepards with the 50cals.

  24. Jed lives in the same city as I do!

  25. Jose Ignacio Hilera Dorna

    Been complaing about this bitch since it was down tiered. Fucking ridiculous that its 7.3

  26. man i miss the maus in the test drive map just because i managed to kill it with a t34-57

  27. It’s gaijins fault for making towing and repair sometimes tricky

  28. Did I miss something? The last few videos I’ve noticed a significant drop in frame frate, I’m just trying to figure out if this might be a playback glitch on YouTube or if it’s my phone? Anybody know what’s up or having this issue?

  29. I started on Russia tanks! Rrrrrrrrushh B!!

  30. what’s the name of the band?

  31. My girlfriend’s hamster died a couple of hours ago and hearing that intro really made her day even though she doesnt play wt.
    Wholesome moment Phly dada, thanks

  32. Zephyr Haru(Art Amri)

    Russian tree.. Well great vid.. I might look forward to XM-803 if you have time to play it. No worries, no rush.. Cuz I searched some MBT-70 and XM-803 vid.. most of them like already 6 months ago – 1 year+, etc.. Anyway, stay safe, stay hydrated and have Ph-un

  33. Akacia HE > Obj120 HE

  34. another fvckn CHEATER SCM here: =GR523= Dirty_Arc uses repair and aimbot cheats!!!! 100% proov in replays to see!!!!

  35. The only thing keeping me from getting it is that my playstyle does not go well with this. I like to be on the front. Not sniping in the back. I get too impatient too quickly

  36. If you’re fast enough, you can jump the little hill on Berlin i do that every time x)

  37. Since I’m doing china I’m thinking if I should skip br 7 and go straight for the type59 since the roc line is “bad” according to lots of people

  38. 13:56 I laughed out lout for this comment.

  39. Obj 120 HE at 8.7 is my goto

  40. @UC6Rn-DJC4nUDUitvMPUw-xQDay 181: Phly, you should play the Hawk III Chinese fighter; 900lbs of bombs in a biplane at 1.0 that you can dogfight in after dropping. Totally balanced.

  41. Just use the HEAT, it’s almost the same explosive as the HE but with mich more pen.

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