Now Sniper Accurate FV4005, LUL! | World of Tanks FV4005 Stage II Equipment 2.0?

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Source: DezGamez

Artillery New Equipment Best Accuracy and Aiming Time Setup. of Tanks Best Artillery Equipment 2.0 System Testing on Sandox Test Server – New Equipment Test. World of Tanks Object 261 Gameplay. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary.

Make FV4005 Stage II great again, boosting its firepower to the max, the handling as as possible.

Well, boosting it with new equipment units, we can make this tank a SNIPER! 😀

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. SAXOPHONEcoverss

    What a insane fun vid! Dez.

  2. How about new ramming equipment on E50 M? Or on Maus?

  3. Hey dez one question how am I able to play on that test server?
    Would be very happy with an answere:)

  4. Superfasssst

  5. Arvin Dave Velasco

    never been so fast to stop what im doing and watch your vids Dez =) NOTIF for the WIN!!!

  6. I think, we need engine power booster. I think, reverse speed is very much required, when we get lighted.

  7. I hope my FV won’t be collecting dust, the nerfs just killed it. At least now you might be able to hit something. All I can say is that you’re the master of blind shots😂

  8. Gotta love how trash the game has become.

  9. S. AleElDestructor

    Put this built in the most accurate tanks, that should be interesting

  10. Remember when you boosted M26 Pershing’s reload to 2.4?
    You should try that with new equipment.

  11. 35 sec in and you have 3 likes and 3 comments and 1 views

  12. Seems i’m spamming atm, but as you asked Dez, UDES 03 Stealth Build 🙂

  13. LaGG Productions

    How about the E-25 with max camo/concealment build?

  14. I wonder if you put all that on strv to make shoot atoms or instead buff the biggest DPM tank with reload buffs

  15. Last nerff they destroy the TD !!! -8 back up speed is total BS this is glass canon why nerf mobility i hate it since nerf colecting dust in garage

  16. Next make untrackable 279 😂

  17. Can you try and make TVP T50/51 reload its shell and basically be firing 1200 dmg every 19-20 sec

  18. Try next to make the best autoloader

  19. Dez im not even playing this game anymore, but everytime i watch your video im actually having fun. Maybe soon I’ll try to playing this game again, thank you dez for the daily content and your passion about this game.

  20. Oh boy, did I have fun making this episode or what… FV4005 with never-seen-before accuracy and aiming time… And that combination, oooh, dirty. Time for another shower! 🙂
    Btw, if you are watching the vid in the first few hours, we are testing some more builds at the moment, live over at:

  21. Now put the same equipment on the KV-2 with derp gun.

  22. Can you do A HOT TOG pls…tog with speed build 🙂

  23. Scariest FV4005 ever

  24. Grille 15 with the same buile would be interesting!

  25. How about f1 like EBR? ( More topspeed an More engin Power)

  26. Hello Mr Dezpacito I was wondering if I can translate part of your video on my stream to spanish, yes I am asking for permission 😉 love from El SalvadoR

  27. wanna be friends?

  28. WG: Let’s make FV4005 great again :)))

  29. We are from Serbia

    We need Jageroo with this equipment

  30. Thanks for doing these experimental build videos! I wish more streamers would do it.

  31. You should make an artillery proof tank. The Maus and T95 with superheavy spall liners does a fantastic job eating shells. So what happens this new equipment? Is it possible to make a tank artillery proof?

  32. Can you make a maximum tortoise DPM, by the way you can equip 3 GUN RAMMERS! The bounty rammer, bond rammer and the normal rammer. When I tested this on tanks GG with HE, brothers in arms and pudding with tea I got 7,500 DPM!!!!!!!!

  33. I’d love to see a dpm build ? On the badger or tortoise whichever is better

  34. snapshot grille 15 anyone?

  35. Few things are more satisfying than watching an EBR go pop after a direct hit – especially if it flips lol

  36. STRV with same build ? or invis build

  37. Highest DPM with new vehicle modules please :D^^

  38. Rapid fire KV2!

  39. We can all hope equipment 2.0 never hits the live server

  40. Dead Channels Collector 2

    Imagine same setup for the most accurate tier 10 TD, literal pinpoint. Is it the Grille 15?

  41. Still confused abt the shot at the Ebr wtf was that

  42. Yes more acuracy probably from 0,36 to 0,32 its beter than 4 sec faster reload on that 183mm gun.

  43. GG Dez! 🙂

  44. Should be interesting if you mount this shit on leo or grille 😉

  45. Came for the memes.
    Got footage of a dude being aroused by a big throbbing gun.

    Not dissapointed.

  46. For me these are one of the most interesting videos in a while on WOT , including other youtubers. GJ Dez 😉

  47. Equipment 2.0 will further break this game. It will make bounty equip more valuable, increasing the sales and that is WG’s goal. Instead of balancing the tanks they further spread cancerous bullshit. Good stuff.

  48. do the AMX 50 med
    full speed for hunting EBR

  49. Kryštof Havíř

    Hey Dez, why didn’t you put Vent instead of Gun Rammer? Vent would boost the accuracy and Aim time

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