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  1. how drunk does phly sound in this video tho

  2. Hey phly yesterday I finally finished my exams AND we have a 3 and a half months for a holiday I well farm war thunder till my soul stops to exist 不不不不不

  3. The object 279 is amazing. I have it and enjoy playing it. Pretty fun thing to play honestly.

  4. hey phly, what about a video on the Leo 1A5 and its dozer blade ? it kinda works now apparently

  5. Thank you for making content that has made me laugh everyday for the last 4 months!!!

  6. In real life unless your engine is off I doubt you would be able to hear anything but your own engine. But I still agree they need to make vehicle sounds more obvious. Just for the game to be fun as it always feels bad when someone can just sneak right up to you if they aren’t in your field of view. This game feels more like a third person shooter and we need that little bit of situational awareness for the game to be less annoying.

    • I hate third person view with a burning passion. It is like you are tagging along in an invisible balloon. It lets you look over things taller than your vehicle and around corners. Totally ruins the immersion in the game both for tanks and aircraft. You become not a tank commander but a film crew.

  7. Brayden Jacobsen

    Lmao u are now my new fav YouTuber

  8. Great video but man that tank is fugly.

  9. The game is shit because of gaijins bs

  10. I had a gepard overpressure my t62

  11. Fantastic Gaming

    Bby b瓣nks ded

  12. I remember the first time I unlocked my maus. I joined a game completely stock and the first thing I run into was a 279

  13. song name pls

  14. Phly making titles for his video be like

  15. Well the apocalypse tank in World of Tanks is uh… far more ridiculous I guess.

  16. Blyatifull intro…

  17. And an “Under ear”.

  18. More cool-aid for the sir here..

  19. Why blame the game when its your fault

    Phly you have to stop playing war thunder, Gaijiin is getting to your brain

  20. Day 260: phly, please play the m47-105/55

  21. When they came out they were just everywhere. It sucked so much to play against it

  22. he is the girl from KGB!

  23. Sure looks a lot different than the 279 on WoT, great video

  24. 14:49 – Money Shot

  25. I want that tank… ugh

  26. Jujutsu kaisen PH

    6:55 same here even though i purchased a 5.1 and 7.1 headphones

  27. In Russia anyone can buy gallon of vodka

  28. He hath risen again

  29. Devlin Plantenga

    Video 183 asking for the best 5.7 fighter, the American spitfire!

  30. Those he bullets are brocken same thing happens even with the other spaa

  31. Yeah, playing the Obj 279 is really fun until you get oneshot by a he shell from a gepard.
    Probs the main reason i dont really play it that much anymore.

  32. Yooo not going to lie the Italian M26A1 is tariffing

  33. There is something super weird about sounds in WT… sometimes I cannot distinguish if a sound comes from rear or front, sometimes the sounds are simply muted (if there’s too many of them or there are sounds of different volume – it makes sense not hear the engine when arty shells pops around you). I think the overall sound quality is pretty good but the implementation is faulty or is missing something. Gaijin should work on that. I wish we had binaural audio in the game.

  34. Tankerbell Gaming

    cool tank! if i grind hard enough, in 8 years I can use it!!

  35. Hi Phly, I think War Thunder upgraded a little bit the Crusader Mk. III (I’ve got too many kills -almost 20- in one game). Please do you a favor and play the crusader iii

  36. wats the song name?

  37. Dont worry phly i have destroyed t10 with bf 109g6 30mm gun

  38. Martin Posp穩禳il

    Please Can someone tell me name of the song

  39. Naval us much more Screwed that Ground forces

  40. For the algorithm

  41. Zaid K. 堬堹 塈婺

    Hope you doing okay, been missing your vids man

  42. Gaijin has been stealthily nerfing the ussr tree as well as focusing on realeasing powerful new western vehicles in an attempt to distance itself from its belarusian origins as well as cater to the pro-western audience who will gladly throw their wallets to buy all the abram’s and a-10’s and F14’s as long as gaijin continues to let their tanks be made of titanium, their shells pen anything they look at and they be able to bring a plane with a trillion bombs after dying with only 1 kill/capture

  43. in the intro i love how when u got the spam call u said 1-800-gulag was the number. love ur vids

  44. You know Phly, I think you would like Star Citizen

  45. What do you need a gallon of vodka for?! Dear god Phly were you okay back then?

  46. ___v抾v抾繪l抾f抾w抾e抾r抾b抾l抾o抾繪d抾s抾 ___ XXXII

    Geopard 11.3 br lol nexts gen tonk

  47. That’s not a real Russian tank… there’s no log armor.

  48. Karol Kucharczyk

    jo jo

  49. “I couldn’t even buy…..a gallon of Vodka”

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