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NUKE IN 100% | NUKE ENDS THE GAME (War Thunder)


  1. *The nuke that we see in this vid is what happens after you get 20kills 6.0 and higher in a game* (one we see in this video is from dev footage). GOOD LUCK can’t wait to see an actual authentic one!
    Don’t lose your sanity 🙂 *ENJOY THE VID PHELLAS*

    • the hit indicator in AB is the same used in the menu. in short: it wasnt really updated with the volumetric change.

      spotting uses the camera you are currently using as reference point this allowes you to spot someone with you still in cover. additionally teamates can spot enemys for you and if you are close enough to them their info will be related to you.

      oh and do planes count as kills for the task? cause that would make it a bit less impossible 😀

    • Using ARTY when?

    • I flipped my shit when I saw the nuke drop in the hangar

    • @Random Name good

    • Hey Phly, dont know if you noticed but while in the port you can see the outline of various ships, one of them bein the Yamato.. could this be a hint!?

  2. Pfff in Hiroshima that was look way better

  3. Video start at 19:00

  4. Nuke in the day of my country independence)

  5. You have bouzouki playing on the backround?

  6. nuke starts at 19:40

  7. Wow you suck at arcade…….

  8. lmao I remembered you once got like 17 kills. I phorgot what phideo it is though

  9. Arkadiusz Kaczmarek

    Hard to master
    Easy to win

    PERFECT! 👌

  10. I’m glad Phly is here cause I can’t run WT after the update, my broke ass can’t afford a gaming PC I’ve been on those borderline min settings at 27-30 fps forever and they finally shut me down

  11. they need to refine that. can’t copy COD gaijin

  12. A Human Whom Shall Not Be Named

    There’s something about watching AB sweats desperately wiggling their turrets that looks so pathetic.


  14. 7:54 was EPIC!!

  15. Nuke in my country. Intresting

  16. The T54 has basically, absolutely no place in matches with WWII tanks, GAIJIN !!!!
    A yearbalancing (+ – 3 years from tank release date) is still missing.
    It must be impossible to play against WWII tanks with modern tanks that have HEATFS or HESH ammunition.
    It makes absolutely no sense to use the Jadtiger, Tiger II or Maus against tanks like BMP-3, T-62-M1, AMX-30B2, Chieftain MK5.
    I, for myself, immediately switch to the game viewmode in this case.
    The team then automatically have one player less!

  17. Oh thats it? -.-

  18. God I love it when papa Phly goes into arcade, he’s so out of his element dealing with AB shenanigans

  19. Minecraftwizzard 2010

    Nuke= instant victory

  20. what a horrible game mode

  21. In my 1,100 hours of Warthunder, the most kills I ever got in Arcade was 18, courtesy of Russian bias. T-34 1941 and 1942.

  22. 19:45 Thank me later

  23. Call of duty kill streaks in warthunder confirmed.

    Actually though. This would be dope. Cruise missiles replaceing artilery in high tier tank battles?

    This could work.

    The nuke to end the game should be a thing. 20 kills is hard but possible.
    Should let players stay in for a kinute longer. All buildings are leveled and players take huge DPS. The damage indicator just turning red and black within a few seconds. And then the ammo pops and all tanks just explode.

    Cruise missiles replacing artillery is dope. And would work. It would just be like a 5000lb bomb but takes exactly 60 seconds to reach the target and enemys in the area only get a short warning. Maybe a mechanic where a warning is only given if an AA tank with radar is up..

  24. Warthunder not even hiding the fact they want to be like Cod

  25. 6:18 that’s the entire arcade experience right there

  26. That nuke kinda sucked tbh thought u could look at it while ur getting vaporized

  27. Hooooooooooo Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee SHIT!!!!!!!!

  28. m4a2e8 Sherman pls

  29. Is fantastiiiiiiic

  30. 6.0

    6 POINT 0 and ABOVE.

    Rip all the king tiger players.

  31. антон хомич


  32. The reason you couldn’t penetrate is either the tank moved or you tank moved


  34. It’s not exactly 20 kills, the airstrike mechanic works based on points, kills award the most, followed by captures and then assists, at one point you actually had 13/20 points

  35. an idea would be to add an attacker (plane) to your line up then get the required number of kills to spawn it.

  36. 6:10 what a monster

  37. Calling a Nuke, still getting 2000 rp

  38. Could you do wot trick? With community help, click battle button at the same time to join with as many people as possible and just get 20 kills on them
    Does planes count? Im quite good at aa and shhotond down 10+ planes can be obtainable so getting total 20 can actually be… possible?

    Ps im prerty sure guy from.the video just did that, end of the battle, 4 players and nothing capped? No comments on chat when siren started? Staged 100%

  39. Pretty sure I never saw anyone get 20 kills in my near-4000 arcade battles – most I ever got was 16 I think :s

  40. Just like cod

  41. Fahren Fathurrahman

    So… It just a tactical nuke.. On War Thunder

  42. Dude calls in a nuke and still only gets 571rp before premium…

  43. Hey you… you finally awake? You’ve tried to cross the border right?

  44. Anyone else thinks that the water on the roads look like liquid Mercury?

  45. Everyone who ever played MW2. “Oh shit, here we go again”

  46. Holy crap that was awesome! I like the implementation! You just literally end the game like a boss

  47. How is it harder I usually warm up play arcade

  48. What is this, Modern Warfare 2????

  49. 19:21 moment you came for bu still watch whole vid

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