NUCLEAR LINE UP | My Favorite Line up in game (War Thunder Ground Forces)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. Immobilization while repairing adds a strategic element (if you dont have movement stuff damaged). “Do I go behind cover now or do i try to repair quickly before”

  2. So I know this’ll probably get buried, but Phly, I started watching about three years ago, and something that kept me coming back is you have the reflex for this game, it’s that sixth sense of knowing right when you’re about to get clapped, but its a bit more than just knowing the map and timing, in some videos you’ve even said “man I think a picked a bad spot” and then arty, atgm, or bombs start hitting you, before you’ve even fired a shot. also, you’re a hell of a lot smarter than a lot of other popular gaming youtubers, to the point that it isn’t just being good, ya just know, ya know? anyways, keep it up, I look forward to your videos.

  3. sing revenge with the boys on a public server

  4. well you cant use that aa in operation heat soo..

  5. Take out the panzer 4 h with an actual armor meta for the germans. Loving the unloved.


  6. Just an average Sukhoi 33

    Phly what’s ur twitch stream schedule?

  7. repair Engine, Transmission and Tracks on the move….. are you serious ? XD
    Try to repair a engine in Full motion or any other part that moves with high Speed……. yeah not a great idea

  8. i wouldnt like to repair on the move…. at least not the parts you need to move…like engine, transmission& co but i think an repiar at the breach or other parts where the crew can WORK WHILE DRIVING would be plausible 😀

  9. You should still be able to move but at a reduced speed. Or the speed you drive effects the repair time

  10. Bismarck Bismarck


  11. Im using kv-1 haha

  12. This KV-1B is gonna hate you for the rest of your life

  13. I’ve wondered about mobile repairing for a while. Considering you have to make each crew members repair skill higher for the collective repair time, it would make sense if they could repair things individually since they have the skill. Unless a crew member specific to a certain part that needs repairing is dead.

  14. I love killing KV 1Bs they think they’re invincible

  15. Acoustic Explosion

    You should try using realistic gun sight placement with really high paralax guns i.e. su100y, kv2, etc

  16. Achtung Spitfire!

    Who else got the event decoration aswell?

  17. You could repair on the move, but it would take way more than not moving because you have not much space inside the tank, and it is harder to repair when the Tank is moving.

  18. Imagine an enemy hit ur smoke round n sm9ke coming out of tank

  19. My newest video shows me getting 4 with just a he 111

  20. Captain Dreadnought

    people sleep on the KV-1S and SU-85 in war thunder

  21. I think the repair should be longer if you move… now that’s a good mechanic

  22. If I would use PE-8 there will be 1 enemy victim and 2 friendly deaths

  23. Fabijan Orešković

    it wouldnt make any sense if u could repair tracks,transmission and engine on the move but crew replacment, gun breech and traverse should be able to be repairable on the move becouse such things dont affect the weichels ability to move

  24. Plz take the pz.kfw IVF2 out for spin. And a support spg.

  25. gopnik debil ivan

    ***Axis disconnected from chat***
    Amazing russian bias )))

  26. Really enjoyed this video! Great and fun combos… even if its Russian. 😉

  27. you could use asu 57 too, it’s a very good 4.3 vehicle

  28. 22:33
    Anyone saw that ? I think that was hilarious! xD A P38-E doing plane stuff.


  30. Phly the Hs-129 “Duck” is a Henschel not a Heinkel, i keep looking for an He-111 or something when you say “there’s a Heinkel up”

  31. Not gonna lie, t-34 is warthunder on easy mode

  32. asu-57: 4.3 phly u missed it

  33. Phly you have to do more of these videos

  34. Phly, pls play the VFW into 10.0.
    (Side skirts down, get 5 kills and bonus if done with squad or Bo)
    Attempt No 47.

  35. Hey Phly, can you tell me where to get the Soundmod you are using?

  36. what sound mod do you use?

  37. The “T” in “assist” isn’t silent, phly.

  38. Aleksandar Mladenov

    Pls do a separate video on kv 1 zis 5!!!

  39. PE-8 is 4.3?! How is a nuke that takes out a third of the map balanced at 4.3? Why punish the babies just trying to learn how to walk on their treads for the first time? It should be at least 6.3 in ground forces, forced to fight people who likely know proper spacing, how to handle bombers or at the very least speed to avoid the bomb… 4.3 is just wrong, new players still trying to learn the game in many cases, and vehicles are still so slow they have no chance.

  40. Germany just isnt at all fun to play, every match is the same

  41. nope the hetzer is now 4.3

  42. What?Where is asu-57?

  43. Flippy whippy, you drove a tank, imagine trying to weld the gun back into working order while that is happening

  44. @PhlyDaily
    You forgot about ASU-57! This is also 4.3 and fun as KV-2

  45. Kiki The Jack Russel



  46. The line up is pretty good for HEAT, but I personally do way better with 5.7 germany, I’ve got rarely uptiered ( probably because I got 150 GE on my acc) and Its working good so far.
    In conclusion, people, play what you are good with, there’s no necessarily a “meta” Br (yes there is, sort of).

  47. Hey Phly! Would you phly the stupidly over-weaponized VB.10-02 Phrench phighter? All those guns are waiting phor you!

    Much love from Phrance!

    Attempt #27

  48. What were you smoking when you said “repairing tracks engines and transmission on the move” it eould make much more sense to repair cannon breach on the move or sometjing else

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