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  1. ⚡LAST DAY GET IT HERE⚡ – The Gold must flow” Pack
    Thanks phellas hope ya’ll have enjoyed these April fools videos!

    • Where’s the intro music from? Reminds me of 40K but it’s not like that’s the only option.

    • The Sonic tank at Bravo is totally insane, super OP and just unbalanced. 😀 Thankfully this isn’t a lasting game mode or else Gaijin would have to rebalance it somehow. Why it’s super OP? The Bravo area provides you with nice cover so other people can’t shoot you very easily but you can see them on the minimap and you can SHOOT THROUGH WALLS. When you know this, you can just put your scope view on, bring up the big minimap on your screen and point at enemies and then just fire through everything and get kills. I got 15 kills this way. They kept coming and some even managed to come and shoot at me but thankfully the armor and angle I was in, saved me multiple times. The slow reload almost got me killed several times. Other times I managed to kill them through walls before they got to me. As I said, I got 15 kills and the next best person on our team got 3. 😄 The best player on the enemy team got 11 kills and their next best got also 3. I was having the blast of my life. 😄

      Of course you can easily counter Sonic tanks with Topters as seen on this video but thankfully in that game I was so lucky that no one in opposing team’s Topters knew that they were the counter to Sonic tanks so they left me alone at Bravo. 😃I had so much fun for the first time in like 2 years.

    • @david ames On PC you can choose the option to download the ultra quality game files. You can choose ground vehicles only or aircraft only or both. The option is in dropdown menu above the Play button (aka the launch button for the game).

    • The sqarten program

      anyone else not able to pay the pack?

    • We enjoy phly

  2. How do you get the D 0TR even

  3. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. Phly runs through the desert with a 124 ton beast and fires it’s double barrels, attracting the nearby worm

    Also Phly: *Why me!?*

  5. Ah, the Devastator. The Mammoth tank of the Dune universe. The ultimate in Harkonnen weapons.

  6. The explosion reminds me of theJFK assassination due to the second shot


  8. Devastator tank. The Mammoth tank of Dune RTS.

  9. I know that the S-ONC is good but compared to this thing it is trash. Yeah it can shoot through walls, but this tank can destroy any vehicle at any range with one shot. Red team is at an advantage every game if they have one of these sitting hull down

  10. 12:24 nice sp

  11. It is wonderful to hear you having so much fun!

  12. The tank from fallout 4

  13. real speed9 (yeet)

    Question how do you get the dotr

  14. you watched me get eaten by the worm🤣🤣

  15. I got my first Ace in an air battle today with the A7M2. That thing is a monster.

  16. oh boy here comes double barrels to war thunder, not sure how useful thatd even be in this game

  17. The Camocampaindude

    I wonder if you can kill with only the ammorack

  18. The Fantastic Gamer

    I go to buy a pack from the gaijin site and it just refresh’s every time to the same page so screw it🤷🏼‍♂️, saves me money

  19. Alexander Vishnesky

    Don’t have no debit card, but surprisingly enough- even though i want the Sherman Calliope- i ain’t Pay-to-Win

  20. Excavation Nation

    Day 21 bring back phly day ❤️

  21. It does kind of look like the mammoth tank from command and conquer: Red Alert.

  22. Thanks for the code Phly, saved a LOT haha

  23. Never played Dune RTS before but that double barrel reminds me of Type-61 MBT from the og gundam

  24. Those rounds are airburst. So satisfying destroying copters and over hills on the tanks

  25. Ты что за покемон?

    Everyone like devastator tanks.

  26. The “Que – Add”? …….Is that like “Quad”?

  27. dude this is command and conquer 3 tanks and I love this mode Gaijin keep this one, please

    -Harkonnen Devastator, Emperor Battle For Dune

  29. I still can haunt that no matter how high with the Q-AD alt+x go salvo or go mad on your keyboard they are death but lock on

  30. What are the default controls for the missiles on the taupter

  31. Yo phly
    The American 20mms got buffed. they have 38mm of pen. You can now top-down TIGERS. They’re hilarious at cas, you definitely should give ‘em a try.

  32. There’s enough C&B torture vids as it is already. Cannon and Breach torture

  33. I think it’s a little ridiculous that people think they need April fool’s events to test anything. If anything, it has something to do with missile protection because all the vehicles have APS and cannons are proxy fused. That and giving the average player a chance to play the new APS. Maybe pitched rotary heli mechanics too

  34. The apocalypse has begun…

  35. lol I was in this video and the last on lol

  36. Adam Poniatowski

    D-0TR = Devastator tank

  37. Sanity0 Phosphor

    That’s me right there!
    —Phly, 2022, watching himself exploded into a mushroom cloud

  38. *Steve👍*

  39. How do you fire the TOPTER Missles?

  40. Hey Phly! You should check out Enigma’s cold war server on DCS world under the multiplayer tab. You can fly the mig 21 and feel like a true Fishbed ace.

  41. Day 5 hey phly can you play Sd.Kfz. 140/1 at top tier

  42. The Apocalypse has begun!
    Armageddon is here!
    We wait!
    Soviet Power Supreme!
    I have the final say…
    The Instrument of DOOM…
    It is day of judgement!
    Where are they?
    Vengeance is near…
    We cannot be stopped!
    It is time!
    They will run in fear!
    Make a path…
    They will pay!
    Be patient…
    We know they are here…
    Crush them!
    Kill it!
    Leave nothing!
    Eradicate them!
    With pleasure!
    A fine choice…
    An appetizer…
    This one looks good!
    Your turn!
    The day has come!
    At last!
    So it begins!
    *Maniacal Sadistic Laughter*
    Such Fools!
    The end is at hand!
    It’s soon shall be over!
    This will be their last moments!
    Their end draws near!
    We shall end this!
    It will soon be a wasteland!
    There is no mercy!
    Armageddon will wait!
    Soviet Power must be preserved!!
    Let them be!
    The fools cannot hinder me!
    The Apocalypse cannot be stopped!
    I will not be interrupted!
    They have not accepted their fate!

  43. I swear ur the only relevant gamer youtuber that never click baits and thats why i watch you all the time even if I don’t play warthunder that much anymore

  44. Kommandant Galileo

    in reality, nuclear reactors won’t go boom like that, it would be like a boiler exploding

  45. magnetmannenbannanen

    i dont care what anyone else says, we need this game. nuclear monster tanks detonating in the wastelands.

  46. Strategy And Simulation

    Baron PhlyDaily Harkonen

  47. Oh crap thats like 2 fv005 at once, yeah two in one like ratte

  48. Day 126: Phly, you should play the Hampden TB Mk I. High-yield, low-tier bomber goodness

  49. With which key do you look at your modules (6:27)?

  50. I i hope it will stay around for a while

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