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  1. Christo vd Merwe

    hello, misspelt the olifant on the video title. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  2. why does everything come out when I’m at school or sleeping

  3. That tank looks like it has the stealth ability of the Yamato.

  4. Titanius Anglesmith

    OliGant 🙂

  5. Can u steer those missiles on the g91 as well ?

  6. Epic gamer 1011

    Day 3

  7. Theodore Grissom

    My favorite thing in the game….. Being spawn camped….. Cause it’s fun and engaging

  8. bro it’s crazy but actually you can know if you are spotted just look at the BINOCULARS mark to the right of GEAR and RPMs and SPEED. if it’s white that means you are spotted

  9. Description of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima:
    A blinding flash, a deafening roar, a fireball rising towards heaven, and the fury of living Hell on Earth.
    In the history of the earth, this day is unique when an atomic weapon is loosed upon a city, but this will be repeated.

  10. The Scimitar looks like a bulked up Harrier, I like it.

  11. To whomever that MiG-15 pilot was, that was a damn good strafe!

  12. Jacob Hedington

    So I now have almost a whole roll of quarters stuck in my disk drive and got no extra discount….

  13. PLHY you DO know when you’re spotted… on you little damage wheel around the tank icon there’s a pair of binoculars… those light up and get a timer wheel around them…

  14. Phly: This tank is bad guys.
    Also Phly: *Gets a nuke*
    Oliphant: And I took that personally.

    • Error: Name Not Found

      Olifant ain’t really that bad. Quite decent actually. Gen 2 thermals for both gunner and commander, decent mobility (for a British vehicle), tall citv, and a powerful gun. The only problems are the awful protection for it’s size and a poor ammo placement

  15. What music is that at the start?

  16. Was that a phucking FNAF voiceline I heard in the beginning?

  17. Why is a nuke so bright???

  18. Day 6 Play the R3 T20 but at top tier

  19. 『҉天҉元҉ウ҉ズ҉イ҉』҉

    What plane(s) has/have the nuke?

  20. more naval!!

  21. I have a feeling people recognize you in the kill feed. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of those planes saw your Scimitar kills, J’d out, and made a beeline for you because they wanted to be in a video. Why else would so many show up at once?

  22. Scimitar might be my favorite jet in the game. Its actually so good once you get used to it. Until much higher tier basically nothing can climb with you, you have to use it in an energy fighter role when facing enemy jets.

  23. Can a smoke shell damage an air target?

  24. May Scam.

  25. what? harrier is incredibly easy at this and he wasn’t using a harrier ,it was a scimitar

  26. brenden crawford

    I just bought the m18 black cat like a week ago. -_- also for anyone wondering its a fast tank, good for big flanks or early caps. otherwise you have to use cover due to the weak armor. i would say the m18 gmc non premium tank is just as good.

  27. i wish i can get a nuke…

    Skill issue still stronger than the nuke 🙁

  28. the game does tell you when your spotted its the binocular icon at the bottom of your tank radial

  29. Ooooo
    Thank you so much phly

    A tank from my homeland
    Dankie phly
    What was that intro song by the way

  30. Keelqn Suranofsky

    Kids mental state lol
    No really how’s the little one?

  31. @HighFlyer lol, in a game is easy.

  32. 13:55 How US is pushing other countries, this might be our reality in the next couple of months

  33. Bringing a nuke to a conventional fight is always a bad idea, right ….. right?

  34. Phly, in your intro you were so excited about the Oliphant that I almost mistook you for the futurist Isaac Arthur. Fun fact, Isaac Arthur served in the US Army with the 1st Armored Division.

  35. Tips to those going to play in night maps always check your back or you’ll get shot

  36. Phly, back when the Israel tech tree dropped, you said you’d be doing a video on the Merkava Mk4… [insert “We’re waiting…!” meme] 😉

  37. It gets too political when I an arab american says anything about bombs, but golly seeing a second sun at night is terrifying!!!

  38. I-16 type 10 please. Requesting since Sept 2018

  39. >I will bait, I will bait
    Of course, you are a master baiter

  40. Some of my best games have been in that Olifant. something about it that I absolutely love.

  41. “This is a terrible tank”

  42. Hey Phly, could you play the T-18B(57) in Rb? It would make me very happy 🙂

  43. Huh i wonder why a stomic bomb is so bright?

  44. Hey Phly! Why have you never used the commander’s sight on modern tanks?

  45. DoubleDeeGee FPV

    whats a jagwar

  46. I’m pretty sure that Gaijin is single-handedly supporting the Russian economy, just like how Genshin Impact is supporting China. Hey guys! Anybody wanna bankrupt a country or two? ;D =^x^=

  47. admiral_kirov another 100% proved cheater in BR10 aimbots and radar for sure possible instant repair!!! the name says it all russian nazi scm as all them are nazis

  48. Wat kind of tea you are drinking to day?
    Phly: nuke

  49. Hello am new here……Sir! can I still play War thunder with only 4gb ram??

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