O-Ho review!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used:
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. has jingles salt mines run dry???

  2. 52 fucks given…

  3. plz remake a review on the t1105e. since the buff !

  4. MORE VIDEOS !!!!

  5. You should put more videos, more than just 1 every week. You’re pro player,
    and you everybody learns in your’s gameplay. Greetings from Brazil. Thanks
    Foch! :)


  7. Would not bang

  8. “you do not want to side scrape in this tank” first thing he does with it
    …side scrape. lol 

  9. Ho-oh backwards

  10. It weighs a gizzilion tonnes, its the size of an office block and it does
    no ramming damage – WHAT?

  11. Buffing the KV-4 and KV-5? WTF? Man fuck that. The commies are already
    the care bear faction so they need buffs? Fucking commie fan boys.

  12. such a shame there is nothing really to look forward to in this line after
    the OI.

  13. “…and if they have enough penetration this entire tank is weakspot…”
    Oh. Then you mean the commie guns then like the BL-9, which you’ll
    definitely face at this tier.

  14. wait, kv4 and 5 need upgrades?
    fuck that.

  15. Seems pretty good for a super heavy.

  16. “I played the living shit out of this tra.. tank!” lmao :D

  17. I deleted Wot the other because there’s just too many retarded game
    mechanics haha and it’s just not fun anymore (AW is waaaay less frustrating
    for some reason). Watching wot is far better for your health than playing
    it xD

  18. Nice to see that you have finally sold out to WG and joined the other
    lemmings promoting their Orcy Tanks for Gold. I am going to laugh like hell
    when WG starts the nerfing of these big fat POS tanks. Yes they they are OP
    for now, but they are ugly never were tanks that the only design exists on
    a piece of toilet paper from 1945.

  19. people spam premium ammo and then complain about armor not mattering so wg
    puts these monstrosities in the game. Then people complain about being
    forced to spam premium ammo at them

  20. What are the KV-4 buffs Foch spoke about?


  22. You haven’t done anything for 40k subs foch! I demand a churchill GC
    review! (or any rage review would do cuz urs is freaking hilarious)

  23. we all know you are a decent player but pls pls pls ….. if you talk about
    stats pls at least LOOK EM UP FFS.
    so the dpm of the O-HO aint that shitty for a superheavy ??? it is by far
    the best of ALL the tier 8 heavies.

  24. “Just make sure you take advantage of the tier 8 games with no arty”.
    Fucking hell, Foch, that’s asking for a bit much. Top tier *and* no arty?
    What kind of goats have you been sacrificing to the mm system?

  25. O-Ho more like O-No not this fucking gun again at tier 8

  26. First :3 Kappa

  27. emm yeah FUCK IT lets go to the end plate

  28. Someone checked the ammo capacity? 100 shot!!!…..thats low tier

  29. I stopped playing wot as I lost interest in it, but hell I still enjoy
    watching your play

  30. yhe yhe yhe…….. get back to AW!! :D

  31. O-Ho-Ho Santa is here!

  32. ohohoho

  33. ACE TANKER “DUHHH” we missed it FOch

  34. russia bitch

  35. great review

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