^^| O-I All i see is death. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. Should be “all I see is meemers”

  2. Damn that reaction at 2:20. I can’t help but laugh.

  3. So……. play the OI in the style of a Comet…. result… profit.

  4. Well gonna be tough to play a jap tank without that song in my head
    …………..for the rest of my life

  5. One of your finest Circ o7 Keep em coming!

  6. xD that song + japanese heavy + circon’s beerdrinking face = hilarious

  7. Meh song

  8. oh man, I hope that was a dark stout you were drinking.
    I cant think of anything cooler right now than a bearded Viking drinking
    stout, chucking HE all over the place like a boss

  9. There goes your RNG for this month.

  10. never worried…

  11. WoT…apparently now a drinking game. Well paid.

  12. This sums up WoT pretty well

  13. The M8A1 wasn’t bad, musta done a load of spotting there. Also, the noob
    KV2 was using AP, really dude?

  14. Hey man wats the background music titled? Mine sharing with me?

  15. Apparently all he sees is demons.

  16. the best “i dont give a fuck” video i have ever seen ..:D

  17. The O-I drinking game: Every time you fire a shot you knock one back.

  18. How long is that song?

  19. Nice memes

  20. realy? 12 min that song xD

  21. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    this song reminds me of the stock tiger p grind

  22. In one of Zaloga’s books I read that on average every knocked out Sherman
    Tank there was one crew fatality.

  23. his facial expression perfectly matched the song

  24. Nice O-I Memes
    10/10 Rommel

  25. Your reactions are priceless

  26. like for the game….but omg that song is shit :(

  27. All I can think of is Circon yelling “get balanced”

  28. What a happy and uplifting song, quite a perfect match for world of tanks
    if I might add.

  29. Best Circon video since the arty/CGC/test server compilation.

  30. That poor stock KV-2

  31. I watched this on stream. Funniest shit I saw all day.

  32. Thanks Circon, now this song is going to be stuck in my head forever

  33. I think there’s something wrong with me cause all I see is death, every
    time I go outside I look like I’ve been doing meth.

  34. Real question is…. How the fuck does a kv-2 stay undetected for an entire

  35. I stopped play this game cus … well, wg xD But stil watching your lives
    and vids 😉 ( sry 4 bad english )

  36. Name of song please?

  37. He snipes turrets behind ridgelines but he can’t hit an O-I? Oh RNG, never

  38. So Smug!!!! Laughed everytime you killed someone and looked at the camera
    while sipping your drank. If only I was that dank in my OI :(

  39. Circon are we being punished for something? That might be the worst song
    ever. I think they play it to torture people at Guantanamo.

  40. what artist song is this?

  41. lol the background song…

  42. longest meme on youtube
    *pink season, beer in hand, triple click that r button, one shotz erwhere*

  43. What in the actual fuck was that nashorn shot.

  44. truly amazing, lol

  45. Rocking that filth. Always nice to see other people enjoy papa franku

  46. Not a song someone listens to intentionally.

  47. 1 shotted an obj yesterday lol I was 2 tiers lower than the dude

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