Obj. 263 – SMASH!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. wait what, I’m early? Well, shove a toothpick up my ass and tickle my insides.

  2. The Sick Horse Ranch

    “I need to chew through all these assholes”-Circonflexes, 2018

  3. ‘Chew through these assholes’ – Suit yourself

  4. Never been so early here ‘-‘

  5. Is it your favorite tank now?

  6. Drunk Wolf Productions

    Nice Fucking meme xD


  8. result is great but how in the hell u get team like this.Bith your and enemy. U counter with turetless TD bunch of turetter tanks with no problem.

  9. Yolo Wagon: Communism + vodka + angry russian crew + big gun + fast and furious + Stalin guiding system + armor. DAH!

  10. *Y O L O W A G O N*

  11. 102 million credits. Wargaming needs to make an open market exchange where you can sell it.

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  13. how the fuck did that ISU pen the 263 in the uperplate and with normal AP ????

  14. I like the part where he eventually got to them.

  15. This thing looks hilarious now

  16. Krisztián Mátraházi

    yo Circon i think you have fullfilled WG’s intentions with this “Assault td”

  17. You aced and lost credits?! wow! That should be wrong!

  18. The ISU 152 overmatched the engine deck. Sorry if someone else already wrote this. 🙂

  19. AW bundles are mostly just (really bad) reskins, incredibly boring.

    • Dv8_NO yeah
      Premium tank but actually a normal tank with a skin

      Some tank look the same that it doesn’t different that much (especially russian)

      I got the T64V with yellow stripe thingy

  20. 5:09 Not sure if you thought that one through 😛

  21. What a bunch of Muppets!!! They see Circon & say to themselves…”Let’s see how easy we can make it for him” Derpa Durp Durpity Durp…LMAO!!!

  22. you know it’s gonna be a good fight when the first words in the video are “nice fucking meme”

  23. I Cri Evri Tiem with my Tortoise.

  24. Did you have like a cloak of invisibility on or something an amazing game. ???for all ?

  25. i felt the money dripping away when he was unnecessary firing apcr

  26. I was like, “why didn’t he just drive to the inside of that ISU and out turn him once he got behind?”

  27. Zero fks given o0o00ooOOOoo I was flexing like come biaatch He gonna chew you up … then boom 😀

  28. Lol the coment on 7:19 “fuck me rigth in the pussy”

  29. Ohh btw … Hello Twitch Chat !!! 😀

  30. I think all the whiners that wanted to keep the 263 at tier 10 can be quiet now.

    • Warco Cyan I was thinking the same thing lol, with no nerfs to the armor I knew it’d be a beast at tier 9.

    • Anyone that calls the nerfs to this tank as minor have never played the tank. Go look at the before and after stats. They over nerved the dpm by 900. All you need to do to counter the armor of the obj 263 is shoot HE so it can splash the open top. It takes skill to use this tank and just because Circon is a damn good player does not change the fact that this tank should not have been moved from tier 10. Now the tier 10 that replaced it is an over armored, low dpm, piece of crap that no one likes because wg had to mess with shit. The only people who think that the yolo wagon should have been changed are people who don’t understand that tank. I bet you money Circon would not have wanted the change either but he can’t stop what has been done. So no, people won’t be quiet because this tank was awesome and it was changed for no reason.

  31. Hey everyone just ignore the Unicum in the yolo wagon on your right. No he won’t be shooting at you. No really !
    Those hapless fucks sitting out in the middle of nowhere…

  32. why all these Obj. 263, i’m not complaining but curious 🙂

  33. I think he got to your hull roof.

  34. lovely

  35. Sound of this gun is so satisfying

  36. Matias Eduardo Ramos

    Gordo estaa denso con el 263.

  37. Granted I suck, but I have always had the worst time trying to pen the 263 from the front.

    • Lower plate is really the only option, it had beast armour at tier 10 and has the same armour at tier 9. If you’re close to it you can usually overmatch the flat armour on the engine deck.

  38. hit the like button before watching 🙂

  39. APCR on an arty…
    That’s pure punishment from hell.

  40. Is there a belarussian Word that you spell exactly like “balance” but it means “Glory to soviet Russia” when translated?

  41. So what did they change? Seems to perform the same as it did at tier 10.

  42. This is pure art.. I closed my eyes as i click on the vid and all I heard was: tick-tock..tick-tock.. “nice fuckin meme” tick-tock..tick-tock..

    It pretty much shows how I am feeling about this whole game and every seconds spend waiting before battle.

  43. Circon is WoT! Circon is Life!

  44. l have try this tank on the server test and its amazing 😀

  45. Why does he had so many credits? Is that from just playing!?!

  46. omj sircon you dyed in a stupid way, u moron nub!

    😉 this game looked fun.

  47. Obj. 263 too tough, lets just ignore it…

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