Obj.277 – Preview!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Im guessing the RoF and prem pen will be nerfed, maybe accuracy by .01 or .02 also. thoughts?

    • Gallant Fatco Razy

      No need to nerf RoF,, but gold ammo need to be nerfed to 320 apcr or 340/350 heat.. the other aspects are ok.. not op

    • No, it’ll be released as is, just as they did with the 268/4. They will pretend to nerf it over the coming ~6 months, but in reality they will not allow anything Russian to be brought down to the level of other nations. If they did then all the russian server players would bitch and moan

  2. so K-91 is a medium on WoT pc but a tier 9 enriched heavy on Blitz. wtf is that logic

    • Alex Strömberg Lower 80 IQ Spotted!

    • in blitz there are premiums and enriched. enriched are basically normal tanks that make more credits than a regular but not as much as a full blown premium

    • Alex Strömberg

      TheMystikal82 please elaborate.

    • PC is run out of Russia Lite, aka Belarus, office. Blitz is run out of the US Seattle office. You can see difference in approach to game balance between the “All Things Russian All Day” and “We Actually Know What Game Balance Is” offices.

    • iatsd no, blitz is also run from belarus most likely, they just shut down the seattle office

  3. The problem about 650 and 750 guns is they loosing so much gun handling for this alpha so you miss more and you have long reload with is even more annoying

  4. why russia no tier 11? i am 9 year man and now i want tier 11 russia because its soviet hostory acurate-

  5. More russian heavies, more soviet steel, more balance in the game, more frontaly impenetrable tanks, more gold shells in the air, more of what players want, more good tank designs with +2MM on tiny maps, more vodka!! Da comrade, another success, blyat.

  6. nice vid thank you.

  7. yo this APCR round is more like a fucking APDS-FS, with this shell velocity and pen 😛

  8. I foresee a gun depression buff to 8 degrees because fuck the chinese…… tank line.

  9. R.I.P. is-7 obj 277 has more pen better reload same alpha and better prem

  10. It aint soviet russia if without 300+ gold shell pen DA

  11. Martin Hanzlíček

    you should compere it with 430U, thats med/heavy as well 😀

  12. Circ, good vid, quick clarification; IS7 gold rounds are 303mm penetration. Keep up the good work bro

  13. Did Circon just take the easy way out? XD

  14. feelsbadman e-100 only has 7 degrees of gun depression make it 8 degrees or 9

  15. i don’t get why people play with gold ammo on the test server. You want to test the tank how it will perform on the live server and not how it will perform with only gold

    • because on the test server a lot of idiotic russian players are playing

    • I rarely shoot premium ammo so i don’t really get that

    • that probably is reflected in ur stats too, ppl fire gold, to pen and do dmg and to, through that raise their stats, its a good players way to stay good and a usless players way to think they improve.

    • Luís Augusto Panadés


    • People don’t play on the test server to try the new stuff out. They play on CT to play vehicles like the FV4005 or maybe try out premiums because they don’t have them on the live server (because they suck, lol). WG should really limit the vehicles you can play on the test server, so that people only use it for what it’s intended to be used (same goes for maps, when there are new ones to be tested before release)

  16. Is there any sign for an IS-4 Buff?

  17. I don’t know but for some reason this tank feels a bit too good for me but the k-91 is actually well balanced in my opinion
    would like if you would make a vid on that aswell

    • Digidi4 is 7 has been shit for very long time. Whole front does not matter if you shoot gold.
      Rest are ok.

    • well if you shoot gold the whole e100 doesn’t matter the whole pz7 doesn’t matter the whole type5 heavy doesn’t matter maus doesn’t matter amx m4 54 same all of the uk turretless tds

    • the object 277 is already the fastest tier10 heavy doesn’t need the best pen aswell

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      Surelly. Grille 15 having 279mm of pen like a tier X TD and only 1200m/s with that long barrel and this tank with 1700m/s and 276 and good gun handling.

      This seens to mee well balanced. Wargaming seens good at that by the commentaries we can read… the commentaries show that they are balancing for the right public.

    • grille 15 is terrible

  18. Finally…the Chieftain…oh…erm…sad face…?

  19. 10 out of 10 how would you rate this tank?

  20. Good to know itll be relevant even when powercreep makes 350 pen standard at tier 10

  21. Do one on the K-91 aswell please?

  22. Amazing how all they had to do was demote that festering cunt Murazor for balancing to immediately improve.

  23. Robert Pettigrew

    On the subject of playing odd tanks on the test server, while I do test the new tanks I mostly test tanks that are upcoming for me or try out a tier 10 to see if that is a interesting line to go for? Now I have all the lines finished except the newer ones I just do not bother with the test server much, so could be people doing the same with the 50b etc.

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      I’m ridiculously trying my Grille 15, that I never ground.. that they pushed over me just like a shit tank and nerfed a time after, against the new tanks… Really is fair balanced.

      But I only use Grille in the test server. At regular server my Grille 15 is collecting dust. I do not play any of my German TDs from tier VIII to above.

  24. seems like armor is much much better then on 5A its maybe around 270 which for hevium imo is a bit too much. I think so because when circ shot another 277 which was not angling and 265mm pen didn’t penned the upper plate…

  25. Gallant Fatco Razy

    Is7 303 apcr need to be buffed to 315/320.. and also is4.. give it some speed buff and remove that weak roof

  26. great video as usual Circon, please do a review on the k-91, loving my object 416 atm and would love to know what the end of the tree has to offer

  27. Man I gotta say, you’ve slayed at YouTube the past few days, love the rants and I fully agree. I haven’t played for a year or so, but I like to keep up to date with the game through your videos. Keep up the good work man.

  28. its a WZ-111-5A……. for russia…. just better……. because you know……. russia… da da

  29. Alunita Inghinala

    I he penned an Obj. 140 up the ass with the FV4005 Stage II today. It felt good to send that full HP medium to the garage.

  30. Another fvcking OP Russian tank with no frontal weak points that moves like a average medium – all so that the players on the Russian servers can massage their fragile …..egos…. about how superior all things russian are. About as balanced for the game when considered against other country’s tanks as the 268/4 is.

  31. reptilespantoso

    nice preview

  32. This tank is gonna be a buster if it comes out as it is. Its super fun to play. Might be a touch OP.

  33. Good preview Circon

  34. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Hahaha IS4 just keeps getting more irrelevant

  35. They somehow managed to make it balanced compared to WZ.

  36. Yep, would like hear your thoughts on other tanks too. Its like a fresh view on top of other reviews, always a good thing from those that know their stuff.

  37. 10:15 because i have broken left wrist mate if i want play this game now just arty

  38. 1800 m/s would be the best shell velocity in the game. Currently the UDES has the highest shell velocity of the non-premium tanks, at 1560 m/s. A lot of the tier 9/10 tanks with APCR are around 1400-1500 m/s. So… yea… no Russian bias…

  39. P1000 Ratte coming soon to WoT, as a new tier 8 premium!
    Strictly for the purpose of balancing all these russian tanks!
    *What do you mean it’s not getting the historical 250mm of all-around armor and double 128mm guns?*

  40. thought this was live cause of all that gold slinging

  41. I like this vid alot. I have seen alot of ppl crying about OP russian tanks and bias like always but it feels like they have not tested the tank. I think it´s a good tank but not OP at all. Sure they should new prem pen but thats all they need to do. Well maybe shell velocity to but that do not matter so much on heavy tanks since you fight alot at close range.

  42. gameplay at 9 min 😉

  43. Tharaka Wijerathne

    Do the medium review too

  44. Great! Another OP paper Russian tank. Whoopie.

  45. Which do you prefer ? wz 5a or 277 ?

  46. 1800 m/s is faster than modern MBT ammunition, but it’s fine because it’s “experimental” Russian ammo in a rifled cannon.

  47. Luís Augusto Panadés

    It is totally fair. It has 350mm of pen and my 334 can’t do nothing to him.
    It can snapshot and Grille 15 has to wait about 3s to aim. It has much more dpm and rate of fire.

    So I put HE and do about 250 max while its pay back is 550, Totally fair.
    Super well balanced. And he shoots and hits and Grille 15 misses totally fully aimed shots. Super well balanced.

    I have 7 degrees of gun depression with Grille, but because of its rear turrer, no fully turn, just can’t find places to shoot without a 7s retreat at the super nice 15km/h. Super nice, super competitive. Grille seens to have about 3 degrees if so.

    And the gun elevation is totally fake, 15 degrees…
    How do they after pushing over players this shit Grille 15 that has nothing launch an obj268v4 and now this monster 277? How is it possible. Simply Wargaming do no play the vehicles they launch.

    Before they fix the shit they did and do not refund our credits and XP for thouse that just think this shit Grille 15 is disgusting… how do they launch this super op vehicles?

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      Seens that the formula is: if WG puts armor, it puts a huge engine and fantastic gun with good pen and hidden stats; but, if the vehicle has no armor, them will have no pen, no mobility, no turret turn, no gun handling… nothing not even decent terrain resistances.
      The shit Grille 15 is not even accurate. You stay a life to find a target, a life to aim that shit and bounces or misses.

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      Gold ammo of Grille 15 has ridiculous 334mm of pen, like 279 of its ap that is ridiculous too. It flies at 900m/s; 277 has 350mm of pen flying at 1800m/s.

      Grille 15 gold ammo costs 6000; 277 costs 5700.


      I NEVER GROUND THIS SHIT GRILLE 15, IT IS A PUSHED OVER VEHICLE. Now I have to play against this kind of new monster. FUCK YOU.

  48. Loving the preview circon keep them coming

  49. So close to 100k subs!

  50. DarknessInferno15

    5A is better. The gun depression on this thing will kill it.

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