^^| Obj. 430-2 Gun Marks! (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. I loved my 430-2. Somehow i have much better performance in it than in
    T-54. 62% winrate in it while in T-54 only 57%.

  2. I ain’t no damn unicum player, but Circon makes me think I am, for a just a
    bit, until I log into a game and get pwned 100 meters out of start.

  3. my my dad works o. world of tanks

    *Realizes this is dad’s account*

  4. I want a T-55A so bad but I don’t play enough to do missions in a
    reasonable amount of time.

  5. wait, its 2017 and retards still complain about prem ammo?

  6. drives into his team mate than shit talks…

  7. Hi sir,I just ask,which one obj.430 ver.2 use the gun? 219 pen or 201 pen?

  8. 1:05 I think that’s a Bot :

  9. Haven’t played WoT for 2 years. How is it now lol?

  10. I feel like shooting the Strv 103-Bs APCR into a Loltraktor after seeing
    the comments down there.

  11. The_Floppy_Penguin

    Thank you for uploading more on youtube

  12. Heat spammer , boring

  13. Chester Snapdragon McPhisticuff

    Gotta love the chat drama

  14. Circon you drove in front of the T30 and your giving him grief? pull your
    neck back in dude.

  15. what did you think of the 430-2

  16. Don’t ever buy Obj. 430…You will get so disappointed.
    Obj. 430-2 BEAST (with gold ofc)!

  17. …also Circon, the guy who “drove into you” at the castle, look again man,
    you steered into his path…sorry dude, but true.

  18. Circon shoot all the gold you want, haters are just to bad and poor to use
    it themselves XD shoot heat from an E100 at an MS-1, we (ur true fans) dont

  19. I am sure someone else commented on this, but and E75 driver without a
    fire-extinguisher? WTF???

  20. Shoots HEAT at a light tank
    Comments section: *TRIGGERED*

  21. >People complaining to people using premium ammo rather than giving
    constructive feedback to WG themselves on why they should rebalance the
    game a bit

    Let’s remove it! Now shitloads of tanks are absolutely god awful and
    useless. Well done.

  22. Please visit my channel and give feedback

  23. Nice meme Circon. Well played as always, you make it look all too easy :).

  24. phsychoticpotatoe9 7

    That poor E75. Is the gun handling that good or is that a really good crew
    or what?

  25. How do you know how much DMG you need for 1st/2nd/3rd mark? Is there a
    website or something i can look it up?

  26. I won’t lie, I did a double-take when I looked at the map and saw an “E

  27. rasha da

  28. 3 mark “sigh” 🙁 .. Maybe I should look, to see if i can buy some on E-Bay

  29. Look at him firing HEAT at a SP1C. Players with high wn8. I wonder what
    their secret is.

  30. actually…The T30 only drove straight…and I mean full straight while
    probably aiming down sights while u rushed in front cutting his path
    because you turned right…and why do you have to spam HEAT at
    everything…I mean…I dont think the flat side of the E75 turret, the
    Sp1C and the T34-100 really oppose much threat to a t9 tank with such a
    good gun…i mean you are a good player but cant really say that the T30
    was faulty of anything and that you need those HEAT shells…i especially
    facepalmed my head when I say that in the first 10 secs in the match u were
    already loading HEAT…u couldve bumped into the enemy artillery and you
    wouldve still fired 2 HEAT shells…thats just a pity for a unicorn…thats
    why less good players rage about the GOLD AMMO…they try atleast to not be
    a wallet warrior

  31. And that’s why I sold my E75 xD


    2:14 Actually Jingles, it’s T-34/100

  33. well played circon, even if you rage, you still don’t act to it. You could
    easily block that T30 for his action, but you didn’t and kept playing your
    own game. GG man, we can all learn from that!


    This is just the living proof premium ammo needs to be removed. I mean cmon
    man what is even the point of playing a heavy tank!

  35. Mike Pegg (Pegguins)

    Man the 430 looks so fun. The A44 feels super bad though. Armour only seems
    to work vs idiots when side scraping, gun trolls the ever living fuck out
    of me too.

  36. wow Circon you only got 3rd mark because of gold. Kappa

  37. Circon why you heff to be mad is only game

  38. circon how do you like the caernevon?

  39. will the top tier lt be any good?

  40. Why hello there circon!

  41. obj 430 TD pls confirm

  42. Circon, what do you think the best medium tank line is?

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