Obj. 705a Live review!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 2080 Super
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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00:00 Intro
01:09 Game 1
10:35 Game 2
16: Game 3


  1. Just finished playing WoT, half drunk in Japan. Agree this tank is not up to par….

  2. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    I was really looking forward to this one when it was announced, but… it’s just a worse Pz7 (which, despite all of its numerous shitty characteristics is actually pretty decent).

    • Donnato O. Donato

      Worse?. The Pz7 have weakspots everywhere and cant do sidescraping.

      The 705A can hold better one flank even better that the mighty Maus

    • Oblivion'sLegend

      I prefer it to the Panzer VII, as it is a much smaller target and it doesn’t have a bulging turret ring that makes side scraping nearly impossible. Said turret is also lined with ammo racks, which is never good as you’re inevitably penetrated there at some point. The only characteristics of the Panzer VII that I prefer are that its lower plate is much stronger and the gun is a little more reliable.

  3. Wachira Narongsack

    I do actually like this tank as a tier x. One of my best tier x statisticly. I like it more than my 60tp

    • Oblivion'sLegend

      @Tycipreyll I looked at the model of the 705A and the only weak spot around the gun I could find was a section right below it that is 330mm thick. Not many tanks have gold rounds above 330 pen and even those that do have usually have around 340 to 350, which still makes a penetration unlikely unless they are at the same elevation as you and you’re facing directly towards them. The only real issue is TD gold rounds, but those can go through anything so it’s really not a weakness of the tank.

    • Wachira Narongsack

      @Oblivion’sLegend there is actually a small weakspot when sidescrapping. Its located undernaeth the rear of the turret. Its hard to describe. I think it is a overmatchable “turret floor”. I remember penetrating it a few times when facing it with a 120mm+ calibre

    • Oblivion'sLegend

      @Wachira Narongsack The top of the hull is 40mm thick. So if you’re at a sufficiently high elevation and have a gun caliber above 120mm you can pen it anywhere. But I have seen players like Skill shoot 705As in the spot you’re describing.

    • 60tp on paper should be the better tank, even better than E-100, but for some reason I consistently do 500 more dpg in E-100 (3k) than 60tp, and the 60tp is one of my worse tier 10.

    • @Yak I was actually struggling with 60TP for ages until recently when I decided to try and start getting marks. I think it was mainly learning what positions work with the tank and also finally tapping into the gold rounds when there are targets that I can’t pen conventionally, it also has godlike HE. Spent so many games playing shit in the past that I’m still on 45% WR though, lol.

  4. This was the first tank i aced. It was on the test server when the tank was being testes.

  5. I love my 705A for some reason people never shoot my lower plate. One of my best games of all time was in it. Then again i play on console so who knows.

  6. Soooo, better version of Pz VII?

  7. I dont know what are you talking about, when i check model of this sidescraping, its all utterly red without a single weakspot – like 300 mm the worst part. Or maybe im too dense for the advanced irony? 😀

    • I mean it is 100mm without a v-shaped hull, that’s pretty shit for a rear-mounted superheavy. E75 is 120mm for comparison and that’s a lot more versatile in armor angling.

  8. grinded it 3 weeks ago, my advise, don’t grind it. It is fun 1 out of 10 battles, the 9 others being you getting perma tracked by arta.. the 705 tier 9 is way better tier for tier and is actually worth the grind

    • 705 has better turret right? Can it bounce like 400 pen? Cuz 705A for sure cant near the gun mantlet, im not sure

    • Oblivion'sLegend

      Hard disagree, the tier 9 is the worst tank in the line IMO. The hull armor is unreliable even against lower tiers, and the turret can be easily penetrated by gold rounds and higher tier TDs, making it difficult to sit in front of people, even when hulldown. It also only has average alpha guns (440 or 490), which just makes it more awkward to drive than most of the other tier 9 heavies who all have similar guns on better chassis. The 705A at least has higher alpha damage than most tier 10 heavies, so it trades much better even if it suffers from the same unwieldiness.

    • @Oblivion’sLegend Utter nonsense, are you forgetting you are almost top tier 8/10 in thie tier 9? (making your point invalid)

    • Oblivion'sLegend

      @shotgunshawzy And you’re always top tier in the 705A, what’s your point?

  9. Are there any tanks you’re planning on doing next?

  10. F E R D I N A N D PLS

  11. where is the video on the progetto nerf?

  12. That EBR form the start is a skater boi 😀

  13. I really like this kind of video from you.
    You teach us so much.
    Please do more.

  14. I Climb Everything

    Potato looking tank? Foch you are gay and this tank is super handsome

  15. fucking sexy blind shot on the sky pig at the end

  16. Which is the best tier 10 heavy?

  17. Curve Fever Legends

    ”the side armor is rather weak which makes this good for sidescraping” Chotto Matte

  18. I used love playing this game then well like most woke up and said what am I doing to myself, now enjoy watching you and others like Circon playing. Love the content sir , greetings from Canuckastan

  19. Dan-Nick Croitoru

    find a waffl, push the waffle… well the replacement seems to work the same way

  20. O really Sipping off your piss & cursing the Soviet’s obj 705a tank.

    You are a LIVE NOOB.

  21. Was that Mailand playing the maus in the last battle?

  22. Overlord Salt Master please teaches all your yummy goodness

  23. 15:10 nice inaccurate russian guns, 2 hits in a row to a tiny cuppola at over 500mts, if this was a german gun those would have been bounces or misses

  24. Great video, and great gameplay in all 3 games. From an educational point of view of making you a better player, Sir Foch’s videos are really the best out there, by a long mile.

  25. This tank looks really cool. I may get to it eventually.

  26. This tank is good at city maps with lot of corridor passes, anywhere else it sucks

  27. 60 TP has more trustworthy gun,705a is like 50% to pen or not….RNG………in 60tp 80% my hits make damage…maybe is just me…

  28. How to tell if a tank is still viable:
    -does it have “Obj” in the name? If Yes, it’s still viable.

  29. This is to much from WG and all u youtubers need to go together and tell them to listen as players. Plz engage ✌️👍🥰

  30. wow you even divided the video into the 3 sections. Impressive!

  31. Great game, but I kinda miss replay like KV1 Sport 😎

  32. “the enemy team didnt bother going the hill” yep and your team ignored the other side of the map too..both teams with the same types in them

  33. 21:40 lol that is-4 looks so old compared to the fairytale tanks of todays meta.

  34. The one nice thing about it is the turret is immune to typical 340 HEAT, and without a cupola weakspot. So you could hull down and ppl can go f themselves, like an IS7, with a bigger gun.

  35. always a pleasure watching you play.
    I don’t play much now days. but always watch your videos.
    Hope you’re doing well, sir.

  36. Dude looks emaciated. Maybe its the light or the camera. Has Sir foch always been like this?

  37. Best sidescraping tier x russian heavy? The Obj 430u

  38. @TheFochYou : this tank is not worth the grind; then does 5k+ damage easy :p Lies, Lies, Lies 😉

  39. There should be a commander’s voiceover with SrFoch – “Too slow, grandpa!” , “Nice, arta!” :). On the other hand I research tanks that are currently obsolete, so perhpas will give this one a try.

  40. social3ngin33rin

    more op russian bs

  41. 71% win ratio. I love this thing

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