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Source: PhlyDaily

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Music Used –
ES_Rice and Wine – Sight of Wonders
ES_Osaka Solitude – Sight of Wonders
ES_Bird Watcher – Sight of Wonders
ES_Origami Voyage – Mandala Dreams
ES_Kyoto 5 AM – Sight of Wonders


  1. *Join the Astrabit’s Discord and get 25% off your next 3 months* https://astrabit.io/auth/queue/CYBERPHLY

    Happy Cyber Monday phellas! And here’s to a great week of content o7

  2. Why do you keep calling me out like this, Phly!? You know I don’t have money to invest right now!

  3. Liked for the dumbass binary intro, thank you Phlee

  4. The background music got me🕺💃🏼🕺💃🏼

  5. Hey Phly please play the Rooikat as I am feeling particularly patriotic today

  6. Binary code 😉

  7. Bernardas Jaruševičius

    i think it would be really cool if war thunder made landing craft for the normandy map

  8. Day one:
    Play low tier with tanks painted black using the “spades” common decal, people think you’re a dead vehicle and it works better than it should!

  9. Norawit Jarasophon

    Chaina 120 mm. ?

  10. Play the ju 87b day 109 ( on behalf of the original dude who commented)

  11. Right_twix Booii plays blitz


  12. Timotej Krajčovič

    The Binary text is 01110000011010000110110001111001 and it translates to Phly!

  13. Day:3 play the f104 brrrttt new engine sound


  15. Ptz89 has been a blast I still want the Type 96B though reeeeee

  16. TFW less armor than the obj 120

  17. Any 1 mil special?

  18. G91 pilots are like the seagulls from finding nemo “mine mine mine mine”

  19. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 122 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 cent) that would be awesome.

  20. Play the Rooikat premium, want to see what work you can do with that

  21. Phly play the Sherman VC (Firefly). With its add on armor it’s super trolly. Tigers shoot at ya thinking that’s an easy kill and if you’re angled you bounce and they’re toast.

  22. I love how music can change the whole profile of the video. Instead of silly or intense music the chill chinnese music made the video super chill and relaxing to watch, even tho is war thunder.

  23. “why is it a whole br higher?” *forgets about prems*

  24. CarrotTopIceCream Cake

    Why isn’t Italy banned

  25. You better have spelt Philly Daily in ASCII

  26. HEY Phly and ya still playing from time to time POST SCRIPTUM???

  27. Happy monday to you too Phly

  28. Plss can somebody help me?? How do i turn camera with no turning whole turret like phly did at 10:28???😬

  29. China ew bad dislike stopped watching at 2:14 peace out

  30. play the good ol M22 officer locust in top tier

    Day 1

  31. Oh, it’s hot here in Australia the hottest day this week is 29 Celsius

  32. Ads end at 1:38

  33. 11:48 Amy’s choper? XD

  34. That background music doe lol

  35. Does anyone know if you can use your ps4 warthunder acc on pc?

  36. Jesus Christ a Chinese vehicle that isn’t a lazy cope/paste or reskin

    Phuck me sideways

  37. Happy Monday to you too Phly. 😀

  38. Lol I’m locked out my account as I got free gold added by accident so spent it and not they holding my account to ransom

  39. Phly 牛逼

  40. The moment that Phly is made aware that YouTube actually speak binary… oops.

  41. Phly loved the video, didn’t love the background music it sounded like I was in a spar many some quiet rock

  42. Doesn’t that tank look like a rat-bat

  43. Hi play R2Y2 yes.

  44. Typical content pandered towards children, from a manchild, YouTube nowadays…

  45. 8:20 Phly takes Zen in this pose

  46. Day 165 play the b 29 it’s had a be change

  47. Play the q5s in ground rb

  48. PhlyDaily i don’t watch you videos any more but I’ve played War Thuner for 3 years almost 4 and these cursed tank thumbnails need to stop

  49. Bring back the everybody

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