OBJECT 120 | Fin-Stabilized High Explosive ONLY (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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OBJECT 120 | Fin-Stabilized High Explosive ONLY ( Tanks Gameplay)

Thumbnail Credit – https://live.warthunder.com/post/685605/en/


  1. Hey guys, i’m wondering if I should get War Thunder……Is it worth getting it?

  2. I feel so happy to see Karelia again

  3. Literally think its just because they KV-2 is taller so its shooting down toward the top

  4. Tankdaily go away, phly come over

  5. Loving the unloved/Invasion of Poland combo TWO FOR ONE DEAL Play the Neubaufahrzeug And the He-111 H-3. “Ze Polish Schwine have REFUSED Mein Fuhrer of Danzig and he is not pleased… Mein Fuhrer Has Instructed us to INVADE THEM! Show them what happens when you don’t listen to the FUHRER!” Attempt #112 You have to say it like DAS NEUBAUFAHRZEUG! (Noi-Bao-Fair-Zoig)

    Also to anyone that doesn’t believe me. Here’s attempt number One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PffPMZo1ros

  6. Whould be awsom to see the IT1

  7. what are your mods and where did you download them from?

  8. loving the unloved take out the 3 inch gun carrier
    good luk comrade

  9. Back at it again TankDaily?

  10. 9:18 This is killing me

  11. I challenge phly to use the kpz-70 and only use the 20 mm top gun, take down as many tanks and planes as posible with one 20mil

  12. Phly! ManChallenge; Bronze award 15 kills in one match, Silver 20 Gold 25. If anyone can do it, you can. Any Tank/plane combo you choose. Good luck! 😀 😀

  13. phly here’s a challenge play the pz.sfl.ivc death toaster

  14. I’ll prefer the other two rounds they are more powerful ?

  15. Try out the Ho-Ri Production with N1K2-Ja Type 5 No.6 Mod.9 x2 Tiny tim Japanese Version Combo.

  16. When you verse russia playing russia

  17. That second Leo driver was a moron

  18. i almost always use the HEAT FS on the object 120. has more explosive filler.

  19. Tankdaily you should take put the tank tank-53tank tank along with the tank tank tank tank-60tank

  20. Play the Westland Whirlwind. Attempt # 4

  21. #bring back the ch i ri plzzz

    Attempt 10

  22. Maybe it’s the derp!!!!!

  23. Y won’t u and slicky do a squad video??

  24. Tank daily is back

  25. cosmic cosmos bits

    Phly, please give me golden eagles

  26. Ston3bridg3 Viking

    “How did I survive that” well, you are in a freaking ruski big time bias tank.

  27. 9:18 best moment in this video xDDDDDDDD

  28. Steve man, The Object can’t shoot like the KV-2 cuz the structure of the HE rounds that they use are different. The HE round made for the Object 120 is made in a guided structure so it can go further directly, but the round that’s used in the KV-2 is more solid so it just goes straight as the gravity allows it.

  29. Challenge time
    M6A1 with only 37mm
    Good luck!

  30. Take out the Westland Whirlwind. Attempt #2

  31. another wood spoiler tank Kappa


  33. Somebody at Gaijin was too lazy to model the HE of the 120 properly.

  34. Phly, take out either of the F4U-4’s and use the gear as an airbrake! It comes out at like 600 IAS! (Attempt 5)

  35. Tankdaily

  36. 12:39 *Germans

  37. Алексей Юрин


  38. Whats with the slow intro music???

  39. W8t what? How did u get 11 210 SE for one hit at 13:38? Wth? Im gettin around 2,5k for kill…

  40. Great… 8.0 tank in 7.7…
    RIP tiger 2

  41. Phly go with USSR 5.3 Combo: SU-85M & Su-6 (M-71F). Attempt #2

  42. 9:20 had my laughing my ass off lmfao

  43. 5:19 Because you’re in a russian tank?¿

  44. Not PhlyDaily or TankDaily, but BiasDaily

  45. Wich scope do you use? Can you link it?

  46. Daniel James Springfield

    object120 longest dick in warthunder
    but I still want my tiger 2 and jagdtiger though
    they’re better

  47. Obj. 120 is a cancerous tumor that needs to be cut from the game

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