Object 140 – Arctic Region (northeast)

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Source: Zeven

Bully, flex, rinse, repeat.


  1. at the end when it was just you and the leo why were u able to spot him and
    him not spot you ? Thanks for the great videos… and your twitch feed,,

    • +Marshal Z The first spot at F5 is at a range of about 400 meters. With
      optics on my tank and a good crew, I have a maximum view range of 445
      meters. It is probable that he did not have optics on his tank, giving him
      a base view range around 410 meters (which my camo negates at that range).
      I believe that vision control is underrated in random battles.

    • thanks ,,you videos are really good dude,,,

  2. Its more fun looking at Zeven’s gameplay than playing for myself. But his
    tips and advices encourage me to improve my playstyle, so lets battle…

  3. I’d really like to hear your advice for playing lights on each city map; I
    watched you review a 1390 replay on Stalingrad, and it was informative, but
    it has left me wondering, what are your strategies for playing lights on
    other city maps?

    • +Going Vinsane Unfortunately, when playing a lot of the city maps (and some
      more “open” maps like Tundra) you have limited options as a light tank. You
      can usually get to a strategic midpoint faster than your opponent, thus
      getting some intel (make sure you have an exit route). Unfortunately, after
      the early game you pretty much are relegated to playing like a weaker
      medium tank and flanking/probing.

    • +Zeven I really enjoy playing light tanks and your map tactics, as well as
      your advice on mechanics, has taken a lot of the “sting” out of the often
      unforgiving learning curve that these vehicles tend to have. I’m no expert
      but I certainly have a better time than I used to and for that I thank you.
      Keep it up man!

  4. Do you ever show platoon games? Its both illuminating and informative to
    see how you think on different maps and would be good to see how that works
    when you are in a platoon. Thank you for these excellent videos.

    • +Ralph Taylor Yeah, I have some videos where I try to talk about platoon
      play ( comes to mind). I also
      try to talk about coordinating efforts in platooned replays that we review.
      In general, try to work together, especially in the mid-late game (sounds
      simple, but you would be surprised at how little “teamwork” there actually
      is between platoonmates).

  5. Like your videos; you are excellent in explaining the tactics and how you
    think. BR Digger007 at EU servers

  6. as usual, incredibly informative and helpful, thanks zeven

  7. Very helpful Zeven as u give more indication/explication which way to play

  8. As usual I am torn between wanting more people to watch these videos,
    because they are the best explanation of the game’s dynamics around, and at
    the same time secretly happy that not everyone watches them because I get
    access to information that most don’t…
    Thanks in any case for sharing this!

  9. 480p? Hard to watch

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