OBJECT 140 BUFFED – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – 140. Update 1..1 the T10 medium tank, the 140, how good is it now?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. uggh. so glad im still not playing this game. Russian bias still rules supreme

  2. This pretty much makes the 140 an even better contender against the 907a which in a vacuum is fine to have this buffed. But when you consider all of the other tanks that desperately need some love and the recently nerfed Italians and hell now the leo these changes are garbage.

    • I prefer WG rolling out small tweaks more often than waiting years to rework multiple lines at once. Maybe after 140 those other underperforming tanks will get their tweaks?

  3. idk i think while maybe this buff is too much a buff is nice, the most people ive talked to dont like the 140 and its not really good at anything, its worse at brawling then other mediums and its worse at sniping than say the leopard or a td so why play the 140.

  4. Tank is just overpowered now. It was never underpowered to be honest. Meanwhile tanks like the 30B are just totally irrelevant.

  5. Poor T-62a, You know one of those REAL WORLD tanks, not a paper one… Now sidelined. On top of that WG have killed the lower tiers in order to make new players enjoy the game? The logic baffles me. Fewer people playing these QB – just you try them out and you’ll have longer wait times and smaller teams. Thx WG… You just made all those ‘gift’ tanks we never sold over the years utterly pointless.

  6. We need to buff the t62A

  7. still weaker than 907

  8. This kind of stuff is why I quit this game after half a decade of actively playing it.
    What about this needed buffed?

  9. QB, do you get a deja vu going to the mid of this map with a russian medium tank?! REEEEEEEEEE

  10. Really hoping quickybaby does a review on the gambling boxes coming up.

  11. Its 2020 what else they want to add more to the list ..

  12. Too many of your vids are when you are playing vs muppets, then again that’s all there is these days. Wonder what it looks like when the muppets are on your team?

  13. John Paulo P. CASTELO

    Quickybaby can you post a video that you are playing the premium showcase here in yt?

  14. I’m not on that side. I still play my 62A over the 140 and 340U. That gun just makes it superior with a better turret.
    The 430U has an even better turret and a hull that could work, but has no gun for it. About that it has higher wr on the server.. Not a proof of superiority. A44 for example. I got 82% wr with it (my highest on a tank). Would you consider it to be better than the other meds? No. I don’t think it neither.

  15. Yuri!! Yuri!! Object 140 needs more degrees of depression than ANY REAL RUSSIAN TANK EVER!!! Juri! Object 140 can be penetrated by German super heavies!! We must buff Russian tank!

  16. I prefer to see buffs on Bat Chat and AMX30B, my French tanks are sitting in garage full of dust since they are so useless now…
    50B (my first tier X) – there are better autoloader heavies, this is only a but accurate and faster than the others

    M4 (really poor version of S. Conq.) Eats arty shots (or big gun’s HE shells) like any other

    Foch TDs – only used to troll or try to get good RNG shots for fun

    Bat Chat 25t – gun handling is the worst of any tier X medium tank

    30B – this guy had the best DPM, until Russian biased (K91) once again and after that, it just vanished

    13 90 – I use this one because it is my only tier X light tank, fairly usable for current meta, but obviously the EBR is king of the light tanks

  17. Good explanation how WG continues to crash the game… but they dont realize it, Wheelies, Arty and Reward Vehicles are destroying their game… but they dont care
    Instead of bringing a bit nerfed WT on E100 back to the tech tree, or old maps back into the game like Swamp or South Coast, reduce arty to two per game, reducing RNG to 20 or 15% …. they just continue to sell Premiumtanks and Power Creeping the existing tanks… look at the current player numbers… its sad, very sad…

  18. People: 140 didn’t need buffs
    Clan Wars: 907 907 907 907 907 907 907 907 907 907 907 907 907 907 907 907
    I hope that the 140 can find a place in Clan Wars and make us see less reward tanks.

  19. The fucking bias in this game is so blatant. You can nearly shoot twice to the slow cent axe really that explains everything … I’m nearly giving up on this game after 8 years

    • Cent AX is performing almost identical with the 140. Maybe it’s getting buffs after 140?

      I like this approach of tweaking tanks more often than rolling out huge reworks to a whole line once a year.

  20. WG What the f*ck Are you doing!!!!!!

  21. if you dont wanna buy the 140 just dont buy it and dont play it

  22. I really hope they revert these buffs

  23. What a surprise Russian tanks again

  24. Let me tell you a joke, WOT is a realistic and well balanced game.

  25. World of Putin

  26. William Benedict Alava

    When will WG replaced the shitty Apcr naming scheme on tier 10 MBTs like APDS on leopard 1 and soviet T-62a.

  27. T62a is has lower DPM worst gun depression and weak hull armor.
    WG: oK Let’S BuFf 140 ThEn.

    • Yeah, T62A is performing worse than the 140 but it’s not a tech tree vehicle anymore… It’s a collector’s vehicle so I don’t think WG cares too much about it.

  28. Just because it’s a game it doesn’t mean that it has to become a joke 🙁

  29. I see people here who probably plays WoT PC is having the feelings that we WoT Blitz players also have when the T-62/A acquire a 7 degrees of gun depression.

  30. T-62A need buff not obj 140

  31. Meanwhile T-62A is crying in the corner collecting dust

  32. I am so glad that I do not play this game anymore.

  33. because god forbid a single Russian vehicle isn’t ultra-fucking-competitive all the time.

  34. 7 degrees on a ru-med what madness is dis ? :))

  35. I can easily understand why WG didn t invite you to the last event… just because you tell the true truth in a polite clear way

  36. i don´t understan why they buff it….this is such a bullshit at the moment its one of the best tier X regular meds !

  37. This is going the wrong direction. The 140 was the most balanced tank in the game and it’s making other tanks irrelevant with this patch now…

  38. Progetto 65 NERFF.Objekt 140 BUFF….WG still chiters player.Pkus chiters MM.Tfu WG…….ZERO PAY THIS CHITERS GAME.

  39. well, I sold mine because I had to work hard to get it to work

  40. Progetto 65 gets nerfed(worst dpm on tier 10 medium)and they decide to fuck it up even more,and Object 140 gets buffed,yeah working as fucking intended.

  41. I still like to know what’s happening with WOT but the constant buffing (along with occasional token nerfing) of Russian tanks is really killing the game. The bias is so obvious, and yet they nerfed the Progetto 65 which is a great tank.Then you get the Obj 279, seriously, WTF?! I used to come home from work and play WOT for an hour or so but I have to admit it’s not as enjoyable as it once was. It’s probably been a couple of months since I last played and I’ve now let my premium account lapse, so I wouldn’t consider myself a regular player anymore, just an occasional one . Wargaming really need to stop this bullshit bias but I’m not holding my breath.

  42. They are buffing 140 again before the 62a?

  43. Instead of buffing all underpowered or average tanks Wargaming would need to nerf the overpowered tanks but they cannot do it, because every tank will get nerfed while the premium tanks are still the same. They made their mistake in that moment when they introduced the first really overpowered premiums to the community, like Defender, Skorpion G, Progetto, E25, etc. Prove me that I am wrong but WG pushed themself to a gap and they are still falling, which is really cool to feel it, but the landing will be truly painfull.

  44. Imagine going up against this in a teir 8 tank hurts doesn’t it

  45. Mama mia *Puts a HEAT round from progetto 65 into my head*

  46. I need my M4 to by buffed like it was before…

  47. Wow 170mm round bounced ooooo that’s right German gun fired it at Russian tank!

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