Object 140 Review/Guide, Aging Like Fine Wine

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Object 140, a tier 10 Russian medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of Fisherman’s Bay and Highway battles.

About 4-5 years ago, the 140 was THE meta medium tank, but even with the powercreep over the past several years, it’s still a good tank. The combination of DPM, gun handling, vision, and functional armor make this a fun tank to play.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Excellent DPM (over 3k base)
+ Excellent gun handling
+ Excellent turret protection
+ Good camouflage (over 32 with Concealment and BIA)
+ Good mobility
+ Side hull armor is sloped and thick enough (57mm or 80mm) to prevent greater-than-triple overmatch when sidescraping
+ Laser shell velocity (1535)
+ Low profile
– Poor gun depression (-6), albeit better than the and Obj 430U
– Cupolas are weak spots, albeit small in size, and the roof can be overmatched (45mm)
– Frontal hull armor is not strong enough to reliably bounce
– Low alpha (320)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. VStab

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full and FAQs:

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  1. S I M O K O 〰

    Ive had 277s tear through the front turret of my 140 with AP. The 140s turret isnt that good anymore.

    • It’s 300+ effective on the front. You should you didn’t get cupola-sniped or overmatched on the roof?

    • S I M O K O 〰

      @Taugrim no, there’s two spots either side of the gun that are 250mm to 280mm.

    • You should be able to out-aim the 277’s, and wiggle. I don’t think there’s a meaningful problem. I rarely get penetrated with AP/APCR through the turret face.

  2. Love your videos,all are good.And mega respect fir not spamming gold ammo.

  3. loved it

  4. Namegoeshere Orhere

    In always love it when you get to the end of the game with a ton of HP left and decide to eat a shot to get a kill and they ammo rack you for 1000+.

  5. Edward Swarbrick

    Thanks mate! Please may you tell me what to do: I have played 10 games in my Obj 430U and I have an average of 2.6k per battle… I hadn’t even won one game… like how do I win games… I don’t think it’s me because I never camp and play to win and don’t play just to get marks etc… It’s just really frustrating when im the last one alive having to fall back after all my team just die so erly… there was one game where it was down to the last 7 tanks in either team… All the other games were 15-1 or about 15-6 losses… like how can i win i just hate this game now

    • Simplest advice I can give is platoon with other competent players. When you have 2-3 people working together on a team it helps.

      Aside from that, we all go through losing streaks.

    • Man ,I used to it (loosing streaks).whenever I get new tank and is stock I get trash teams..it’s like WG wants me to spend my gold for module upgrades.

    • Edward Swarbrick

      @Taugrim thanks mate! I’ll try do that. Also thanks again for the great content, I have to say it’s really underrated. Stay safe bud 🙏

    • Edward Swarbrick

      @DiSaBor yeah ironically I was in my t 54 ltwt. Stay safe bud 🙏

    • Edward Swarbrick

      @gaboftak agreed! I feel the exact same way…q Stay safe bud 🙏

  6. The Obj140 was is my first tierX medium tank however now that I got myself a Obj907 it’s been collecting dust your video gave me the incentive to give it a spin still love it and it’s a whole lot easier to manage than my new Obj430U still both lose to the Obj907 honestly it’s a little too broken but it’s a reward tank so it better give me a great tank or at least and equal tank to my top tanks after my fiasco with the T22SR that one took me three try’s and I still end up losing it to a honest misunderstanding. I got the Obj140, T62a, T22SR, Obj907, K91, and now the Obj430U I’m trying to get the Obj430B right now it seems to a much improved Obj140 with the gun of the Obj430 but the hull of the Obj140 what is it mind me asking?

  7. Nice to see a new video from you !
    I am at T-54 actually. I had a horrible 14 games losing streak (1 win then 14 losses) when I firstly bought it and played it stock. That made me hate the tank and abandoned the whole line, and moved to the newly reworked 430 line by that time.
    Recently I freexp’d the top gun of T-54 (again with your advice, since you said in a video that you would play M46 patton once you freexp the top gun). I suppose the gameplay is very close between the 2 tanks (T-54 / Obj 140). Are most advices for 140 still valid for T-54 ?

  8. I Climb Everything

    STB-1 review? It’s tough for me to learn its super funky armor and trollish gun handling

    • Planning on reviewing the STA-1, then either the Type 61 or STB-1 next. I despised the Type 61. The STA-1 is OK and the STB-1 is good.

    • I Climb Everything

      @Taugrim thank you Tau! I loved the Type, it had great DPM and a great gun, the only problem was it was huge and had no armor

    • For me the crippling thing about the Type 61 was the horrid camo (~20 with Concealment and BIA skills). That’s so bad that I was getting spotted in bushes by other lights and mediums.

      The vast majority of meds that are soft have either good speed and/or good camouflage. The Type 61 has neither.

  9. Thw 907 really isnt that broken of a tank. The 140 is still pretty much 90% of a 907.

    • @Taugrim Not in any meaningful way (and actually the turret roof is far more vulnerable to overmatch than the 140s is). (And looking at their turrets, they both actually about the same effective armor. The 907s armor isnt nearly as good as people make it out to be. Meanwhile the gun is actively worse than the 140s.

      The only reason the 907 is used over the 140 in most CW matches is because its armor is because it has higher DPM and is better suited for brawls. But if it comes down to it, the 140 is 90% of a 907 to the point that they can be subbed out if you dont have enough 907s.

    • Overall I agree. While the 907 certainly isn’t “healthy” for the game, its reputation as being a completely broken, OP tank is taken too far, especially when compared to tanks such as the 279e or the British Chieftain. In terms of hard stats, the guns on both are practically identical (slight handling advantages for the 907), the 140 has slightly better turret armor, the 907 slightly better hull armor, and the 907 gets a slight nod in terms of mobility.

    • You’re right about the turret roof on the 907a – it is a larger weak spot. That said, the cupolas are better protected on the 907.

    • Also OMG the side hull armor of the 907 is 100mm *and* sloped. That is bounce city. The 907 is much better at sidescraping than the 140.

      907 also has slightly better DPM, which matters for who gets their 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc shot off before the other tank does.

    • @Taugrim Yes, that DPM is why its used in CW for the brawling role. Not its armor. Its armor in CW is cheese, because everyone loads 330-340 HEAT and neither of the two (140 or 907) is gonna stand up to that. But even in pubs the frontal armor isnt that much better than the 140s (and it needs to be pointed straight at a target, because angling the front just shows a weak corner. Yes, it can sidescrape, but the turret roof is a super big target for anything with a gun 122mm or larger (and with -5 depression, you cant really play super hull down games). I used to think the 907 was broken, then I played it and I realized it was mostly because I didnt know where to shoot it.

  10. Looking forward to the STA-1 Review, have been grinding that tank myself.

  11. Thanks for the great tank review.
    What perks do you recommend for the crew of Obj. 140?

    • See the 1st 10 seconds of a video to see the crew skills. But obviously on most meds, aside from essentials (Sixth Sense, Safe Stowage) you want Concealment and Repairs.

  12. Thanks for posting this so quickly. Great content as usual.
    The sub 300 damage rolls makes it feel like a T8. Especially, when you get 2 or 3 in row.

    • Yea, but you can fire again in 5.5 seconds (with Rammer, BIA). The reload is soooo fast.

    • @Taugrim
      True. But I’ve been in a few close fights that I could have won if it wasn’t for the sequential low rolls.
      Its frustrating when I hit for 280 and the enemy is slamming you for 400+.
      I’ve been playing it more like a leo pta and getting better results.

    • Yea there’s a fine line about how close do you engage in a 140. It has some armor, but it also has good camo. I advise patience in the 140, like how I and IndignantBeaver waited to push the 1 line until it looked safe to push.

  13. 669th viewer!!!

  14. Cédric Möhlmann

    Really enjoyed this one Taugrim, I got a request for a video idea. I, and a lot of other people I know, have trouble with the jump between T9 and T10, the jump in skill in the battles and how to deal with that. Especially noticeable in full T10 games. So I wondered if you have any tips and could maybe make a vid about it, I think it could help a lot of people! Thanks!

    • I struggle a t10 too, I can keep my average win rate in all tiers apart from 10, so many tanks that can wreck you in seconds for a bad poke ( so many TD’s at T10 zzz ).

  15. why dont u use prem ammo?

  16. 430U does get used in Clan Wars, but typically only 1 on Ensk, and sometimes Himmels. 140 is definitely preferred if you don’t have a 907. It’s one of the first tech tree tanks that any newer player who wants to get into competitive play should get.

    • Good clans use 430U instead of 907 because its better to brawl fight, 140 is trashed

    • @zenek No they don’t. The 430U has not been used en masse as brawlers since the first month of after it’s release. On any closed map where you will mostly be brawling teams will bring 279es and other heavies and not run many meds at all. In any open or semi open map you want 907s or 140s because they have the flexibility to snipe, brawl and rotate. The 430U is too slow to rotate and it can’t snipe, or hit EBRs.

    • @Scooby Poo 277 and 140 are tied. Nobody uses 5As, only when all your other tanks are locked, and EBRs should only be driven by experienced players. Re-read my comment and notice that I said NEW players. If you don’t have competitive experience but you want to start playing then a 277 and 140 are the first tanks you should get if you don’t have them already, followed by the SConq.

    • Doobiwooh Doobiwooh

      @Von Your comment really helped me. By any chance can you tell me what the prefered artilleries, lights and tank destroyers are?

    • @Doobiwooh Doobiwooh CGC>261>T92>GWE for artillery, EBR for LT, STRV, E3, 264 v8 for TDs.

  17. Maybe it’s just me, but god damn, this gun has never hit a snapshot while I’ve played it. Despite having excellent soft stats and good aim time/accuracy, I just can’t get it to behave. Despite it being less accurate both when stationary and on the move, I think the Patton can snap a shot miles better than the 140 can.

  18. Thanks for the video. As reference, is the 140 essentially a better-rounded T-44? I’m enjoying the T-44 and while I do want something more forgiving such as the 430U, the DPM-gun handling combination of the Soviet 100mm guns is something I like.

  19. I really want to grind the Obj. 140 line but a part of me feels like it would be a waste since I can just grind another line and get the T62-A. Should I go for the 140 or just settle for the T62-A instead?

    • I prefer the 140 to the 62a. Been that way for 5 years.

      140 has an extra degree of gun depression, better side hull armor, better frontal hull armor, and 5 kph higher top speed.

      Only thing T62a has over the 140 is a meaningfully stronger turret.

    • @Taugrim Wow never really thought about their differences that way since I view them as twins, looks like 140 it is. Thanks for the insight Taugrim!

  20. Hey Taugrim. I haven’t played WoT in well over a year, but still enjoy watching your guides. Thanks for the entertainment!

    • Glad to hear they’re still worth watching.

      This week I heard about a game called Spellbreak, a class-based BR game. It looks interesting. I’m still waiting for Oath to progress to Beta.

    • @Taugrim Spellbreak looks interesting. Watching you develop top strats for the game could be fun.

      I tried Refight:The Last Warship. It’s a WoWS-like BR game. While having some interesting gameplay mechanics, the game is underdeveloped and unpolished.

    • Thanks for the intel on Refight, I hadn’t hear of it.

      Are there any other games you’re keeping an eye on?

    • @Taugrim I’m a huge nerd for gaming the systems in Crusader Kings 2, and I’ve sunk a lot of time into that game. Crusader Kings 3 releases in September, so I’m curious to see what they do with the franchise. Otherwise I’m keeping my eye out for something new because the gaming landscape is a bit meh right now. Maybe Cyberpunk?

  21. I’ve never played a second of WoT but I’ve probably watched the majority of your tank videos. Been watching your channel since you were iron fisting people in swtor. Keep up the good content!

  22. Personally I think the 140 is okay, the plinky nature of the gun is cool, but the armor is just not there as much as it used to be for randoms since the gold spam meta kicked up. I think the progetto and the M48 are better jack of all trades mediums because of the higher alpha and much more reliable armor on both, with the M48 you have nice wide tracks and a curved upper plate with 9 degrees of depression that can easily brawl on uneven ground. The progetto has an auto bounce hull like the STB but it has the autoreloader to eat through hordes of tanks. I think my current medium tier list is Prog, TVP, STB 1, UDES, M48, then 140, not including rewards tanks because they don’t exist according to the creative lead at WoT.

    • The M48 is very bad at playing vision games. While it can spot, it is EASILY spotted.

    • @Taugrim While I agree, most pub matches, which is what this list is influenced by, are not played by people who know how vision mechanics work. Combine that with the M48s view range and at least the M48 can work a bush. In addition to this, I don’t think the role of medium tanks is to spot using vision, depending on the medium it is either straight damage dealing(aka Leo 1) or brawling(aka 430U). I would rather have an EBR doing anything with vision than any medium tank at the current moment. Hopefully this meta changes to a point where vision truly matters for medium tanks again.

  23. Hey Taugrim, curious to know your thoughts on the Progetto and Standard B nerfs!

    • Unwarranted and unneeded. Those tanks are fine.

    • @Taugrim So sad to see WG propose this, really makes you wonder what goes on in their heads.

    • I totally agree. They’re nerfing the wrong thing on the 430U.

      My guess is they don’t want to nerf armor because it forces more gold spam, which creates a stronger credit sink, which puts pressure on players to spend real money to boost their in-game credit earning ability.

    • @Taugrim I think the opinions of the Russian player base is also a factor. They are going in the right direction with the 430U cupola nerfs, however 280mm effective still requires gold. If they simply thinned it a bit further down to around 220mm it would be a breathe of fresh air. Still, Italian tank nerfs are all I can think about now 🙄

    • Raging raptor mentioned that the prog 65 is seen on the russian servers the same way we see the 430u. I feel like the generally more aggressive playstyle of russians gets shut down by the prog 65 unless you catch it reloading.

  24. Taugrim I am curious to why you think 907 is broken OP I personally disagres

  25. Dang, awesome games Sir!!

  26. Hey Taugrim, could you do a video talking about what you think the meta is nowadays and why games seem quicker? Maybe it’s because it seems like games are quicker with 15-3 steamrolls because they are more memorable or if the average game time is actually decreasing. My view is that the introduction of faster tanks (eg obj277, EBRs, etc) as well as very powerful hill/bushes and spotting positions have resulted in faster games and lopsided games. Thoughts?

    • I think the speed of tanks does influence how fast battles are resolved. I used to see the same thing in Armored Warfare where so many tanks were very fast.

  27. JungleHunter Predator

    Fantastic review and thank you! Even though I am way better of a player now I do way better in the old T-62A/140 than compared to the Obj 907/430U. I really don’t understand it but the stats clearly favor the earlier meds. All logic should tell me I should perform better in the new OP tanks.

    • You might be forcing things in the 907/430U. I found that I was being over aggressive in the 430U in my first 60 battles, hence the awful 43% WR. Once I was a bit more careful I ran 60% WR over the next 140 battles or so.

    • JungleHunter Predator

      @Taugrim Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will take your advice and play more conservatively. You might be right on money as at times I’m aggressive with my lights/mediums.

  28. *Fine vodka

  29. *Soviet. Thanks for the video

  30. Hey Taugrim WG announced that they are changing the middle of the map to balance spotting positions, what do you think about this change?

  31. I play my 140 better than the 430u. I think it’s because I’m terrible in heavy tanks.

  32. You are playing this game smart i like it.

  33. I’m not sure if I could agree with you with Fisherman’s Bay comment. While the rest of changes to it is good, the middle part of old Fisherman’s bay was very fun to use, more powerful, and has a lot of quirks that you can abuse to get even more control of the map (like the option to destroy certain houses to open more shots to the city)

    Meanwhile, the current mid is just…boring. There is only one useful layer of houses and bushes for each side, so there’s no depth you can use (other than the long bushline in near the city I guess). The ‘fake bush’ (borrowing Circon terminology) killed the most important bush of that area, and if you lost the mid once there’s almost no way to reclaim it unless the enemy made a collosal mistake.

    Maybe it was just me being nostalgic, but one thing I’m sure of is that I had the best win rate of all map in the old version of that map so at least personally I just prefer the old version of it, results wise.

  34. Petar Gavrailov

    Taugrim, what do you think about dropping the rammer for imp vents?

    • You should never drop a rammer. Every tank that can use a rammer and a V-stab should use both, the question is what you do with the 3rd slot, optics or vents.

    • Petar Gavrailov

      @Von hmm thanks. Im using the imp vents instead of the rammer to boost everthing by 7.5% i only loose 0.4 sec reload not sure if its worth it thus im asking

  35. Emman Locaylocay

    Stb1 review nxt? 🙂 or stb1 tech line?

  36. hey Taugrim, great video!
    I am wondering if you could take a look at the IS-M. I’ve never played a back turreted tank, and I want to start with this line, wanting to reach at least the 705. Also, the ISU-152 it’s a good option again! Thx

  37. Finally! the stb-1 is great, the sta-1….not so much. the line gets real good at t9 but the chi ri can be surprisingly savage with its autoloader.

  38. Here’s the object 140 video you told me abt in whispers in wot I’ve been waiting nice video btw I enjoyed it

  39. Oh you did it! A 140 video! Thanks man 🙂

  40. Robert Pettigrew

    I think the biggest factor between the 430U and the 140 is the alpha of the 430U which is more forgiving ad I believe getting the DPM to work over raw alpha takes more effort and skill. On the reward tank front I find the thought process of giving the best players OP tanks:) I understand you have to make the rewards worth while but seems a poor idea.

  41. Arvid Johansson

    He is weak on small 100mm guns. 120mm is wear it starts being effective. Especially the hesh rounds on the centurion 7/1.

  42. Antanas Rapkevicius

    i watched quite a few your videos about medium or light tanks.. However not once i seen you revising anything in the tight or small maps like Himmelsdorf, tundra, pilsen etc. Its one thing to play those tanks in wide open maps with lots of room, completely another in tight, crowded, narrow maps.

  43. 👍👍👍👍😎 ty T

  44. Hey man, since you’ve gone up the jap med line, could you not start at tier 8 please, and include tiers 5-7 as well? They’re really hard to master and underpowered, we would really like to learn from you on those specific painful shitty ass tiers before the typical tiers 8 through 10. Thanks and awesome video as usual.

  45. A good guide, thank you!
    You did not mention something that Lemming told about a week ago and you nicely demonstrated – 140 is team tank and it works better when paired with another.

  46. Good video, it taught me that when I tried the Object 140 I was yoloing too much and that got me killed one too many times (had very bad teammates too but playing poorly was all on me).
    Also, eagerly waiting for that STB-1 review you teased at the end, if I heard correctly.

  47. Hello again!!!! You need to make video about B-C 25 T, i guess its almost the same like B-C 25 T AP, so you will make one video.

  48. You need more friends

    I finally got the 2nd mark on my 140! 😀 I’m so happy rn

  49. Taugrim do you play anonimyzed? if no, why do you not do it as a unicum player?

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