Object 252 review! Is it worth the gold?

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. Pyrotechnic archer tv

    Please make more intros like this please please please!

  2. they should call this the Object 666

  3. now 90% old tanks is shit , just free dmg for new premium tanks

  4. I am so happy I already have all the tier X I want to have. Lowtiers VI-VIII are completely unplayable because of these stupid tanks.

  5. Hey Foch, would you recommend this game to a friend?

  6. thanks for the review

  7. “and fuck you and fuck this game” lol this is why we love Foch!
    I’m a 2200 wn8 player with 35k games played. I have been playing this game since may 2011. I’m not gonna put up with this BS, not gonna spend a single dime on this game anymore.

  8. You. Are. The. Best. 🙂

  9. i miss the old game.

  10. gonna love that intro

  11. Justin justintheman

    its gonna be op for a couple of days until quickybaby does a video on how to kill

  12. “Blyat” is the new currency in Russia. Oh btw would you like some more Russia with your Russia

  13. ahahahaaahaha
    n1 Foch

  14. What *can* beat this tank?

  15. Dear Sir Foch, I say this in the most non-gay possible way: I love you! You’re a fucking legend…
    Edit: Just went back and listened to the intro again, lmao.

  16. I really wish people would start playing Armored Warfare, not enough players on the NA servers to even get in a match most days. Why does a game as fun as WoT have to be run by a bunch of scumbags…

  17. Welcome to why I don’t give WG money anymore.

  18. “The IS-6 can’t keep up with the new powercreep tanks, let’s buff it.”
    “Wait, I have a better idea.. *drinks vodka* NEW IS-6 COMRADE!! MORE MONEY, MORE POWERCREEP, MORE RASHA DA”

  19. I actually can’t wait for QB’s review. Something tells me he will be claiming that the tank is completely balanced 😀

  20. Foch I appreciate your honesty! I have been feeling the same way about Wargaming and am considering selling my account since all the OP tank releases. The next premium just gets better and better to the point where I am about to give up on this game.

  21. Classic intro

  22. dude for real wtf is WG thinking with this tank, give it 20mm more pen and better DPM and its a tier 10 heavy. wtf is a tier 6 and 7 tank going to do when this tank is coming at them/YOU… tier 9 and 10 tanks will have to work to pen it with out premium rounds. this tanks armor is just disgustingly over powered…

  23. Keep up the great videos and game design critique.

  24. I would absolutely believe that intro was an actual quote. Fantastic!


  26. What!?!?! Foch told his subscribers not to buy this tank. That’s this last time we give him a test account.

  27. Seeing as you got hold of the WG tape can you get hold of the Donald pp tape too?

  28. WG really knows how to fuck their game up.

  29. So glad to see Russia finally get a awesome tier 8 heavy. Now they just need to buff the tier 10 heavies.

  30. This thing gets 150 DPM shaved off it to balance out the IS-7 hull and 440 alpha? That’s fucking rich. They would have to nerf it down to 1200 DPM to make it actually balanced.

  31. and tier 6 tanks could meet it right?

  32. this isn’t even considered ”overpowered”, this is beyond the word ”stupid”, this is outside ”lunacy” or ”insane”,this…there is no word that can describe the sheer amount of insipidly offensive ”pay to win” and ”powercreep” in this thing, it might as well have sesame street and elmo as the crew because i guarantee all the 5 year old’s are gonna be rushing in troves over to this thing…..i can already see these things being run by the crayon eating 5 year olds doing 5.5k damage and blocking 4.6k damage…..seriously facing off against one of these in a tier 7 or unfortunate tier 6 is just gonna be LOADS of fun :/

  33. I’m praying that they realize how fucking idiotic this is and just decide to never put it in the game

  34. Not much incentive to play higher than tier 5.

  35. Honest opinion

  36. Next premium tank: Tier 8 premium medium tank with 250+ effective turret armour, 10 degrees of gun depression and 20 hp/t with a 230 pen 320 alpha gun and on top of that a 8 second base reload time. Wargaming is really feeding their ego’s.

  37. Finally a video with no “hey! 225 pen is enough to pen lower plate, so it’s not OP” quote :] Great opening 😀

  38. Holy shit and I thought the IS-6 was strong for a T8 premium… This thing is fucking ridiculous.

  39. “Make the classic mistake of aiming our shot” LOL.

    Thanks for the review.

  40. “Fuck you and fuck this game” Truth.

  41. and god only knows what a tier 6 is meant to do to this. Flank it? on these corridors? A KV2 might do some damage, if it manages to hit

  42. Pay 2 win anybody ?

  43. Absolutely retarded these new premium tanks, indeed it would be best if people stop buying them to force WG to stop releasing a more broken tank than the last one every 2 months.

    BUT, since there are too many people with the intellect of a gnat and the IQ of a brick playing this game they’ll happily spend their cash speeding up the inevitable decline of this game.
    So in a way it’s karma on them, just a shame the rest of use suffer the same fate with them

  44. Blitzkrieg mode:
    1. Any tank can join..
    2. Longer you are on map, the more points..
    3. the MORE tanks, the more points..
    4. kill another tank, get points..
    5. Unbalanced, and Unfair..small tanks will LEARN to run and gun..Big tanks will LEARN TO DUCK..
    6, NO TEAMS, unless you work as group in the map..Bunch of small tanks take on LARGE tanks?? WORTH IT..
    7. Play all you want.. You get Killed, you are dropped out to get in LINE to join again..

    Would love to see if this mode would work..

  45. Goddamnit why cant we have a tank game made by an AMERICAN company for once? Then we wont have problems like this

  46. The new premiums are just a big middle finger from WG for you to stick up your ass if you’ve invested any money into this game before. Thankfully I was foolish enough to buy only one tier 8 premium in this game.

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