Object 259A – First Look – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Object 259A is a T8 Soviet Premium heavy IS-7 prototype in World of Tanks with insane and 60 km/h speed! Here’s my first look!



  1. More pay 2 win.

  2. ah yes Defender 2.0 and the discount Object 260

  3. 4:00 what about Leo 1 and Leo PTA then, Mr. Quackybabs? They don’t count as tanks?
    How about 53tp then? that doesn’t count either?

    I’m just joking I know it’s hard to keep every single tank in the game in your head… but yes, there’s 3 tanks with 420 alpha.

  4. How many TT tanks at tier 8 have more than 180mm of pen on standard rounds?

  5. Yet another good armour, high damge, low dpm, shit accuracy soviet tier 8 premium…

  6. Bloody hell, it even more faster than defender, its ammunition standard and premium much better than defender, armor look strong as defender too. WHAT THE FUCK WG defender already bad enough, now this!?

  7. Side note tanks like KV 4 and tiger 2 have like 280-290 gold pen with the top guns

    This tanks turret looks really interesting and the gun mantlet too

  8. The 53TP also has 420 alpha, lovely tech tree tank at tier 8 🙂

  9. can we just have a new nation called Object?

  10. Fun fact: every Soviet heavy tank is a prototype for is-7

  11. It’s a mini 260

  12. how to make money in a free to play game with buyable content? introduce new items which over match the previous ones to make pay to win players keep spending their money.
    that’s how wot works, nothing new.
    since everybody got med and heavy Russian crews, it is not surprising they sell that kind of tanks again and again

  13. Just what the game needs

  14. Leopard PTA and Leopard 1 also has 420 alpha damage

  15. idk, but it doesnt look very good, not even talking about op, but we have to see actual armor model.
    And 60km top speed doesnt mean much, IS7 has 60km and better power/weight ratio, yet its not even that fast.

  16. this thing looks like an interesting and fun power house…and thats what worrys me…btw rest in peace for the 53TP, you were the first 420 boi

  17. When u have the is3a…pff

  18. Anyone else wondering why they aren’t releasing more american tanks ? Apart from premiums and trash light tanks, nothing really changed throughout the years, it was one of the bigger nations, regards to number of tanks in tech tree and now, even France has more tanks I think. What is worse, since there are better choices (E5

  19. Couldn’t be more glad to have quit the game a year ago.

  20. With that Speed i have the feeling ist just Like the 260 but in Tier 8 😭

  21. russian bia right there. AMBT American medium lets give it 40kmh. Russian heavy yes 60kmh comrade!

  22. are you going to review the rc tanks from wargaming??

  23. where is the magazine , everything woithout magazine is a junk and should not be invested in XD

  24. 267 and 260 had a baby

  25. Looks like a 260

  26. Pen better then some of tier 9 tanks

  27. Ah yes, a completely V shaped hull with an upper front that looks like an autobounce area at T8, just what the game needs…
    Judging by where this game is going the weakspot also got a solid 250mm flat armor thickness to it.

  28. Congrats on 666k subscribers QB!

  29. the moment when WG fuse IS-7 X Obj.260

  30. A heavy that can go 65 that has armor?? (With a turbo)
    Every new premium seems to obsolete so many tanks in the game.
    At first I was happy to have a tank like the Scorp G, and the defender 252u.
    But it’s just slowly choking the fun out of the game.

  31. I would like to see some new Japanese tanks or for those countries that have limited tech trees. Also the more premiums that continue to push out they should make more avaible for trade ins so you can be able to have some trade in potential

  32. another powerhouse lmao

  33. Is it not between obj 257 and obj 260??? It looks like a 260 turret

  34. When will WoT add some japanese premium tanks.

  35. It’s not an auto loader so it’s already out of the meta and therefore useless

  36. Oh a new Russian Tier 8 premium tank. Whoop-de-feakin-doo. Really War Gaming?

  37. so another tier X as T8 premium

  38. Cue the “another russian premium” comments.

  39. This is 10th Soviet tier 8 premium heavy tank.
    We still don not have a tier 8 premium heavy Japanese tank.

  40. Since ground resistance is so shit it will probably only reach 60 kph going down hill.

  41. O though 260 was the prototype of IS7

  42. Just what we need. Another Russian tank.

  43. ClearVision Charters

    Where are our Rocky tanks…A.K.A. the YOH tanks? That’s what we are waiting for. We don’t need more T8 premiums.

  44. Another Object??? 🤣🤣🤣 It is a slav game afterall ….😅

  45. New Tanks that only the skilled and the filthy rich can enjoy, while the newbies grinds for crap tech tree tanks that gets slapped by non-techtree tanks. P.S. still waiting for the sturmtiger td line and maybe the turreted chinese td line.

  46. Ifk about u but this looks like a obj 260 than an is5 or defender

    Which makes sense 259a – obj 260 – 260a – is7

  47. Yet another soviet premiumtank that probably never existed and nobody asked for👍 as i know Myself, i am still going to get it😅

  48. 9.40 the frontal hull armor is 10 meters worse then the IS5?? didnt knew the russians had moving bunkers

  49. “First tier 8 heavy with 420 alpha”…..53TP Markowskiego would like to say hello.

  50. Alexander the Great

    For me it doesn’t matter anymore, my op bourrasque will balance any tank it meets.

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