OBJECT 263 GOES 1 vs 6 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Object 263 is so good in World of Tanks it used to be Tier 10! Here’s Stachb184 showing you why this Soviet boot kicks butt!



  1. 263 is a tier 10 on console, it’s great for the role it fills. Our 268 v4 is slow and bad, so it’s not that popular. The E4 and 268v5 are the best td’s on console. Broken armor, e4 cupola is unpennable hull down by kranvagns and is7. Both have 850 alpha. I hate them

  2. I’m on console so idk how the su 54 was on pc but I’m enjoying the tank on console it reloads in 5 seconds and the camo is awesome. But has no armor

  3. You should check out some AMX-13 75 replays.

  4. Serious question, after you have a string of good games, where you’re winning a bunch of them and you yourself are doing pretty good, like usually top of the team for damage dealt or xp earned, will the game give you bad mm and bad rng? I am currently trying to just make a bunch of money so im playing churchull III rn cuz it makes a ton of money, yesterday i was doing amazing, doing about 1k damage a game if not more. then today no matter what i do i could not get one decent game. Most were losses, but i mean I my self could not seem to be able to do all that well, average damage was about 600 over 10 games. What is up with this? Genuinely wondering if WG sabotages players who are doing well.

  5. 263 is pretty good for T9, assuming it is upgraded and not stock. If it’s stock then it isn’t pleasant to play at all.

  6. This tank is one of the most fun tech tree tanks, at tier 9, in the game, but for me, the king is still to Tortoise, followed by the T-54, and the obj 430.

  7. Best tank in the game

  8. Why even bring standard ammo, if you’re going to spend it last 🙄
    2:56 see how in your face this guy is, closest to the red line on the flank

  9. I want them to buff armor on SU-122-54 and brind it back I loved the way it looked and it would have been a perfect tank to play if it just had some better armor. I miss it tbh I kinda wouldn’t mind having it back in the game.

  10. Wow he win and the enemy team have a platoon with 3 tortoise

  11. I wish this tank just stayed at tier X it was such a novel tier X tank!

  12. stayed fukused
    -QB 2021

  13. 3 med at the end of the battle was the paid actor

  14. I liked the SU 122 54 very much. 🙁

  15. lmao you wont get this kind of gameplay in AS. EU is just bad

  16. Old 263 was a lot of fun honestly, also few people noticed that wg reduced the size of the gun shield during the HD remodeling which was basically the only weakpoint

  17. Should have made it a novelty tank, like the FV, was such a good nice tank that wasn’t op with an unique playstyle, but we all know we can’t have nice things in World of Wanks.

  18. I miss the old version of this tank when it turned faster and had much better gun handling 🙁

  19. Love the daily videos never played world of tanks but I am considering it

  20. man i wish i had enemy mediums shooting my t95 with HE instead of gold.

  21. Full gold spam on lower tier tanks.

  22. Last post you told us no one wants to play Tier 6. Well, I have news for you: With all the shit going on at WOT, and pro players with loads of time and/or money easily outclassing casual players, a lot of the latter are going back to lower tiers. They do this for keeping some enjoyment in the game, and are done with being cannon fodder for the “big boys”… So next time you wonder why the player base is dwindling, especially with high tiers, please remember my comment here, ok?

  23. Quicky , I want more video related TDs of Sniper tanks destroyer especially Rhm b wt

  24. I dont want to take anything away from this player, but God, that is probably the worst enemy team I have ever seen on any replay

  25. I’m constantly asking them to bring back the SU-122-54, sadly without any success (for like one and a half year now)

  26. Pronunciation: staH 🙂

  27. Kirtipalsinh Parmar

    whole line of 268 V4 is OP imo … uh get su100 .. then su 100m1 (the best tier 7 tank with godlike armour) .. su101 is okayish just because all other tanks in this line are OP for tier to tier as compared to it.. and then tier 9 and tier 10 about which uh all know

  28. type59 gifted this to him… like wtf was that play…

  29. Too bad it’s not the old version of 263….and no the SU 122 54 wasn’t bad at all actually, the whole line was unique and amazing in my opinion, all TDs had very good dpm and mobility + some balanced armor with weak spots

  30. Every epic replay features either afk enemies or enemies that are clueless…actually both.

  31. I doubt he didint get the mission.
    From my experience, crits counter is broken. I usually had more crits than the counter was showing and often a got mission done even if counter in battle was showing not enough crits.
    Post game stats show 7 crits, but these could be tracks.

  32. If only ONE of the mediums had gone inn close to him….

  33. So the slow pak 40 is op, but this Td is all good. POS you are cryingbaby

  34. I do not want to diminish the gameplay but I keep saying that a Kolobanovs is not a measurement of your skill rather than a measurement of lack of skill from the enemy team. If the Indien Panzer had fallen back and waited for the Type 59 before locking down the 263, he would’ve been dead in 2 seconds. Instead they all come one by one and keeping themselves exposed.

    I once got into an argument on the internet with somebody who said I sucked because I do not have any Kolobanovs. I had 6 games where there was a Kolobanovs on the table. In all 6 of them, the enemy worked together to take me down. Which is how a 1v5 fight should go.

    Therefore “the medal that everyone wants” is such a non inspiring title. All the Kolobanovs I’ve seen is just people overconfidently playing the hero by approaching solo instead of waiting for their teammates to support them. Again, congrats to those who got one, but I doubt there are any Kolobanovs medals where someone has 2 tanks on their front and the other 3 in their flank and still wins. Even in this game where donkeys are everywhere, once you have multiple tanks all being able to focus on you, you’re dead meat.

  35. Boy oh boy did I love mu SU-122-54 back in the day

  36. This tank got hidden massive butf after he changes, so many he dealing 0 damage on open top tank 🤣🤣🤣

  37. DISLIKE for being gold noob in the beginning

  38. I miss the 263 at tier 10 so bad. War gaming suck

  39. Liked this more than obj 268 4 actually. Sexiest gun in the game also imo ^^

  40. Wz had a server disconnection like i have 3 to 5 times a day while playing WOT . i can surf all day and play other online games ut i only have disconections in WOT

  41. A I M B O T @1:53 @8:51

  42. I wish that thing was still at tier X either in a 1 tier IX leading to 2 tier X or in a Foch 155 type of thing.


    PL @U. WT

    M0RE REAL ISTIC 😎😎👍👍👍

  44. This vid was release on Lacho WoT replays YT account somewhere between 2 weeks ago and one month

  45. The Type 59s final shot was really the most important nat 20 for Stachb in that game

  46. Iam the one who wants the su 122-54 back and the old 430 and 430 II

  47. Enemy team is my usual team,bots and afks.
    Didn’t like video,he shot only gold Vs tier 8?270mm of pen is not enough????
    I liked 263 as tierX more than 264,at least it’s gun for sure!

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