Object 263 HD review!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 8 EVO 250GB SSD
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  1. The Object 263 a.k.a The Yolo Wagon, I like this tank

  2. It has a worse aimtime than JagdTiger. Never realized that. But hey, it has 0.01 better dispersions value than the JagdTiger so it must be better right ? I think the whole 263 line could use some rework.

  3. Alexander Yordanov

    7.5 gun atc, 4.5 depression, slightly better aim and 570/580 alpha with and it is fixed.

  4. loving this regular upload Sir! much appreciated

  5. Denzell Rodriguez

    I sold this tank 3 times its such a shitty tank.

  6. Foch, you DO know that you aren’t supposed to aim in a Russian vehicle, right?

  7. I know Foch’s secret: every tank is either fuckin shit, op or mediocre 😀

  8. Yeah, the combination of bad aiming time, gun traverse and depression is really annoying. The SU-122-54 was the worst for me, since I don’t really like the camping playstyle.

  9. Haven’t played this before, but I can NOT believe Foch thinks the 268 is better then this in any way, shape or form. 268 has less mobility and almost useless armor. 750 alpha is worthless if you can’t trade cz they’ll destroy you cz you can’t bounce shots. At least the 263 has armor. The Spoiler Champ what I call the 268 has worse aiming time and it’s accuracy is only 0.34 on paper, in reality I could hardly connect long distance shots, and many bounced off, despite the 303 penetration.

    Can’t believe the 263 is worse than the 268.

  10. I’m still not sure what to think about this tank, I have one of my highest average damages in it (over 4k) but like Foch said, shit gun depression, lower plate is wank, open top so arty just shits on you. Also, I have to run food etc on it to get the aim time etc down, making it expensive. I find it’s quite fun in a platoon of mediums to just rush into things and face-hug.

  11. You could probably count by fingers the number of tanks Foch likes 😀

  12. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    This object is best thing

  13. Nice review Foch,
    its my favourite tank since i have it , far from perfect but its reasonable and funn mostly when you play agressive and unleash that dpm and bully many tanks, interestingly i have heavy spall liner on that, because im tired of arty ruining my games and my crew. Its a tank that requires time to adapt. and the most anoying thing for me is not the bad gun arc or depression, but the shit gun soft stats, the frequently engine damage, gun damage, and side ammo racks easy to hit, and its open top.
    But i disagree with you FOCH 263 is better than 268, is sligly faster, much better armour, more flexible at least for me.

  14. fucking foch you son of a bitch ill get better than u 1 day and 1v1 u irl fag

  15. I rather play a highly mobile no turret TD than a big huge piece of junk with armour

  16. I like the 263…can’t say I love it, but it can be fun. Especially when you throw caution to the wind. Of course, with the new arty splash buff coming out, this will probably be unplayable.

  17. i just opened firefox to look if you made any videos on this tank. i guess i dont have to search anymore lol

  18. Your older review about this tank was totally the other way around Foch, but I agree more with this review. Lack of gun depression, and too narrow gun arc is what makes this tank suck. Other than that, it has nice mobility as well as frontal armor that can tolerate punishment.

  19. i have to say guys wot destroyed the old awesome Russian tanks and now the Germans are the best in all type’s of tank the Russians only have good medium and even through the 2 heavys are good i think the Germans heavys are way better fuck the game and the Russian nerffs

  20. I love it. Except arty shits on you every other game.

  21. reallyy foch….i just finished grinding this a couple days ago haven t bought it….now you r telling me that is not good? is it at least better then foch tank?

  22. I feel like the lower plate used to be better. I remember bouncing lots of shots off of it, and now tier 8s shooting AP can pen it.

  23. This tank is memes

  24. Βαγγέλης Δρίβας

    I couldn’t agree more with you Sirfoch… FUCK NO
    (thought of selling mine, just keeping it for cw purpose)… one more very disturbing thing besides the bad gun depression is the horrible gun constraints … wth was WG thinking with this tank?

  25. this is blasphemy Foch! BLASPHEMY!

  26. Wargaming doesn’t balance their game seriously. I hope they go bankrupt one day.

  27. foch you forgot one more annoying thing – arty shits on its open top.

  28. where is my summer car?

  29. Don’t forget, every tank before this is fucking terrible.

  30. The “frustrationmobile” …LOL. Great review, as always. Cheers Foch!

  31. wow, hats down man, that suffer it took to ace this garbage 😮

  32. Well just admit, you suck in playing it, it is great TD 😉

  33. the harder the tank is to play, the quicker you get better at the game I say.

  34. That’s all true, and unfortunately the Swedish line made this line even more irrelevant. I hate sniping in 263, but if you go aggressive, most times your team’s fuck you over cause they feel they don’t want to push.

  35. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    this was my first tier 10..

  36. That on the move/traverse handling of 0.17 is (after Strv 103 and 103B in siege mode) the best on any TD, hell it’s better than the on the move/traverse handling of tier 10 Leo

  37. I don’t have this TD but every time I play with it in the test server I like it alot it has a punch gun with very good pen and in the test server every one shot gold and the armour is very good too.

  38. Thanks I needed to see this to convince myself that I’m not going up this line any time soon. I have the SU 100M which is fun at times but like you said the Swedish tanks do the same stuff but much better.

  39. I like to play this tank aggressive for its lol factor.
    Unless I get shit on by arty its a fun tank. I love it when rushing mediums with this tank … and they just panic more with every shot while I’m getting close and listening to the dings. Than finally when you get into their face they decide to shoot HEAT and aim at the viewports that aren’t actually a weakpoint. LULZ everytime!

  40. >complaining that the alpha is shit
    fuck you, the alpha is fine considering its reload and penetration. not every fucking TD has to have 750 alpha.
    also the entire line is very fun to play, I had a ton of fun in the SU-100M1 and SU-101.
    you are right about the clunkiness of the 263, but christ almighty you complain about anything that isnt a fucking medium tank

  41. This is my most favorite tank, You can troll the shit out of players, I play it like heavy tank in front of battles, With enough knowledge how to angle or hide your weak spots face to face, this is beast, who gives a flying fk about its aiming time? when you battle tanks face to face lol.. who ever says this is shit tank, needs either learn to play or mental check….

  42. great video!

  43. The worst part about this TD is that it does 550 average while JT does 560.


  44. If you shoot HE at the lower part of the cheeks, it splashes down through the roof of the driver compartment.

  45. Anyone else here for the intro and not the actual content?

  46. did you just say that 550 alpha is bat at T10. . . the fuck are you smoking foch??????

    also the 263 is an aggressive tank, not a passive one, you take charge of the battlefield with it which is what the top damage videos show

  47. There might not be a TD line that’s even worth it anymore in WoT. Lines like the JPE100 and 268 are fun with a lot of solid vehicles to grind, but the tier 10s they lead to aren’t really worth buying.

  48. I love the Obj 263, I find it very effective, versatile and easy to play.

  49. Dumb game, give us MSC! 😀

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