Object 268 Version 5 – Tank Preview – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Object 268 Version 5, a NEW tier 10 tank destroyer, is up auction in Under the Hammer – but is it worth it? I let you know!



  1. Hey everyone few things to add.
    1) Keep in mind that if you convert Free EXP you’re doing it at the worst time possible with no discount and importantly if you don’t win the tank you’ll not be able to get your gold back.
    2) This tank will likely go for 300k+ free exp, it’s likely to be a vehicle that only those with deep pockets or those who have already “completed” the game by unlocking each tank will obtain.
    3) The 3rd game ended as a win, sorry I didn’t show the result! Good luck with your bids!

    • @pun15h3r Contributors accounts have ALL tanks, more credits and exp what they can use.

    • @sjcommander91 you know you can earn gold, like via key cards by completing long haul many times and get gold that way. To then Purchase the battlepass (earned by playing)

      So even though that person did not probably get it via buying the battles pass but the free tier 100 tank which was the V5.
      But it is possible to buy the battlepass by earning

    • ​@Davoda 1 yeah i just let it go, it’s a shitty way to do things in the first place, and it takes the fun out of having something when your being fucked over really hard.

      how much would 450k free exp cost in gold, and how much would the gold cost in cash to get this TD, it’s not even a very good one from what i can tell. i can’t wait to see them on the batrtle field and pen their Sid the sloth eyes weakpoint all day long until everyone realizes it’s a pos and stop bothering to play it (like that one really bad medium tank they had a marathon for awhile back, that object medium was a pile of crap, so bad you almost never see them anymore, same with that other rubbish medium the one from the TV show about bad super heros or whatever, it was such a pos nobody played it after they bought it either. it’s weird to me how far people are willing to let themselves get screwd over

    • First Name Last Name

      @Kingstoler – 297k won for me on South East Asian Server. No gold on SEA tho, all for FXP

    • @Bily 99 look better… at first he was an his account.. i do know about cc acc… pfff

  2. Seems pretty nice and balanced, just think it’s weird they classified this as a TD when it really seems like a heavy tank. I want one

  3. This bidding exercise is a failure

  4. Right now, as of 7pm PST, on the NA server, 400k free xp is the bid. When all is converted to real dollars.. works out to $84 CA. Ummmm… No thanks.

  5. Oh look another tank most players will never be able to get their hands on.

  6. I no longer spend money on WOT. Free to play only now. Funny how my win rate went from 50% to 30% now that I don’t have a premium account.

  7. Its 400K ATM (105 minutes before close of auction)

  8. 114 SP2 from ranked will get fully traversable turret too.

  9. WintaSolder's Entertainment

    what a deliberate effort to avoid comparison with its similar nearest T110 e4, or other 360 traversible turrrt tanks.

  10. I spent half of my 600k+ that ive gathered throgh the years on guns and stuff recently xD

  11. Thought having 40k free xp was a lot i guess not.

  12. Stupid of you to just sit side ways for the conway

  13. 120 mm lower plate, 18 seconds reload……………….so lower plate is worse than the 113 and the reload is worse than a 60 TP.

    Not sure why anyone would spend the gold on this tank.

  14. The stats are like a Russian E4

  15. UPDATE: Auction Ends in 10m from now. Current “Competitive Bid” (AKA the Median) is up to 620,000 Free EXP. Jesus

  16. 400k free exp on NA server is what i heard in a game with 9 obj 268 v5 on each side. so 18 obj 268 v5 game.

  17. Thanks for the video QB. I got the tank based on your opinion and I love it. I’m a pretty average player and have been doing about 4k damage on average. It may not be for everyone, but it suits me.

  18. The tanks are really good on the console version

  19. got mine for 410,000 NA account. if it wasn’t for your video, i wouldn’t have checked it out more. Great video info! 🙂

  20. Haha this thing is OP in Console as it is and its going to be on PC too! Mindblown!

  21. I wonder how many version of the Obj. 268 will wargaming make.

    Obj. 268 Version 1
    Obj. 268 Version 2
    Obj. 268 Version 3
    Obj. 268 Version 4
    Obj. 268 Version 5
    Obj. 268 Version 6
    Obj. 268 Version 7
    Obj. 268 Version 8
    Obj. 268 Version 9
    Obj. 268 Version 10
    Obj. 268 Version 11
    Obj. 268 Version 12
    Obj. 268 Version 13
    Obj. 268 Version 14
    Obj. 268 Version 15
    Obj. 268 Version 16
    Obj. 268 Version 17
    Obj. 268 Version 18
    Obj. 268 Version 19
    Obj. 268 Version 20

    And finally……..

    Obj. 268 Version 1.0

  22. 40% camo is way too broken for such flexible tank

  23. why does it have 122mm sound

  24. We have had this tank on console for almost 2 years

  25. Got mine for 300000 on AU so very happy.

  26. Russians are bad at making tanks so they gotta make a game and make them seam op when they are not. Because the grille 15 is small AF and has one the worst camo out of the tier 10 td’s. When it should have the most camo. It is a big td so it should have bad camo. But russians will be russians. Also there are huge amounts of CC’s that don’t give anything to the community and get all the free stuff in the game. So they get so much gold, credits at Christmas time then play the game and get a huge amount of free xp from stuff they got free and get the tank for free inflating the xp pool and making it hard for the actual player base who should get the tank.

  27. Post bidding, on NA servers only 4500 were available, about 8800 bids, 405000 was the last competitive bid that I saw, I bid 437100 and got the tank! I am very happy as I converted a lot of free xp when it was 35xp per gold so I only had to convert 200k on the normal 25xp per gold and I do not regret my decision. Curious to learn what the final EU numbers are like.

  28. My kind of tank. Definintely gonna gun for it!

  29. playing at the front of washingmachine could be a good place to …

  30. I bid 511k free xp and I got it. I’m very happy with that bid. I like TD’s. Especially with turrets. Lastly, I’m one of thouse guys that have too much free xp not being used. I’ve already heard in guild chat that some of them bid 1m cred, and compair to them i got mine for a good deal. 🙂

  31. cost me over 700k free xp to get it


  33. It went for 380k on the NA server for a min bid. I had 1.1 million free xp ive been saving for 5 years so it was free for me .

  34. They released this tank on console a little while ago for their season pass thing and a lot of people got it for free. They seem to have released it on pc as it’s console release state since they buffed the hell out of it on console (better turret armor, turret traverse, gun handling, and better ground resistance) and now it’s top 5 tier X’s in the game.

  35. It’s TD ✅
    It has 152 ✅
    It has fully rotation turret ✅
    The most important

    *Its Soviet Russia*

  36. if you wanted it then its worth it
    if you dont then nope

  37. Sure, and when you are comfortable, then they start derping the shit out of this one. Chase it down the rabbit hole.

  38. I probably was 1 of the lucky ones who got this tank for 515k free xp

  39. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    I think you have to play it like a pseudo medium tank. Give it coated optics, rotation mechanism and grousers, reduce its top speed and reverse (which it can’t reach anyway) to give it camo and Dpm and use its decent mobility and camo to go to flanking positions with bushes and throw 750 alpha dmg bombs. Its armor prevents it from playing a pseudo heavy role imo. It will however be able to deal with most medium tanks if it all ins them.

  40. T30 play style on this tank

  41. The main issue with this version 5 is the ammo rack. Easily damaged sadly

  42. What was the minimum bid for that tank ? just know that 500 k wasnt enough🙄🙄🙄

  43. We have it also on console but with 850 alpha

  44. Hey QuickyBaby I was wondering if you could do another showcase of the JagdPanzer E-100 because that’s my favorite tank and due to my living at the moment I am unable to play WoT and am very sad about it.

  45. I was thinking the same thing. That tank is a fast T-30. Turreted TDs fell so much nicer then others.

  46. Jullian J. Weskier

    Iv noticed WG been releasing bad prems. Or not so OP prems lately.
    The issue is that theyre kinda doing it wrong. Non of them have any real stand out features.
    The is this tank for example. A sniper, a brawler, a DPM, a tank. Doesnt seem to be anything.

  47. i got the t22 medium for 65mil 20 mil to much but okay 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’m fine

  48. This tank has been on console for ages 😅

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