Object 274A Marathon for Free Premium Tank! | World of Tanks The Polar Challenge Marathon

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Object 274A Polar Challenge – Get Free Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks Winter Marathon 2020 – Object 274A, Tier 8 Soviet Russian Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2021 Tanks – Progetto C45 mod 71 and GSOR 1008 in . World of Tanks 1.11+ News.

It seems like our leaks, which I was able share over 1 month ago about the upcoming Winter marathon in 2020 were 100% waterproof, correct. Because today WG released a patch, where we are able to see all the information about the upcoming marathon called The Polar Challenge a chance to grind out a tier 8 premium tank for free – The Object 274A.

Let's take a look how it is going to be.

What do you think?


  1. So, are you ready for the grind? This tank seems to be very good… Knowing WG, I am a bit surprised people are able to grind it out for free!? :O The question is… is this GOOD or BAD? Quite a serious question actually.
    Stay tuned for some gameplay action! <3

  2. is it better than obj 907?

  3. I always have the worst luck when it comes to the grinding missions, i work on a ship at sea and will be away for at least a week while the grind goes on,

    realistically i could hope for 30-40% discount as the wife would have a purple fit if i came home and parked myself infront of the computer to grind out for a tank lol
    oh its also my birthday and wedding anniversary during the grind >.<

  4. God bless WoT. I actually at home next week so I can grind that tank yes.

  5. Its either you have a job to pay for it so you can partially complete it or you dont have a job and can grind it.

  6. Not gonna go for this one at all, it’s not worth it for me, last time i did cs52 lis and won it for free but i hated game for few days, plus they picked the wrong timing to start marathon for me i have to work these days, but Goodluck to everyone

  7. Knew it… The 274A is better than most medium tanks at tier 8…. And people still have the audacity to say there is no Russan bias in this game…

  8. Never Gonna Give you up Never gonna let you down

    Yeah, no i just started.

  9. whats the base price of the obj?

  10. Not interested. Will not play and be frystrated for days. I can make the money in two hours and buy anything else….

  11. Preparing my artys for those XP grinding

  12. Get a job, earn money, buy shit.
    Lifetime is much to precious to spend it with hardcore pixel tonking.

  13. I feel the LIS isnt worth playing anymore with this tank in the game 🙁

  14. Johannes Dieplinger

    Yeah no, I have a life

  15. I have digital school, so I’m 24-7 in front of my PC, and this could be the first time I grind my way through.

  16. Hmm… I am certainly skipping this. I don’t think I could get anywhere past 3rd stage, and the rewards are so laughable I am not even bothering myself by installing the game. Especially when we can expect the game being extremely competitive during the marathon – because of the marathon…

  17. Again only for good players, thats why i dont play this shit game anymore..

  18. As someone who works for a living, I know I won’t be able to finish these missions .

  19. Tnx Wg another OP tank for bots that need spam premium ammo. 289 PEN is like play a tier 10 TD! Hope you finish all you fuck money.

  20. Like on the Barrousque I will grind 8 stages (maybe 7 this time) and get it for 20$. I have a full time job and dont want to spend 3-4 days grinding 90k exp.

  21. They did not even try to not make it too OP

  22. Like the LIS challenge , most players will be able to get it at 50% off , it most likely will begin overpriced at $100 , then be forgotten a month later like the LIS . GG . NEXT .

  23. Skulls for the Skull throne Blood for the Blood god

    Ah yes a 69 tank has returned

  24. Am I the only one who thaught that this tonk is a Obj907 at tier 8 ?

  25. After the marathon, all we be able to purchase this tank?

  26. I never really completed any of these marathons. I got a job that allows me to buy the tank for like 3 hours of work, so really not worth spending 70-100 hours. But also Christmas event is coming so I’d rather get boxes instead.

  27. WG giving the players choices…

  28. This tank is op only bc its russian

  29. Last time i could finish the marathon was the t25 pilot tank. These kind of maratons does not worth me even start it. Simply dont have enough time for it

  30. Looks like heavily golden times ahead….

  31. i mean that is just another boring op russian heavy btw look at my troll account XD

  32. Let’s do some quick math… let’s see: I have a job + two kids (incl. a brand new squeaking 2-month old) + I still have a GF 😉 + I need to get enough sleep in order to manage all of the previous variables in my life = nope.

    If I can play 10 games per day, I’m happy. SO obviously, that’s not enough for these shenanigans. And because I don’t play as much as some others, I don’t see the point of trying to obtain this – or any other – special reward tank.

  33. So, if you’re a really good player with no life, this tank could be yours.

  34. Well it would have been nice if WarGaming had given 2 or 3 days rental time ( timer starts with 1st battle in it ) with this vehicle and if they made the missions for Mastery tier 8 to 10 since reward tank is an 8, that would seriously tell us if we want the tank or not, can we make it work or not… ( I have bought so many premium tanks that I barely to never play anymore, many do great with a bunch of them but they just don’t fit my playstyle )
    Normally for Holiday season the voices in my head treat me with about $50cnd worth of boxes, but recently I’m getting more stressed than fun ( because of 3 things ) and having a super hard time enjoying the game so, WarGaming *No Cash For You!*

  35. 85% of the player base will never be able to get this tank. Of that 85%, 75% or more will just BUY it. These “contests” are a joke. Hours and hours of playtime. For casual players, impossible because…we HAVE JOBS!! Rewards for the unicum players who really do not need it. Just another “collector” tank. Mark my words, the outcry about this tank will result in it getting nerfed down to a more manageable opponent. This is WG’s Motus operando. Make a super tank so more will BUY it, then after a suitable period, nerf it. I’ve spent less and less time in WOT because of the money grabs. That said, good luck.

  36. wtf getting the reward on 2 different accounts?!?!?!
    How much gold do they shoot?!?! :OOOOO
    My goal is not planning to get it at all 🙂

  37. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Would have been nice if they let the CC’s have it before the marathon.

  38. based on my avg exp it would take me 73 hours to grind it full percent, considering the way people play will be different , possibly more, last night I had an awfull experience , loss after loss 15-2 15-3, my shots where all over the place even when full aim so….less avg exp than usual.

  39. Please wot you except us to play 24/7 for 10 days ? Gtfoh

  40. The best setup i think is turbo/vent/optics, stabilizer and rammer.

  41. did the xp is only the base one ? or if you have premium account the xp you get with it is counted ???

  42. screw this grind. Rather do the World of Planes Crimson Dawn event. Maybe no tank at the end. But the gold and creds are just like Frontline for WoT.

  43. Your voice is somewhat soothing

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