Object 274a – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Object 274a. Here comes ANOTHER T8 Soviet premium medium tank that does ALL – the Object 274a!


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  1. QB, you should’ve put the vents in the first quip slot for a little boost on stats since you’re not using a mobility equipment.

  2. It was fun trying to ram and miss this rhm.
    Filmed by QB

  3. Interesting…

    But it can’t stop a 150mm HE so I don’t care.

  4. “This might be OP” Well, it’s soviet, right?

  5. So for regular player , expect worse from this tank . But if you fully pimp it like qb , than take it for granted .

  6. Nice video!

    Btw the Tiger (P) that damaged your tank QB, he was using the 105 mm derp with HE, not the 88 mm long gun.

  7. CS-52 LIS and T-44-100: Who are you
    OBJ 274a: I’m you, but stronger

    • T-44-100 excels at a very different playstyle though.
      It’s more of a mid to long range sniper that can flank and assassinate late game.
      Unless top tier, then it can do whatever the hell it wants.
      Point is, this is more toward the 430U than toward the 140 in terms of playstyle I think.

  8. Faster tanks means faster games, faster games means more people spend more money to get faster tanks so they can get more good games. Wargaming makes more money the faster these games go on

  9. New frontline tank meta inc

  10. So basically it’s a Polar marathon for a bipolar tank.

  11. Dispersion values honestly doesn’t matter because the game is RNG based. This tank is honestly a tier 9 tank and it needs to be nerfed

  12. Of cause it’s good, it’s a russian tank after all

  13. What happens when a Obj 277 and Obj 907 come together to make a tier 8 child………oh and has Russian gun handling sigma (where accuracy doesn’t matter)

  14. ladies and gents. 340 heat……

  15. Why not put rammer in slot 3 and vins in slot 1 and get more use

  16. a small tip for those who might find it helpful, check your service record in game and sort by tier, now for each tank use this formula:- (games played in tank) ÷ (high calibers in that tank) this will tell you how many games on average you need to get a high caliber in that tank. use this to figure out which one of your tier 9/10 tanks do you play the best for this mission. for me its the T30, I have twice as many High Calibers in it than in the E4 on average

  17. Definitely not Emma

    Tanks like these get released while my only tier X tanks are the 121 and T110E4 xD
    This thing seems better than my Chinese tier X medium!

  18. its just a russian tier 8 m48 patton

  19. More ‘balance’ for Russian vehicles.

  20. *cries in vents not being in the 1st equipment slot*

  21. Accuracy numbers only dont count if its a russian tank

  22. Wonderful. Another OP Russian tank. What a huge surprise.

  23. Is there anybody else wondering, why he hasn‘t put the vents into the first slot? Vents do always increase your bonus there…

  24. Great, another op af soviet tank. This is literally a tier 9 tank, it even has better pen than a t54 and, arguably, better or same armor. It’s just a tier 9 taken down to tier 8.

  25. QuickyBaby why are you not using Vents in slot 1? you will be given some extra % increase in all the affected areas the Vent boosts?

  26. Came here to see salty people who rage becaouse the tank isn from (insert nation they like the most), get over it.

  27. this tank is crap, bad aiming time, bad gun depression, bad power2weight ratio, bad dispersion…

    • QB is making it look far better than it really is with that loadout.
      Skill reviewed it with standard equipment and you could tell he was thinking “this isn’t worth the grind at all”.

  28. this is the op tank for me, this match my gameplay perfectly, and 6 degrees of depression is way enough xD my 430U could tell u that xD

  29. All I can say is – Poor M4A1 Revalorise. Even more irrelevant than ever.

  30. Type 59 2.0

  31. Object 274A is a Pornotank, look at the casting number on the back of the turret.

  32. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Another soviet medium tank, just what this game needs and yes, it’s ‘balanced’. The 430U at tier 8 is a very well deserved name.

  33. Why does a fucking t8 medium have to have 300 turret armor. Just wtf. Hell an o-ho has 200mm flat. Tiger 2 has like 250 now with buff. Fucking disgusting. Oh but it goes 15 backwards so balanced I guess. Fuck wg.

  34. It’s Soviet, so it’s supposed to be good

  35. 290 premium pen on a tier 8 medium tank? Boy, this game has really gone downhill…

  36. RP Maradona

  37. What happened to the T62-A?

  38. daaamn qb’s beard is loocking sick, atm im tempted to call him quickydaddy instead of quickybaby

  39. I noticed that the tank has really expensive shells about 1000 credit so the profit wont be so high
    Btw i think its good tank but not OP at all

  40. Progetto 46 still way stronger … even if 274a is insanely strong and broken. Only says what mistake Progetto was in first place …

  41. ANOTHER arty magnet

  42. Wargaming just never learns they always just think about money and keep destroying the game adding OP premium tanks

  43. ………., you are on drugs 100%…….BS….

  44. Darkness Nighthingale

    So. I say WoT PC needs to try to be more like Wot Console. Never, ever make xp requirements as base xp.

  45. ofc it feels like tier 9 gun when you have 3 purple equipment, 600% trained crew, and premium consumables, all that together rises gun by one level

  46. CoffeeAddictedSebby

    HE DID IT!
    I’m making this a new drinking game.

  47. No grind for me as my boss decided to give me 6 extra days work
    So I went and bought it after doing the first three missions.

  48. How not to review a tank…put full bounty equipment on it.

  49. Shave the goatee.

  50. Time to hop in the strv s1

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