Object 279 (e) is BROKEN in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

I recently unlocked the Object 279 (e) in World of Tanks and didn't realise it's completely


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. Mr. NobodySpecial

    at least you have to go through hell to get this thing, so there won’t be as many of them in the battles as there are defenders or other stupid pieces of wg’s creation.

  2. That tank seems way too powerful.

  3. Why? Because not only is this tank broken, this whole game is broken and it is too bad.

  4. remove this sickening from the game i cant fucking play when its in the game

  5. Zemunzakoneee Zemunzakoneee

    What is M4 FL 10

  6. What do you guys think about the obj. 257?

  7. Hey, hey guys, do you remember…The T110E5 nerf? And now, you have this, what a joke of a game.

  8. Cheaftain, 907 ….. Should be added to shoop in which you can buy tanks for bons, or eventually black market (if this shoop even appear one ‘s day xD)

  9. You enlighted clearly the point. That is not the reward tanks being too much good. Is that these tanks are overperforming over tech tree tanks. And there should be….. TWO RANKED modes, one for techtree tanks, and one for reward tanks. Or the advantage of these tanks would be in randoms, to pump the WR, but in ranked, to achieve tons of bonds.

    But, you know, it’s WG, so what to expect, nothing? not a nerf, we have seen. Maybe a pump to the other tanks, that is what we need and wait since long ago (IS-4, obj 268, T110E4, T110E5 and many more).

  10. waiting for ammo rebalance, hopefully it’ll take a year or so, then another year or more for vehicle rebalance. May be then it’ll be fun to play against this tank or even this game with +2/-2 matchmaking

  11. Next tank will be T-14 Armata with real life stats and reactive armour. 150kph top speed and can place land mines every 30 seconds. Can also call in air strike every 15 seconds.

    Edit: Yes I buffed the top speed.

  12. It’s the first level 11 tank.

  13. Maybe as a challenge, play it blindfold and get your missus to tell you what to do

  14. It’s like they’re making what should be tier 11 tanks, but there’s no tier 11 so they just throw em in tier 10 😀

  15. Community: buff british lights!

    Wg: buffs obj 279 (e)

  16. Yet again more cancer

  17. You’re 100% right, hope they hear you

  18. y if some tanks be better as others tanks people no play game and leave>>>>lose players !!!!!!!!! what happend if game no play players??? come bots or martians???

  19. Whats funny is we get this tank for free at the end of 2019 on console for our last mission. Earn points every month and if you complete all 12 months you get it free

  20. “Competitive players want to be the best on a level playing field”. With the current state of WoT, that statement feels untrue. They will take every average possible to beat the players that aren’t as good

  21. André Fantozzi - Jambadoo

    I’m NGL it’s like ?I killed it with ease in a CW using my Obj.430U spamming the ONLY correct ammo for such a tank…HEAT! lol so it was so easy to kill it.? The entire clan laughed! ???

  22. It ISNT broken, it’s purpose is to reward People Who grinded their back off to get it. It’s high risk(of quitting), High reward

  23. Wargaming will respond in most profitable way: Just release another overpowered premium which is competetive to this thing

  24. you think 1 of these in a match is bad i was in a match with 3 OF THEM in a platoon on my team OH and they all had 3 stars it was a roflstop
    this thing shouldnt be able to be used out side clan wars

  25. Players wanting to beat other players who are not as experienced as they are with all the advantages is the definition of Smurfing.
    Fraid to say but that is how many players like to play competitive games

  26. It is more fun to play mid-tier then this…

  27. do you need gun depression when you can bounce everything no

  28. the rant is too real

  29. Hull down heavies good joke QB, that game is since years Hull down Mediums and lights thst can suprisingly bounces more with lower armor then heavys with stronger armor

  30. hey quicky, I am so glad seeing you still updating. I watched literally all of your videos when I was playing WOT but now I m back to China to work from college in US. I wont be able to get on youtu so frequently. I wish you good health and good luck in the future. Thanks for what you have done these years.

  31. Ransom Access Memory

    Competitive players never have a level playing field as they are pay to win. Which is MUCH more than the 5% meme btw. Other than that, a great video and a reminder why I don’t play WoT anymore.

  32. Clive Stinchcombe

    What more heavily OP Russian tanks ?……surely not. You might as well introduce Hind attack helicopters.

  33. This Obj.279 perfectly represents Wargaying retardness of this pay-to-win game with 100% russian bias.

  34. Why do you think team damage was removed? To protect Object 279e players

  35. Shut up and take my kidney!

  36. The thing is, even the mediocre gundepression of the tank isnt a true weakness. THIS TANK has no reason to sit hulldown and this is mental.

    By the way there was a situation in wargamings last contest (“clan rivals”), in which one of these things sat in the banana-road and between every shot he tilted his tank slightly upward on some rubble and the enemy couldnt dig him out .. and everybody fires gold in such a competition. Thats the unbalance wargaming put in their game.

  37. This tank is one of the reasons why i stoped playing the game after 7 years.

  38. Name one Russian tank that is NOT over powered in this game.

  39. WG should come up with a special MM for these tanks : never meet tier 8. Also it would be great if they implement tier 11 and move Obj. 726 up a tier

  40. U forgot the post game stats qb

  41. at least this is not as op as the real one in the museum 300mm+ armor all around and 45 km/h top speed

  42. WG: Needs to be easier to access? $200 on the store!

  43. Damn, he has more gold rounds than ap rounds. #Pay2win ?

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