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Thumbnail Credit – https://live.warthunder.com/post/892922/en/


  1. Is there a toilet paper on back of this tank ?

  2. i miss the maus

  3. Dean Meindertsma

    I wish i was this good

  4. Phly you should play the centurion action 10 or feature the British 20 pounders

  5. Play with bo time

  6. This tank ruined World of Tanks, now it will ruin WT also….but what you can expect from russian devs anyways…

  7. Notice how the crew made sure to grab toilet paper on the way to the battlefield xD

  8. This machine is cool. But is the main reason i wont play tanks at any BR. imagine being 1 of the 7-8 sods that gets one shot by phly here.

  9. This thing is a mountain goat

  10. Phly accept my friend invit

  11. 3:18

    Observe the toilet paper on the rear deck just behind the turret. :p

  12. That is a neat looking map I can’t wait to play it 15 times in one evening someday.

  13. Tristan Bahlmann

    Can you do a he-177 video, the last video you did with the he-177 was before it was even in the game

  14. Okay, now give back panther 2 and 10,5 tiger

  15. For me this is the best sound a UFO can make when it fires it’s lasers.

  16. Why is war thunder ridiculous I get one shoted but it takes me 9 shots to kill?

  17. I saw you today around 8:30 on Fields of Normandy using ADATS, you died to Centauro MGS. I didnt manage to greet you, so i do it now.

  18. Is that toilet paper on the back of your tank sir? Lol

  19. I dont have much material to create a 1 rocket

  20. I got the notification for this video right now.

  21. Hey floppy woppy

  22. That’s…. not hull down. You are hardly even turret down, just hidden. 5:50

  23. 14:53 Looking forward to it.

  24. Why you didn’t try to shoot down heli ATGM by your machinegun?

  25. I noticed the toilet paper rolls on the back lol

  26. I love phly giving out map strategies, easy week for me

  27. 12:27 phly wiseau

  28. To win this tank. You must play 40 hours of gameplay a day

  29. An evening of shit gaming. Playing Tiger IIH and M1Abrams…rage quit fest.

  30. Phly, It would be amazing if you would phly out the JU-87 B-2 in Tank realistic battles Striking the fear of the luftwaffe into your enemies with its sirens and 500kg bomb!

  31. It is named lEOpard Not lepard!!!!!!

  32. I swear, that Warrior’s barrel should have been sliced in half by that shot.

  33. Am i the one who watch the ads before the video for the last second to make phlydaily get profit ? <3 ur videos phly

  34. How long will this be available for? I’ve been wanting to get into warthunder for a long time but after they removed the Maus I kinda stopped caring. This is one of the other tanks that I’d really like to get but I don’t know if it’s possible

  35. Already got an answer on stream but you know, ill continue. Play the Leopard A1A1 L44, you’ve never featured it on your channel and it’s actually a really fun tank to play. Attempt #13

  36. I am sorry for the poor Lorraine 40t imagine spawning and immediately paying 20k for repair

  37. Please save me from hours of Google search….I’ll ask the experts in here. Was this tank a Russian prototype? How many were built? What year was it built?…I’d guess mid-50’s Cold War “Komrade…we get worried of Western ideas, so let us build big effing tank like da British built ‘Tortoise’ and ‘Conqueror’ whilst USA built T28”

  38. I’m not going to get object 279 D: Will you have it ?

  39. Every tanks must have… Toilet Paper!

  40. You can drop to the well at least like a month ago

  41. Francisco Monteiro

    How did he get the object so fast?

  42. Dreamteam Gaming

    Ziet er goed uit

    Nice work

  43. Is that toilet paper on the back of the tank? I don’t play war thunder myself, but is this like a customization feature or something?

  44. ‘I got put on the wrong team’ this is very true since this event/coronavirus started, wether RB or AB the matches are more the team dies very easily and you are left fighting it out, I dont know if its players just racing through to get their 10min crates or they havent played since the last tank event for the IS-7, and their IQ has dropped, or they are in lockdown and cannot be bothered, I had a 58% win ratio which is now down to 55% in just these last few days, and thats from 6yrs of casual playing.

  45. I think that it should be moved down to 8.0, as it’s armor becomes utterly useless at 9.3, which is where you will have to play a lot…

  46. Phly, might we call the L-62 ANTI II the worst SPAAG in the game?

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