Object 279 Is VERY Balanced

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Source: Spookston

The Soviet 279 heavy tank was always very in War Thunder. With the recent battle rating changes, it's even stronger.

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Object 279 Is VERY Balanced


  1. The Stalanium force field is really putting in the work.

  2. Ah yes this tank and just think there are 2 more tanks for future event vehicle that they could possibly add.

  3. The fact people let Gaijin do this is atrociously annoying. I fought a game with FIVE of these, just balls deep zooming around the map glassing two Maus tanks, and a plethora of uptiered ones

  4. This thing is like the John wick of tanks

  5. No it’s fair and balans! Leave my baby alone!!! In all serious yea… I was surprised my bmd-4 went to 9.0 but my better object stayed at 8.7….

  6. Day 10: when will you try out the ct cv 105hp?

  7. Furry ahahahaahahah damn

  8. it upsets me a special kind of way how you say “raketen”
    it’s just so perfectly off on the “a” that it causes the greatest discomfort, it’s a special kind of spot in the uncanny valley

  9. I like how his strat went from playing tactically to just bum rushing

  10. Finns are notoriously proficient in winter conditions.

  11. dissapointment!!

  12. Kinda why I left the game. Russian bias was taking my sanity away

  13. This is very odd timing as this vid came out a day or two after I got in a game against one and had some vulgar words to say about it lmao cause I was upset

  14. Round 81 for the Ariete Spaghetti

  15. had to fight one of these last match, shot it in the turret with 90mm heatfs and the entire round was eaten by the coax machine gun..

  16. Is this tank still in the game? I looked in the tree yesterday and couldn’t find it, going to look again today and make sure it didn’t miss it somehow

  17. Yesterday i played a 9.0 match with my t114 and xm1 to grind sl and me and one other guy held down c base killing everyone who tried to take c base. My other teammates finally got b base and we started winning then this thing spawned up took B base killed everyone and me took c base. Me and 3 other ppl spawn back in and we all ran straight to c and broke his barrel and proceeded to shoot the living crap out of him until he died. We barely won. Just barely.

  18. I still remember how I managed to 1 tap this thing with Objekt 120

  19. [:Just a .-. Player:]

    13:59 why 5 peps decided to leave their vehicles.

  20. Gaijin notices players not playing 279 as much
    Gaijin balancing team: I know what’s wrong with it, it aint got no gas in it

  21. Jakub Komorowski-Marcjan

    WOT players: first time?

  22. that TOW at 13:55 killed a horse wagon

  23. Day 10 of asking spookston to play the Chi ha short gun

  24. dose the Il 28 have rocket booster’s?

  25. This degenerate wonders why the object 279 is so deadly, like he has not a 130 mm gun. But i guess that’s what you get when you switch from Fortnite to War Thunder.

  26. and then theres japan stuggling with m735 now and no top tier aa

  27. Meanwhile when I play, I always get max uptiered, and one-shot killed by the most random shit as if this tank had no armor.

  28. @Spookston I think when nothing was wrong with your tank that when the shell hit it knock a screw loose inside the tank and it needed to be fixed

  29. 13:57 wth have happend here

  30. Gaijin reading Russian propaganda documents: “Yeah this is legit”

    Gaijin reading American propaganda document’s that are clearly lying much less than Russian propaganda documents: “Nah this is all wrong, we can’t do this for the sake of balance”

  31. 🇷🇺😎🇷🇺 STALINIUM POWER!!!

  32. I love rushing in with the 279 because sometimes/most of the time it scares the shit out of people enough to mess up their shot 😂 it feels as if the 279 just existing makes peoples brains just turn to a dumpster fire and with a aced crew you get a 8.7 reload whitch is just disgusting

  33. So what happens when a 279 fights another 279? Is it just unending suffering for both?

  34. You are the reason why they nerfed it this update on this day, you are a dog spookston.

  35. @ 13:55 the atgm hits the cart in front of your tank… it didn’t even scratch you lol

  36. mh, I remember when it was 7.3. IT WAS HELL

  37. They really took Object 279 and though: what if we gave it great mobility. Oh and also armor which can’t be shot at from the side easily. Oh and a great cannon. Oh and- you get the idea

  38. Obj 279 monster!!! 😊

  39. Russia is getting it’s clocked cleaned in Ukraine… so they need to bring some positive Russian PR somewhere.

  40. Leopard 1’s turret ring is the rarer and better version of Stalinium, Nazium


  42. God I hate this vehicle

  43. 13:56 the tow did nothing because the 279 was created to withstand a nuclear blast so it has explosive proof-ish armor


    There’s overconfidence.
    Then there’s whatever this was xD

  45. There is something about Russian tanks in this game that takes no skill. Any nation I play I have to at least think but when I play Russia I can just turn my brain off and get nukes like it was a normal Tuesday afternoon, very um… strange…. Indeed.

  46. How dose one obtain this godly vehicle

  47. Ran into my first maus yesterday as soon as i saw it in the stat tab i noped to the other side of the map, turn around. Hes right there behind me, just then the king felt true fear for the first time

  48. I still remember the time I killed one of these with the Marder’s 20 mil

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